In the past years I’ve made a lot of posts about my Lolita outfits, Lolita-related travels and events and Tea Parties. Here I collected all of the posts about my outfits, so you can browse through them easily if you want to. ♥

Angelic Pretty

A La Carte Tea Time
Videos and a Lolita Sleepover

Angel Pony
Walking in a Winter Wonderland
Lolita Meeting in Düsseldorf

Cameo Window

Candy Treat
Are You In For a Candy Treat?
An Autumn-themed Lolita Birthday
Geneva Outfits
Lolita Meeting in Düsseldorf

Crystal Dream Carnival
Angelic Pretty Tea Party 2016

Dramatic Rose

Fairy Season

Fancy Paper Dolls
A Very Bunny Birthday
Animecon J-Fashion Show

Fantasic Dolly
Fly Away Fashion Sparkly Winter Night Tea Party
Sumida Aquarium and Harajuku
Dolly Time at a Lolita Birthday
Summer Tales Boutique Opening Day
Dream Masquerade Carnival Tea Party

French Doll
Polkadots for a Gift Swap Meet
A Casual, Frilly Birthday
Cadenza Charms Review
Under the Sea Tea Party


Jewelry Jelly
Dressing up in Jewelry Jelly
Lolita in Harajuku and Shibuya by Night
A Very Pastelly Candy Photoshoot
Summer Darkness Fashion Show
Summer Tales Boutique 5th Anniversary Tea Party
International Harajuku Fashion Walk Day
Dream Masquerade Carnival Main Event

Lady Rose
Angelic Pretty Tea Party 2013

Luminous Sanctuary

Melody Toys
Summer Tales Boutique’s Christmas Cute Shopday

Milky Berry
My First Lolita Photoshoot
Milky Berry High Tea
Strawberries and Cherries
The Secret Life of the Lolita
Meeting RinRin and Angelic Pretty Tea Party 2015

Milky-chan of the Fawn
My First Lolita Photoshoot
Lolita at a Convention and Fashion Show
A Lolita Afternoon
Sparkly Stars at Summer Sky Tea Party

Milky Swan

Powder Rose
Geneva Outfits
My First Meet Up

Promenade de Paris
Un Anniversaire à Paris
A Very Lolita Day
Following Alice Event
Fashion Walk in Paris
Angelic Pretty Tea Party 2017

Shadow Dream Carnival
Lolita Meeting at Ladurée

Star Night Theater
Tea Party Outfits
The Mad Carnival

Toy Drops
Summer Tales Boutique Very Merry Christmas Tea Party

Whip Showcase
Pop up Store, Fashion Walk and Angelic Pretty Tea Party 2014

Wonder Cookie
Abunaicon Lolita Fashion Show
The Curiousi-Tea Party
Lolita and Shopping in Harajuku

Atelier Pierrot

Reine Dress
Omnia Vanitas Tea Party

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright

Dessert OP
Kawaii Event 2014

Dreaming Sherbet
Lolita in Harajuku and Shopping in Shibuya
French Café Garden Party
A Lolita Fairytale

Fairy Ribbon

Millefeuille JSK
Millefeuille Fairy Princess Coord
Tea Party Outfits
International Lolita Day: Blooming Fairy
DIY Lolita Easter Meet
Under The Sea Birthday Party
Deer Lolitas
Lolitas in Red
Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Tea Party 2015
Japan Tag Düsseldorf 2015
Under the Sea Main Event

Pas de Deux in the Blue Moon
Pas de Deux at Summer Darkness
Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Tea Party 2013

Sugar Rose Cake
Casual Loli for a Video Roomtour

Metamorphose de Temps de Fille

Blooming Garden
Lady of the Blooming Garden
Flowers in November

Fancy Egg
La Vie en Rose Event

Ouji Style

Omnia Vanitas Main Event

Offbrand and other

Casual Classic
Lolitas Switching Styles
Videos and a Lolita Sleepover

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