Tuesday, August 09, 2011

A Few of My Favourite Things: The Eiffeltower

I can’t help it: I’m still in the Paris mood. While writing my reports about my trip, I began to miss it again… Altough I have my new job to distract me, in the free hours I think of my absolute favourite thing of Paris: the Eiffeltower. I know it sounds cliché and maybe it is, but I can’t help it. After seeing it by night, I can’t deny it anymore: I have a crush on the Eiffeltower.

The thing is: you can’t describe it. The Eiffeltower looks beautiful on pictures, but in real life it’s ten times more beautiful! It’s unbelievably big and you feel so small when you stand underneath it. The fact that it just stands there, day and night, in sun and rain, is so amazing! When you look at it, facing it from Trocadéro, you can’t believe it’s there, being photographed every day by thousands of people. And when you stand on it, you realize just how big Paris is. It reaches beyond the horizon and the ground is so far away. You might not see the Tower standing from wherever you are, but it is a fact that you will see it very often, between houses in the distance.

The experience you have while looking at it differs with every person, but to me it’s magical. And it will always be. I will always be homesick for Paris. And for its Eiffeltower.

(I didn't get a chance to write a 'Favourite Things' last month, so this one counts for both July and August ^^).