Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Japan, Here I Come!

Dear everyone,

today, the 22nd of April 2014, is a very special day for me! I have been looking forward to this day for ages and now it is finally here!
My dear readers, today is the day I am going to Japan for the third time!!! I am so excited and nervous and happy and oh my Goooooood! >o<
If you’re one of the readers that has read Lolita Wonderland for a long time, you probably remember my previous Japan trips in 2011 and 2012. In case you don’t, you can find my elaborate travel posts in my “Travels” section. ^^ I always put a lot of work into my posts and I am definitely planning to make posts about this year’s trip as well, with the usual piles of pictures, so please look forward to them!
While I am gone, I will post some blog entries anyway. They are already waiting to be posted, so please keep an eye out! ✩
This trip is going to be a bit different from my previous trips. This time I am alone with my mom! Which means I will have to lead the way everywhere (I am nervous, but excited)! Also, during our previous trips we only stayed in Tokyo, but this time we are making a little side trip to Kyoto! I can’t wait to see what it’s like! One of my friends is totally in love with this city and his stories made me even more excited!
I will probably post some pictures on my Facebook every day, so if you want to stay updated, please don’t hesitate to add me! ^^ But do send me a message with your friend request: I usually don’t add people I don’t know.
Whaaah I am so excited!

Dewa mata suguni ne~! ♥
See you soon~! ♥

Monday, April 07, 2014

Sporting Cute Headwear

In Lolita, I love a lot of things. I love the dresses, I love the lace, I love the hairstyles, I love the shoes… But one of the things that made me fall in love with Lolita (beside the amazing dresses and their giant petticoats) were the cute bows and bonnets and other head wear that came with it. While I was doing my research on Lolita, before actually ‘becoming one myself’, I started wearing head bands with bows on them to school. When I actually became a Lolita, I could wear giant bows on top of my head! The bigger the better! I couldn’t be happier with them. :3
But it has come to my attention that lately I have developed a liking for other headwear. I felt like trying something new! So when I received a gorgeous, hand made pink beret by my friend Naomi for my birthday, I was over the moon of course! I wanted to wait for a special occasion to wear it… :3 And that occasion came, finally, on March 15th (yes I am slow, pfew…). The week before, Katie from Fly Away Fashion (soon to be renamed into Summer Tales Boutique) posted a picture of the most adorable teddy bear hat I had ever seen! *o* I immediately fell in love and I liked it so much I wanted to have it! My mom suggested to visit the store, so we made i tinto a little trip. :3
Like Momoko from Kamikaze Girls, I wanted to look very pretty for the occasion of visiting the shop, but wearing Lolita didn’t seem like a good idea. So I went for cute and casual instead. This was my outfit:

Pink Flower Girl
I went for white, pink and flowery. ^^

I built the outfit entirely around my beautiful beret. It’s just so cute! Naomi put it a lot of work, that’s for sure! Here are some pictures, so you can avtually see what it looks like, haha!

Pink Beret
Doesn’t it look supercute!? *o* The text reads: ‘J’aime Paris’.

You should definitely check out Naomi’s etsy as well: Little Lolita Boutique! She makes the cutest things for such great prices! ♥
I really liked my outfit that day, so here are some more detail pictures:

I love detail pictures~!

So my mom and I went on our way to visit the shop. When we got there, we had some tea with Katie and we also met the lovely intern Malou. ♥ We chatted a bit and then it was time for me to try the bear hat. It was just so cute and soft and adorable! Of course I had to take it with me. :3 My mom also fell in love with the tons and tons of cute alpacas sold in the shop! Especially the really small ones to add to your phone or key chain were so sweet!
So, here are some pictures of me wearing my bear hat. I swear, it’s a magical hat! Every picture I took came out cute, whah!

Bear Hat
I am so in love! :3 ♥

So do you like my bear hat? I can’t wait to wear it in an actualy (Lolita) outfit! I already have a nice, special occasion in mind… More on that later… :3