Friday, January 15, 2021

Angelic Pretty 2021 Collection Review

As I wrote in my Tea Party post, Angelic Pretty has quite a lot of wonderful things in store for their customers for 2021. The other day, they posted pictures of all the models in their new prints and since I like reviewing, I thought I'd do a little review of them! There are two collections: the Brand New Collection and the Premium Dress Collection. The first one I'll mostly describe what I see, by the second one I got a bit giggly, so beware. 0:)

Brand New Collection
All pictures are from the official Angelic Pretty site
Moco moco Bunnys
Moco moco Bunnys (interesting spelling and capitalization) seems to come in sax blue and yellow for sure. It's an all-over print, featuring pink, blue and yellow bunnies that resemble Angelic Pretty's Lyrical Bunny. The JSK, worn on the left, has a bow at the neckline in a different color from the dress and a line of tiny balls along the hem. The OP, worn on the right, has a collar in a different color from the dress and a dotted bow. Instead of the tiny balls, it seems to have a lace border. Based on these looks, this series comes with cute bunny ears bows, but although both models have different ones, I can't be too sure.
I quite like this series, I get a very soft feeling from it. Although I'm rarely fond of yellow, I really like this print in yellow. It seems very soft and cute. I'm not too sure about the tiny balls hem, as it can look a bit cheap. I do have to admit that usually when I see an Angelic Pretty dress in real life, it always looks better than the picture, so I'll stay neutral for now. In general I like this series, but I'm not psyched over it.
Bear's Chocolaterie
Bear's Chocolaterie seems to come in mint and pink for sure. It's an all-over print with chocolates and bears wearing cook- and maid outfits. Along the hem, trimmed with brown lace, there's a border of chocolate and bows. The OP, worn on the left, has a colour with a brown bow and frilly sleeves. The JSK, worn on the right, has a heart-shape on the chest and an apron. This series seems to come with both a head bow and bear ears.
I think this print is super cute! The bears are adorable and chocolate is always a big hit. The blouse on the right model also seems super cute and don't get me started on the socks! This series gets a big yes from me!
Little Bunny Strawberry
Little Bunny Strawberry seems to come in white and pink for sure, but also in yellow, as seen on Risa Nakamura in my post linked at the top. It's a border print with giant strawberries, bows, white flowers and pink bunnies on a cloth of delicate lace, sprinkled on from above by falling strawberries, flowers and lace. The OP, worn on the left, creates the illusion that it's an off the shoulder dress, while it actually isn't. It has many red bows and a cute ribbon belt. The JSK, worn on the left, has a side bow at the chest and the same cute belt. Both dresses have strawberry lace along the hem. This series seems to come with a head bow and perhaps that hat with bunny ears?
Oh geez, I am in love with this series! Thanks to the picture of Misako, Risa and Rinrin, I was able to see the details of this dress really well and it's so cute! Not only is the print absolutely darling, but all the bows and delicate extra lace look beautiful. Also, it seems this print is accompanied by adorable bunny and strawberry accessories! I am definitely looking forward to this one!
Wish me mell -Whip Cream Princess-
Wish me mell -Whip Cream Princess- (quite a mouthful) is a collaboration with Sanrio. This series has already been released, so we already know what the cuts and colours are like. Wish me mell comes in pink, mint and lavender and consists of an OP, a JSK and a matching bow with bunny ears. The OP has mid-length sleeves, a belt and a collar with a bow that matches the dress color. The JSK has three bows, bunched up lace that looks like whipped cream and also a belt. Both dresses have lace along the hem.
I think Wish me mell is a super cute character and I love the colors and cuts of this dress. I wouldn't be surprised if this dress becomes another highly sought after item, as it's officially not sold outside of Japan (unless you have, you know, a shopping service).
Secret Daisy Garden
Secret Daisy Garden seems to come in sax blue and pink for sure, but also in lavender, as seen on Risa Nakamura in my post linked at the top. It's an all-over print, featuring delicate daises and a checkered pattern. Both dresses have a bustle at the front, lined with buttons (which don't actually close, according to Misako), several small bows and layers. The only difference here is that the OP has simple, mid-length sleeves and the JSK does not.
I'm glad I got to see a more detailed picture of Misako wearing this dress, because the above picture don't do it justice. This series has a very country feel to it, but when looking up close and seeing all the lace, layers and chiffon, these dresses are a lot more elegant than you might think. The front bustle also makes it quite princess-like. The only thing I really don't like is the bodice of the OP. It looks boring and uninspired to me. Combining the JSK with an elegant blouse will very likely look way more beautiful.
Jelly Candy Toys
Jelly Candy Toys seems to come in pink and lavender for sure. It's an all-over print, featuring bunnies, bears, bows, stars and jelly beans looking like gummies. The salopette, worn on the left, has deep arm pits and three layers to the skirt. Both the salopette and the JSK, worn on the right, have a scalloped design on the chest with see-through buttons that look like candy. The JSK has lace along the hem. It seems this series comes with a sun visor with bunny ears on it.
This print is cute, vibrant and that very Sweet Lolita many people like. Combined with a freaking sun visor of all things, I think this series is going to be a big hit!
Premium Dress Collection
All pictures are from the official Angelic Pretty site
Charles seems to come in lavender for sure. This opulent dress looks like a pirate outfit gone Lolita, with its tassles, rosettes, fringes and layers. The tricorn with massive feather really tops the whole look off.
I never really know whether Premium Dress Collection dresses are actually being sold and if they are, I don't even want to know what their prices are, but I am so incredibly in love with this look! I love military jackets, I love pirates, I love Lolita, what more could I want? This dress and this look are what my dreams are made of!

Wishing Dream
Wishing Dream seems to come in navy (is it navy? black?) for sure. This big, frilly dress is made for any Lolita who loves layers and layers of lace and bows. You could match the curtains in any fancy hotel's room with this dress.
I don't know why, but I both like and dislike this dress? I like its many layers of lace and at the same time that's exactly what bothers me. Perhaps it's the clash of the dark fabric and light lace? Maybe it would look better in a lighter color.
Dramatic Heart
Dramatic Heart seems to come in red and pink for sure. It certainly lives up to its name because damn this dress is dramatic. Layer upon layer of red and white create the ultimate Queen of Hearts look. The JSK with its asymmetric side drape and trimmed with bows will surely slide any attention into your DMs (what?).
I am absolutely sold on the OP. This dramatic explosion of chiffon(?) is so over the top I can't help but adore it. The JSK on the other hand is not to my liking. I can't do asymmetry, I just can't. I mean yes a cute side bow like with Little Bunny Strawberry I can appreciate, but a whole side curtain takes too much of my sanity.
Traditional Tea Time
Traditional Tea Time seems to come in... whatever that color is for sure. I mean what is that? Dusty green? I mean I'm all for using different colors in Lolita, but this is a bit... Anyway, I can't decide whether I should call this a lace monster or a bow monster, as both seem to be equally divided among this dress. There also seems to be some party going on at the bodice, not sure what kind of party though. As you can tell, I am not a fan of this dress. The hat on the other hand is to die for! More hats in Lolita please!

Blooming Ribbon
Blooming Ribbon seems to come in lavender for sure. Now if Traditional Tea Time came in this color I might actually like it. The lavender looks beautiful against the white lace and pink bows Although I'm not quite sure what that butterfly-esque bow is ding on her waist, I do think this dress is lovely and look forward to hopefully seeing more of it.
Secret Daisy Garden
Another Secret Daisy Garden, this time in OTT version. It seems to come in green for sure. Although the front bustely has been taken out, this version gives you a ruffled V-shape on the chest, leading down to a big bow on the waist. More Vs on the skirt part lead down to flowers on bows, framed by ruffles of yellow and pink. I know I just said I hated Traditional Tea Time in green, but this green I actually find lovely. In fact, I think this dress is lovely from top to bottom. It's as if Marie-Antoinette had a dress designed to go to her private farm but in Lolita style. Also that hat slah bonnet thing? Gorgeous. I don't know why, but I worship this dress and definitely hope it comes in more colours, that I will then never buy.

Mille-feuille Princess
Mille-feuille Princess seems to come in pink for sure. This cute dress has many lace layers, mid-length sleeves and is for some reason stacked with sax blue bows. Why the blue bows? I really think sticking to pink would have been better? Also sorry to be mentioning Traditional Tea Time, but since millefeuille means 'a thousand leaves', perhaps it would have suited that dress more seeing as it seems to actually have a thousand leaves. But I digress. I actually like this dress and also again the hat! More! Hats! In! Lolita! Please!!!

Polaris Waltz -Virgo-
Polaris Waltz -Virgo- seems to come in pink for sure. This long flowy nightgown looks very lovely in motion, but no beautiful movement can save this dress from those damn green ribbons! What's up with the green AP? Why green? Now I'm even starting to think it's just the light and it's in fact beige or ivory? If that's the case and I just misremembered, I apologize and withdraw my statement. I actually like the concept of this dress, it just has a bit too many ribbons for me. Also, I could make a virgin joke here, but I'll keep it classy.

Polaris Waltz -Cygnus-
Polaris Waltz -Cygnus- seems to come in ivory for sure. Look, I get it. Cygnus = swan, but did we really need that many feathers? I love the feathers on the headdress and around the wrists, but the hem trim and especially that neckpiece make me want to sneeze. Feathers in motion are beautiful, but sneezing is not the motion you're looking for. Nevertheless, I do think this dress and the concept are gorgeous. The big, flowy sleeves are like swan wings. This dress is truly fit for a princess. Perhaps just a little less feathers.

What do you think of Agelic Pretty's upcoming releases? What do you think of my commentary? Do you agree or disagree? And has series in particular caught your eye? Let's discuss!

Thank you for reading! ~☆~