Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Flatlay ♥ Pink, Red and Ponies

♥ Pink, Red and Ponies ♥

Today’s flatlay coord was posted on June 13, 2021 with the following caption:

Pink, Red and Ponies. 🐎
Hey there, I'm still alive! ❤️ It's been ages since I last posted, but uni took up all my attention... I'm pretty much done now though, so I decided to create a new outfit again! 🎀 @marinette_in_wonderland really wanted me to use my pony bag in a coord, so I ended up coording it with Star Night Theater, with pink and red and some pony accessories. 🌌 I hope you like it! ✨

It's been a while since my last post, but my university work required all my attention. Now I have passed my thesis and received my last grades, so I'm basically done and graduated! It's a bit of an empty feeling, as I've been at home for one and a half years by now... Oh well. ^^'
When it was time for a new outfit post, I asked my friend what kind of outfit she wanted to see and as I've never used my pony bag for anything she wanted to see it used in an outfit! Here is the result: quite a "classic Angelic Pretty" outfit, you could say! I also managed to incorporate my new pink shoes into, which made me very happy. :3
So, what do you think?
Thank you for reading! ~☆~