Friday, September 11, 2015

GLB 57 - Paris Events Report and a Big Surprise!

In my previous posts about the Lolita-related events in Paris I mentioned RinRin was followed around by Kawaii International for a segment on their monthly show (did you watch it!? The segment was sadly quite short but lovely nonetheless), however I did not mention the photographers present at the events worked for Japanese magazines! Frankly, I am not sure whether I was even aware of that fact… Anyway, the Gothic&Lolita Bible, as the name already suggests the magazine for everything Lolita, printed a big report about the meeting with RinRin and the Angelic Pretty Tea Party. They chose a lot of outfit shots and had a little outfit description accompanying the outfit pictures. And to my great surprise and honour my Tea Party outfit picture is in there too! It has been a dream of mine to have an outfit picture in the GLB for a long time and now that dream has come true! I am so deeply honoured they liked my outfit enough to print it, together with so many other lovely outfits! ♥
Unfortunately I don’t own the magazine myself (yet), but my dearest Marina was kind enough to let me use her scans. Thank you so much dear~! ♥

The first scan shows outfit pictures of people attending the meeting with RinRin. Among others, my friends Roxane, Pom, Bloody, Marie and dear Marina are shown! I love how they mention her hair is like an accessory!
And now, the page of my life:

There I am, I still can’t believe it! I am shown in the Gothic&Lolita Bible with my utmost favourite dress! I couldn’t ask for more! Although… now I wish I had worn red shoes after all… Just kidding! ;)

The text reads: ‘A handmade hairband matches a flower scepter, which makes a unifying coordination.’ I must say the event will always be a bit of a haze in my memory, but I believe Maki and Asuka were the only people (besides fellow Lolitas) I told my hairband and sceptre were hand made. I wonder if they were involved in the article’s process? I guess I’ll never know! ^^

I still can’t believe I am in a Gothic&Lolita Bible! If I could show this to my younger Lolita self… Whoa! But seriously, when I discovered I was in this magazine I was just in a really bad place, but now I can say: no matter how bad I feel, no one can take this away from me. I was and am good enough.
Anyway, that’s it for this blogpost. Sorry I’ve been a bit quiet lately. Exciting things will happen again, just not now yet. I might pick up the interview series again, who knows?
Thank you for reading! ~☆~