Monday, December 31, 2012

Looking Back at 2012 and Happy New Year!

The year 2012 is almost over and what a year it was! So many things happened! While I browsed through the folder on my computer containing all the pictures of this year, all I could think was: ‘Oh my God, that happened this year too? Whoa!’
2012 has definitely been a great year for me in many ways. I’d like to invite you to look back onthe events of this year with me, in random order.

In 2012 I was able to buy some of my Lolita Dream Dresses: Jewelry Jelly, Milky Berry, Fantasic Dolly and more (please look forward to my next Tokyo posts)!
At the beginning of 2012, I got my very first Lolita Valentine. That moment was quite amazing to me! I had never expected people to appreciate my outfits or my personality so much. I got some more after too, whoa! There was also a secret written about my blog so I heard. It was a positive one though, but I’ve never really seen it. ^^’
In 2012 I got accepted into three conservatories! I still can’t believe it, damn! In september I started studying in Rotterdam, yaaay!
Bad things happened too in 2012. I quit my job, under nasty circumstances unfortunately. Luckily this was one of the few bad things.
In July of 2012 I went to Paris again with my mom and went to both Baby, the Stars Shine Bright’s and Angelic Pretty’s Tea Parties! I had so much fun, got to meet wonderful people, made lots of friends, met some of my idols and overly felt amazing!
In 2012, I went to Summer Darkness and wore Lolita for the first time in public in my own country! I got many positive and sweet reactions, in my own language, haha!
In 2012, I went to Tokyo for the second time with my dad and this time my mom came along too! She quickly fell in love with this wonderful place! Let’s hope she wants to go again as much as I do! ;)
In December 2012, I left the teenage years and entered the 20’s. Oh God…
In 2012, one of my darling dogs got surgery for her teeth and came out better luckily. She looks even cuter now!
I discovered and watched a lot of great movies and series in 2012 like The Hunger Games, The Hobbit and Sherlock. I so can’t wait for their sequels!
In 2012, I made a lot of new friends, all over the world! Some close to me, some living many timezones away. They are all very important to me and I am grateful I can call them my friends. ♥

Last year, I made a list of resolutions. Let’s see which happened and which didn’t.

1. Lose more weight! I wish this had come true. I haven’t lost weight, but I have been told I do look a little slimmer. I guess the gym did pay off then.
2. Wear Lolita often! This definitely came true. My Lolita folder with outfits on Facebook is filled with quite some outfits already, 95% of them being from this year. I tried to create as many different outfits as possible and only wore an outfit when I really loved it. ^^
3. Find my dream study! I made this resolution up in case I didn’t get accepted into a conservatory, but since that happened three times, I can definitely cross this one off the list! =D (I still can't believe it).
4. Feel less insecure! This resolution is a hard one. Although I feel confident when wearing Lolita (most of the time), I doubt myself very often. I try to believe in myself, but I find it so hard…
5. Go to Japan again! This came true, yaaay! I am so happy I got to show the wonderful city of Tokyo to my mom and have more adventures there! I also wore Lolita there, twice! ♥
6. Join the National Lolita Forum (and thus the Community)! I did! And I also met a lot of adorable girls too! We have quite a big community, filled with amazing people!
7. Attend the Angelic Pretty Tea Party in Paris! Yeees, this happened! I had the best time with my wonderful friends, met Maki and Asuka and wore my beautiful Star(ry) Night Theater! ♥ I also went to the the BtSSB party!
8. Stop biting my lips! Ahahaha, no. Unfortunately this did not happen. -_- I think I knew it already when I wrote this. Oh well…
9. Bake/decorate more cakes and cupcakes! I’ve made a couple of cakes, yes! My most recent one was a dark brown Christmas cake covered in candy canes and trees!
10. Take more pictures! Looking at my 2012 pictures folder, this is definitely a yes. You have no idea how terrible it is to sort out the pictures from Japan! XD

Of course there need to be new resolutions to work on too!

1. Lose more weight! Yeah, let’s keep on trying.
2. Wear Lolita often! Because I want to and love it!
3. Wear a Gothic Lolita coord! Despite my love for Sweet Lolita, I really want to try out Gothic some time! I have always loved black and before Lolita it was my most worn colour. I really wonder how it will look on me.
4. Visit my friend Emilie in Switzerland! Not really a resolution, but who cares? My parents promised me a plane ticket to Switzerland for my birthday, to visit my dear friend for a few days. I can’t wait to see my Lolita Soulmate again! ♥
5. Read more books! About two to three weeks ago I started reading the Hunger Games (in English, to get a little better at it) and it had been ages since I had been captured so much by a book! I used to love reading, but being forced to read books considered 'appropriate literature’ for school ruined everything for me. I want to get back into it!
6. Work hard for school and enter the first year! Although I love school, some subjects are very hard and very new to me. I’ll work hard to keep up the good work! ^^
7. Go to Paris again!I’ll just have to accept that I’m not being original with my resolutions this year. -_-

I’m afraid that’s all I can think of right now. I probably come up with more resolutions throughout the year. ^^ Initially I wanted to add 'Marry either Martin Freeman or Benedict Cumberbatch' to the list, but as that might be a bit impossible... ^^'
If you’d like to share your resolutions, please do! I’d love to read them. =D

I wish you all a wonderful New Year! May all your wishes come true and may 2013 be a fantastic year! ♥ HAPPY NEW YEAR! ♥

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!

My dear readers,
I wish you all a very happy Christmas! I hope you have a wonderful day or (if you live in a country that is as weird as the one I live in) even two days! I hope you receive lots of wonderful presents, eat amazing food, make important memories and of course give and get lots of love!
Thank you all for being so amazing! ♥

Bisous, xxx

Saturday, December 08, 2012

International Lolita Day: Blooming Fairy

Last Saturday was the winter edition of International Lolita Day! As you probably know Lolitas all over the world celebrate this joyful event twice a year: on the first Saturday of June and on the first Saturday of December. I hope you all had a wonderful day and I’d love to know how you celebrated it! I just love the idea that (almost) all the Lolitas in the world celebrate it in their own way. ^^ For the summer edition of ILD in June I dressed up for the first time and
I really wanted to do it for the winter edition too. Unfortunately I wasn’t feeling well, but luckily my friend Emilie persuaded me to do so anyway! It made me feel much better. Emilie had sent me a message that she would be wearing a combination of pink, mint and white, which inspired me to do the same. I decided to combine my pink Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Millefeuille jsk with my Angelic Pretty long sleeved bolero in mint and mint Sugar Hearts socks. To put some more white into the outfit I decided on my white Bodyline shoes. I wanted to wear my flower head band again and put some extra flowers and a mint bow on it. I decided not to wear too much accessories, because I quite liked the outfit the way it was. I added a cute cherry to my bolero and braided my hair. I felt so pretty! I absolutely adored my outfit, to be honest. ^^
I decided to call this outfit ‘Blooming Fairy’, thanks to Emilie again. She thought I looked like a fairy and since I love fairies I decided to keep the name.♥
My mom took some amazing pictures of me and I also took some on my own with my tripod. It worked out better than the last time I tried luckily. ^^
I hope you like my outfit. ♥

Full shot
✿Blooming Fairy✿
My outfit rundown:
Flower headband: Claire’s
Jsk: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Millefeuille jumperskirt
Bolero: Angelic Pretty
Socks: Angelic Pretty
Shoes: Bodyline
Accessories: Angelic Pretty, Chocomint, Paris’ Kids, H&M

Blooming Fairy
This is my favourite picture that my mom took of me in this outfit.
I don’t know, I just like the way I look.

Smiling Fairy

Serious Fairy
Sometimes I try to take serious pictures too. What do you think?

Some detail shots.

Sitting Fairy

Goofy Fairy
Pippi Longstocking, Lolita version.

Flying Fairy
Look, I’m a real fairy! I can fly! ^^

I realize I wore this dress with these flowers last year too, but I see it as a winter variation!
Thank you for reading and please comment if you like! ♥

Sunday, December 02, 2012

Fly Away Fashion Sparkly Winter Night Tea Party

A little break between my Tokyo posts. I am totally ruining my outfit order, but oh well. -_-
Last Sunday, on November 25th, I went to the Winter/Christmas Tea Party organized by the Dutch indie Lolita brand Fly Away Fashion! This brand holds a special place in my heart, because a couple of years ago I bought my first Lolita-related accessory, a black and white headdress, from this brand (although I shamefully have to admit that I have no idea where it is right now).
My friend Cat had told me about FAF’s half-yearly Tea Parties and it didn’t take me long to decide to join her for the first time. We also both managed to join in the outfit contest, being two of the fives contestants.
Usually I have my outfit for an event ready in my head for weeks, but now it took me a while. The theme of the party was Christmas, winter and glitter. As I don’t have any dresses that represent either Christmas or winter, I decided to fully concentrate on the glitter part (which I didn’t mind at all ^^). In the end I decided to wear Fantasic Dolly in a combination of pink, mint and black with a white blouse. And of course lots of glitter! I had come up with an idea for my hair that I really liked, so I decided to wear my hair in an updo for the first time. I also wore my adorable Disney macaron necklace bought in Tokyo Disney. I love it so much!

SOlo picture
☆Christmas Glitter Paris Doll☆
My outfit rundown:
Blouse: Angelic Pretty
Jsk: Angelic Pretty’s Fantasic Dolly
Accessories: Angelic Pretty, Chocomint, Disney, Accessorize, Hema
Wristcuffs: Angelic Pretty
Socks: Angelic Pretty
Shoes: An*Tai*Na

The Tea Party took place in a little party hall/parlor above the FAF-store in Houten, not too far away from the place I live. Initially, Cat and I were supposed to travel by train together, but as my parents were going somewhere that day too, they offered to drive us. We would return by train, but it turned out to be a really stormy day!
So in the end my parents picked us up too. ♥
On Sunday morning my mom helped me with my hair, I got dressed, got my things and was perfectly on time for once (I am terrible at calculating how much time I need for Lolita). We got in the car and drove to the place where we would pick up Cat. We had to wait for a while, because Cat’s bus was late. -_-
Then I finally saw a wintery girl with black hair dressed in a blue coat, yay! Cat got in the car too and we drove to Houten. My parents dropped us off and we walked up to the building, partially being blown away by the wind. We quickly took some outside shots of each other.

The backside of my head. I really loved my glittery bow so much!

Then went inside, where we met up with Katie, Fly Away Fashion’s owner and designer. She looked amazing in her pink dress with layers and layers of chiffon! After a short while, a huge group of Lolitas walked in. They had all come together by train. Suddenly the whole room was filled with beautiful girls (and some beautiful boyfriends too)!
One girl after the other paid her admission fee and then walked up the stairs, to the hall which was decorated in a lovely, Christmas-like style. When I got upstairs I had to wait for Cat for a while and we sat down at table in the back, next to a table displaying FAF items. All kinds of Lolitas slowly entered the hall. I always thought our community mainly consists of Gothic Lolitas, but there were also quite some Classics and Sweets. I talked a little to people I knew (which weren’t many), I could hug the birthday girl Helene and say hi to amazing Josine. After everyone finally had settled down, Katie welcomed us and talked a little about the program for the day and the new Fly Away Fashion items. First there would be tea and some sweets, shop browsing time, then the outfit contest, then a small lottery and at the end the group picture. In between we could get our picture taken in a lovely corner in the back by a photographer! ^^
While we waited for tea, I talked a little with the girls at our table. We had two free seats, but later our table got quite popular. XD
I’m afraid I don’t have a lot of pictures, because I hate to flash and the light circumstances weren’t ideal, so sorry. ^^’
After our tea we went downstairs to browse both the FAF store and the cute store Katie’s mother owned, filled with the cutest decorative and scented things. We all talked with each other and took pictures. Of course I had left my camera upstairs. But I did meet some more people. ^^
We went upstairs again where we ate some sweets. I only ate chocolate cake, which was really nice.
I met a lot of wonderful people and we had the most funny conversations. We already made up the plot for a Lolita drama series and a musical and I got engaged to someone (the wedding got cancelled not long after unfortunately). XD
After more talking, having some pictures taken and some more talking it was time for the outfit contest. The contestants had to introduce themselves and tell something about their outfits. First up was Cat, then me, then Josine dressed in a beautiful combination of black and gold, then Anne (a girl I didn’t know yet) in her handmade Christmas dress and then Liselotte in pink and lots of flowers.
Not long after the votes were counted and it was time to announce the winners. I got last place. XD I won a sweet scented bath set. ^^ Anne was fourth place, Cat third, Liselotte second and Josine won! She won a high waisted skirt made by Fly Away Fashion, from one of their two ongoing series. I would have loved to get a skirt from their ‘Letters to Paris’-line! >_< ♥
Then it was time for the lottery. I actually won a prize too! I won a pair of tights and a pair of socks of choice, yay! I chose some beautiful tights with a lace pattern and socks with music notes on them.
After the lottery we took a group picture outside (I kept my coat on, no way I wanted to catch a cold) and there was some salty food inside like quiches and pizza parts (very good). We also took a picture with all the outfit contestants.

Contestants picture
From left to right: Josine, Anne, Liselotte, Cat and me.

The Tea Party was coming to an end and people slowly headed home. I talked to some people I hadn’t talked to before and I finally got the chance to take some pictures of and with people!
Cat, Dieuwke (who would return with us) and me wee some of the last people who left. ^^ The Tea Party had finally come to an end. I had loads of fun and I am already looking forward to the summer edition! ♥

Group picture
Thanks to the photographers for taking these pictures!