Tuesday, May 31, 2011

ILD Is Coming Up!

International Lolita Day 2011 Summer Edition is coming up!
It’s that time of the year again! This Saturday, on June the 4th, it’s International Lolita Day ’11, Summer Edition! As you probably know, International Lolita Day, abbreviated ILD, takes place twice a year: on the first Saturday of June and on the first Saturday of December. Although on the first day of June it isn’t summer yet, we still call it the summer edition.

I’m really looking forward to all the photos, videos and reports of this special day! What are your plans? Are you planning to do a summer-related dress up? Or are you having a meet with friends? Are you going to attend an (ice)tea party? Or are you just going to let it pass by this summer? I’d love to know, so please share your plans! ^^

Like in December, I don’t really have big plans myself. My friend Nicolette is staying over, so I think it will be a bit of a ‘let it flow by’ ILD for me, unless she wants to celebrate it with me. ^^
Nevertheless, I’m so looking forward to it! The idea of sharing this day with Lolis all over the world makes it so special…

Have a lovely Lolita Day! ♥

Monday, May 30, 2011

A Few of My Favourite Things: Clouds

Now that my exams are over I feel completely empty. It’s like I’ve fallen into a hole, a deep, empty hole. I really don’t know what to do anymore. There is no schoolwork to do, nothing to study, nothing to finish. I’m simply done. I wake up in the morning and I can ask myself: ‘What will I do today?’

I haven’t had this amazing feeling in ages. Even during the summervacation of 2010 I had schoolwork to do. Not a lot, but I still had to do it. I haven’t had the feeling I was free for years and now I’m as free as a bird. I feel calm and relaxed, but at the same time there’s the undying feeling that there’s work lying somewhere to be done. But I think I’m getting used to the peace and calmness slowly… ^^

That’s why I chose clouds as this month’s Favourite Thing. In movies, people lie down in the grass and look at the clouds, searching for shapes, like animals. To me, lying down in the grass and staring at the clouds is the ultimate relaxation and I haven’t done it in ages. But I’ve put it on my ‘Want to do-list’ for this summervacation! Yes, I really do have such a list. ^^

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Back From Been Gone

Hello everyone! I’m officially back!
In case you hadn’t noticed: I haven’t written anything in almost exactly one month (tomorrow it’s official, but since I’m writing something today, it won’t be a record after all. Unfortunately. ^^”)

Well anyway, I’ve been away because of studying hard for my final high school exams. Today I had my last ones: geography and English. It’s been two very heavy weeks for me and all the other candidates. Exams that took 2,5 or 3 hours, sitting on crappy chairs, studying when you get home and returning the next day for a new exam… It felt like surviving. I’m literally exhausted right now and my back and shoulders hurt from writing and sitting. If I look back, I’ve been sitting and concentrating for 22,5 hours total!
I really, really hope I did well on all of the tests, but I’m not going to predict anything. I’m a little superstitious, I’d rather not talk about results because I think it will cause something bad. But if I pass, I’ll be done with high school! My God, I can’t tell you how happy I’ll be once I’m gone. I’ve really had enough of it all and I’m ready for something completely new! On the 16th of June I'll hear if I passed or not.

I’ve missed Lolita Wonderland so much this month. Many things happened in the Lolita world and I’m full of new ideas to write about. But because I’m so tired, I’ll save that for later. Just enjoy this picture of a plate with adorable heartshaped macarons until then!

Oh, the title of this entry is based on a saying in my country. I’ve always wanted to say it in English, so here you go! ^^