Friday, November 26, 2010

What Are Your Plans For ILD?

International Lolita Day Soon! ^^

The time has come! Next week, on Saturday December 4th, it’s International Lolita Day ’10, Winter Edition! My very first ILD has an official Lolita (or at least, that’s what I keep telling myself).

For those of you who don’t know: International Lolita Day is a holiday that takes place twice a year, on the first Saturday of June and on the first Saturday of December. On this day, Lolitas all over the world do something special, from having parties to just dressing up.
I love it that ILD takes place twice a year! Here we have so little holidays, so any extra days make me so happy!

So what are your plans for ILD? Will you dress up? Go out and have fun with friends? Go to your favourite candy shop and buy your favourite chocolate? Or just stay home and browse the brandsites? I’d love to know! So if you want to share, please do! ^^
If you’re inspirationless, Victoria Suzanne of Lolita Charm has written an article about ILD, with a lot of great ideas to enjoy the day to the fullest! ^^ You can find it here.

My plans are very simple: I would love to dress up, but since I don’t own a blouse, petticoat (yet) and shoes (yet), I can’t. It just wouldn’t feel good. So instead I want to bake something, like cupcakes, topped with whipped cream and anything sparkling! ^^ I’m afraid I have to do homework too, so that’ll fill up the rest of my day, sadly enough. I still want to enjoy it to the fullest though! ^^

Have a lovely Lolita Day! ♥

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Few Of My Favourite Things: Snowflakes

Although it’s autumn, the weather here doesn’t seem to know it: the upcoming days are supposed to become really cold, even with snow and ice! These two get associated with a lot of negative things: slippery roads, accidents, busy roads, delays, etc. I, too, feel uncomfortable when thinking of this (I remember winter last year. I still fear the place I fell with my bicycle because of the ice).

But I just really, really love snowflakes! I just love the fact that each snowflake has a unique form, it's sounds so… I don’t know… romantic?
I remember that one day, a couple of years ago, it finally snowed. I stood outside and held up my hands to catch some snowflakes. Then, when I looked down to my hands, I was just in time to actually see the form of one of the snowflakes, right before it melted! To be honest, I have no idea if this was real or that I’ve dreamed it, but it was just so beautiful!

On EGL, Lolitas sometimes get called “a special, unique snowflake”. This is mostly associated with bad things. To be honest, I really like this phrase. It expresses how I feel about humans: we’re all unique and different, like those snowflakes.
Ok, that sounded totally Disney just now, but I do mean it in some way.

I really want a necklace or a hairaccessory with a snowflake on it, preferably sparkling! Or are there any Lolitaprints with snowflakes? I thought there weren’t any… I’d totally buy it if there was! ^^ ‘Sparkling Snowflakes’ would be a good name!

A bit off-topic, but I wanted to say this anyway: Thank you so much to Miss Lumpy, for mentioning me in your Underappreciated Blogs-post . I feel really flattered, thank you!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Loli Valentines: Anonymous Lolita Love

There are those days that you really need someone to brighten it up a little bit. I had one of those days today, but sadly I was home alone, so there was no one to cheer me up. I randomly browsed the internet and through some LiveJournals, I found Loli Valentines, a LiveJournal community dedicated to anonymously expressing love or admiration towards one or more Lolitas.
I already knew of this community’s existence, but to be honest, I thought it was only once in a year, around the 14th of February. ^^ To my surprise (and happiness) it turned out to be weekly!

I’ll say it out loud: this made me so happy! So much love and kind words were expressed towards so many beautiful Lolitas!
This really made my day. I’ll definitely keep on following this community and who knows..? Maybe I’ll give some love myself too!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Baby's Fairy Fur Chou Chou

I just discovered this adorable ‘Fairy Fur Chou Chou’ at Baby Paris’s website (I couldn’t find it on the Japanese site). It’s so cute! It comes in white, pink and black. I have no idea if it’s useful or anything, but I want it! ^^

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Wondering In Wonderland

I wonder a lot. I wonder every day and every possible moment. I wonder about the strangest things, but also about normal things. I wouldn’t say it’s a bad thing, to be honest. Yes, sometimes I’m a bit too much of a dreamer, but I’m still down to earth. I think. I actually believe wondering makes me a better person. I even like the verb ‘to wonder’. In my language, we only ‘ask ourselves’, we don’t ‘wonder’.

Because I wonder so much, I wonder in chains of things. A ‘wonderchain’ could look like this:
I wonder what kind of weather it will be tomorrow -> I wonder what kind of weather it is in Paris -> I wonder what the Parisians are doing now -> I wonder if I’ll go back to Paris anytime soon -> I wonder if I’ll have money then -> I wonder if I’ll buy things at Angelic Pretty -> I wonder if I’ll buy things at Baby, the Stars Shine Bright too -> I wonder what the shopworkers are doing -> I wonder if I’ll ever work in a shop -> I wonder if I’ll ever make a lot of money -> I wonder if I’ll buy Lolita then… And it goes on and on and on.

Sometimes it tires me, especially when I lie in bed and I want to sleep. I have plenty of time to wonder then, since there is nothing else to occupy me. Thoughts race through my head, and I need to tell myself to slow down and try to sleep. The next morning I wake up and everything starts again.

My wonderchains aren’t always positive. They sometimes drag me into a current of negative thoughts, taking me further and further away from happiness. This is usually gone the next morning, since I always live ‘with the moment’.

Does anyone else have wonderchains like me? If you don’t, try it some day! Switch from one thought to the next that has something to do with the previous one. How far can you come? I once got from Picasso to sandals. ^^

The picture is unrelated. I just thought that girl looks so incredibly cute! I wonder who she is? I wonder where she got all those balloons? I wonder who blew the air into them? Who knows...?

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Thank You!

I just discovered I officially have 30 followers! With this post, I want to thank you all for reading my blog!
‘30 followers, isn’t that a bit early to start thanking people?’
No it’s not! I am very flattered that people want to read my entries and opinions. Even the blogs I read when I just started are following me! I am so happy!

So, I hereby say: thank you all so much! <3

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Internet Addiction: Why We Simply Can’t Stop

Today I realised something. I am addicted. Not just to chocolate, which I unfortunately can only eat on Saturdays, but also to something else: the internet. Up until now, it didn’t bother me so much, since I know I am definitely not the only one. But lately I began to realise a thing that I didn’t like: we don’t get addicted, we are made addicted.

Let’s just start off with how I came to realise I was addicted. From the moment the computer arrived in our house, my younger brother and I loved it. We played simple games like the Lion King and Disney Villain’s Revenge. When I went to high school, my parents decided I really needed a computer of my own. My father always worked for computer companies and still does at this moment, so we got new computers with discounts. My brother eventually got one of his own too, as did my mom, so we all had our own computer and we didn’t have to think of the others. I managed to keep doing my homework, without getting distracted. But through the years, internet grew, as did my computerknowledge (of course nothing compared to my brother’s, who is a computergenius). My interest in the internet became bigger and I started spending more and more time on it. But that was nothing compared to a big moment in my life: I discovered Lolita.

Wow, didn’t that sound sinister for a moment? But I’m serious. Every day, when I come home from school, this is my routine: I put on the computer, check my blog, check my favorite blogs, check their favorite blogs, sometimes check their Tumblrs, check Angelic Poodle, egl_comm_sales, Daily Lolita, EGL, Closet Child, Angelic Pretty, Baby the Stars Shine Bright, Angelic Pretty Paris, Baby the Stars Shine Bright Paris and some of my favorite LiveJournals. This can take me more than an hour or even two! Even right now, I’m writing a blogentry, when I should be writing an assigment about a book I just read. Is this addiction? I think so. It certainly feels like it.

Now, you won’t ever hear me say that the internet is a bad thing. I can’t tell you how grateful I am that I can look at other Lolitas, talk to them and ask them questions. Without the internet, it would be nearly impossible to buy Lolitaclothing, unless you travelled to Japan.

But something hit me a couple of weeks ago. I came home from school and put on my computer to start doing my homework. Somehow, the internet was being annoying, working for five minutes to only throw me off again. I was panicking a little: I had so much to do! I decided to do the homework that didn’t require internet first, when I realised I didn’t have any! All my homework had to be done on the computer! Then it hit me: I’m not even 18 years old and I can already say ‘When I was younger, things were so much better!’ When I was “small”, teens didn’t have to write huge assigments, because the computer wasn’t a part of daily life yet. The internet actually changed my complete life. I work incredibly hard to keep up with my work and I almost never have free time. I can’t enjoy my holidays, because of homework. And in a way, it's the computer's fault: teachers give us big assigments, because we can type and look things up, but it still takes hours to do it! We have to use the internet more and more. I even have to go to a website to check my grades, without even having seen the test I made!

This is also the case with many other things. Commercials tell us to visit a website, banks make us take care of our money using the internet, jobs require computerskills. We have to develop ourselves! They make us addicted, we have to. We can’t stop. There is no way. We are forced to being addicted.

Wow, this turned out into a bit of a heavy entry. I hope it’s not too much..? Oh, I apologize for my bad painting skills on the picture. XD I just needed a Lolita with computermouses to add some love! <3