Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Few Of My Favourite Things: Snowflakes

Although it’s autumn, the weather here doesn’t seem to know it: the upcoming days are supposed to become really cold, even with snow and ice! These two get associated with a lot of negative things: slippery roads, accidents, busy roads, delays, etc. I, too, feel uncomfortable when thinking of this (I remember winter last year. I still fear the place I fell with my bicycle because of the ice).

But I just really, really love snowflakes! I just love the fact that each snowflake has a unique form, it's sounds so… I don’t know… romantic?
I remember that one day, a couple of years ago, it finally snowed. I stood outside and held up my hands to catch some snowflakes. Then, when I looked down to my hands, I was just in time to actually see the form of one of the snowflakes, right before it melted! To be honest, I have no idea if this was real or that I’ve dreamed it, but it was just so beautiful!

On EGL, Lolitas sometimes get called “a special, unique snowflake”. This is mostly associated with bad things. To be honest, I really like this phrase. It expresses how I feel about humans: we’re all unique and different, like those snowflakes.
Ok, that sounded totally Disney just now, but I do mean it in some way.

I really want a necklace or a hairaccessory with a snowflake on it, preferably sparkling! Or are there any Lolitaprints with snowflakes? I thought there weren’t any… I’d totally buy it if there was! ^^ ‘Sparkling Snowflakes’ would be a good name!

A bit off-topic, but I wanted to say this anyway: Thank you so much to Miss Lumpy, for mentioning me in your Underappreciated Blogs-post . I feel really flattered, thank you!


  1. A few years ago, friends of mine had an Internaional Lolita Day meet-up that was holiday themed. We made cookies and had a Chinese Gift Giving. Beforehand, my friend Valerie and I made hair accessories for her coordinate using icicle and snowflake ornaments and floral accents from the local hobby shop.

    It came out super cute! :)

  2. Oh that sounds lovely! Maybe I should look for snowflake stuff too and start crafting!

  3. God, I love snowflakes and I think prints, that feature them are great. So I'm a bit jealous of my friend, because she sewed a snowflake highwaist skirt for our last year's winter meet- up: http://animexx.onlinewelten.com/cosplay/kostuem.php?id=218970

  4. Oh God, that skirt is gorgeous! I think we should write a letter to Baby, Meta or Angelic Pretty with a request!
    We need snowflakes! =D

  5. I think I've seen an AP print that had snowflakes, it was sax blue and had an I think sparkly or may even silver pint :)

    It was on Mbok though, so I can't give you a stock photo >_<

  6. There is? OO I would love to see it some day! =D

  7. You can find a sparkling snoflake necklace at Tally Weijl

  8. "I think we should write a letter to Baby, Meta or Angelic Pretty with a request!
    We need snowflakes! =D "

    I would definitly sign that, too!
    But since I'm more Classic Lolita I would prefer writing to Innocent World or Mary Magdalene^^

  9. @ Piperita Patty
    Really? I've never heard of that shop, but it sounds cool! =D

    @ Ayra Leona
    I'd go with you! I don't mind which brand, as long as it has snowflakes! =D

  10. Baby has 2 dresses that I can recall with snowflakes... Snowbunny and a twinkle snowflake dress.
    Meta made some snowflake socks, but I don't know of there is a print to go with them.

  11. Awesome! I'm going to look for them when I have time! =D