Friday, February 25, 2011

Smile, You're on Loli Camera!

I’ve heard it quite often in my daily life: ‘I don’t want to be in any pictures, because I can’t smile!’ or: ‘I feel so insecure whenever there are cameras around…’
The Lolitaworld is no exception: ‘Sorry, I put a star over my derpy face!’ or ‘I cut my head off this picture, I looked so stupid.’

I try to check Daily Lolita as often as possible and it occurs to me that some people just aren’t happy with the way they look on pictures. Or in some cases, just their faces. Or even more specific: their smile.
Smiling is one of those things that can come natural, or not. But don’t cry too early, smiling is something you can easily practise and improve!

If you want to practise your beautiful smile, try it in front of a mirror. Practising in front of yourself is not strange at all. The only obstacle? You. When you’re standing in front of a mirror, looking at yourself and trying out different smiles can feel really awkward. You’ll probably think it’s strange you’re making all kinds of faces and you have the feeling you need to make an apologizing face to the non-present people around you for acting like an idiot (even though you aren't an idiot). Try to realise that you're alone: there's no one there to judge you, except for yourself. Try to remember that you're just trying to create the perfect smile.

When you practise, try to find a smile that suits your face. Maybe you want the Angelic Pretty advertisement smile: enthusiastic, superhappy and bright. Or maybe your prefer the shy doll smile, like on the picture (which is AP too, by the way. Gorgeous picture, I love it).
When you’ve found your ideal smile, start practising it randomly. When you walk past a mirror, quickly flash your smile into it. In this way, you’ll learn to make your smile look spontaneous and not practised at all.

When you don’t want to smile all the time (because your jaws start to feel weird, auch), try something new like one of the Asian Poses. Some of them are just adorable! ^^

Although I am a very insecure person, I am not camera-shy. I know this might sound really contrasting, but I’ve been photographed all my life. My mother loves taking pictures, especially from a person posing. My younger brother hates cameras and never wants to be in the picture, even when he’s having fun. Through the years, both my parents somehow developed some kind of fright for the camera too, leaving me be the only person that didn’t mind to be in pictures. I like to show that I have fun and appreciate the fact that we’re doing something nice, so why would I hide that in front of the camera? Because of this, I can put up a happy smile at any time, always suggesting I have fun. Even when I don’t. Which is quite often lately.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

AP Girls: Creepy Clones or Cute Cupcakes?

It can be considered a fact that in the past months, maybe even the past year, OTT Sweet Lolita or just Sweet Lolita has become very popular. Although I personally think there are about an equal amount of Gothic, Sweet and Classic entries on Daily Lolita, many people say Sweet Lolita is taking over and they regret that. Secrets saying ‘I hate Sweet Lolita’ are frequently posted to loli_secrets, hoping to find some recognition with fellow Lolis.

Sweet Lolita’s most popular brand Angelic Pretty has a lot of different sweet prints. A lot of their printed dresses have gained popularity and are very, very wanted. Ask a few AP-loving Lolitas what Angelic Pretty dresses they’d like to own and they will name several prints. There will be similarities in their lists, probably including the incredibly popular Sugary Carnival. Because of this popularity, a lot of the same dresses are seen on pictures. Even though they differ in colour, they are the same prints. Some girls even like to wear the same outfits, aka twinning. Because of this phenomenon, the concept of ‘AP Clones’ was invented: multiple girls wearing the same outfits (or at least outfits that really look the same) and even the same wigs and make up.
The opinions about this are very divergent: some people think twinning is adorable. Some people think it will make you feel more comfortable, because you and your friend(s) look exactly the same. But there are also people who think AP clones are creepy, because the girls resemble a little army that can take over the world at any time, turning everyone in a pink cupcake covered in bows, spinkles and sugar that will make your teeth fall out!

Okay, maybe not. But the thing is that the term of AP clones is often referring to the kind of Lolitas that only wear brand clothes, dislike you when you don’t follow the rules and look down on you for not wearing a wig. They often look like living dolls, with huge eyes and a bit emotionless faces.
Lately I have the feeling that ‘AP clones’ can also stand for girls who generally wear Angelic Pretty. Because of the popularity of the prints, the same dresses are often seen on pictures (like I wrote earlier). Because of this fact, AP girls are being accused of being unoriginal, because they wear the same dresses with the corresponding socks, head bow and accessories.

I do not agree with this. I noticed that a lot of interesting coords are getting posted and there is definitely originality all around. I’ve seen amazing coords with several different Angelic Prints that looked so incredibly amazing!
I don’t mind if not everyone loves the Sweet style. Not everyone feels comfortable with bright pastel colours and wigs filled with bows, stars and ribbons. Every Lolita has the right to take whatever style she likes and feels comfortable with, wether that is the darkness of Gothic or the elegance of Classic. But I certainly don’t like it if we, the Sweet Lolitas, are being called ‘unoriginal’ or ‘clones’, just because we really like the same clothes.

And you know what? If I’m an AP clone, so be it. I love Angelic Pretty and I love a lot of the dresses. I don’t mind if I wear the same dress like someone else does, because I want to wear the dresses I like in the coords I like. And there always problems anyway: if you’re trying to be ‘too original’, you’re a ‘special, unique snowflake’.
Although I still think we all are.

Friday, February 11, 2011

To The Land of The Rising Sun

A little while ago, I was sitting at the table with my parents. We were having one of our crazy/hilarious conversations where we were constantly laughing and just rambling about random things (we have these conversations about twice a month XD). Somehow we got to the topic of travelling. My parents asked me where I would like to go someday. My answer was that, right now, there are three places I’d really like to go to:
1. Tokyo
2. New York
3. San Francisco
Suddenly the atmosphere turned from wacky to serious. ‘If you had to choose, where whould you like to go more?' my dad asked. 'New York or Tokyo?’ My answer (I was still left behind in the funny mood): ‘TOKYO!’ It was then that I realised my parents were serious and suddenly the conversation changed from rambling to seriously discussing a trip to Tokyo in summer, after my (hopefully) graduation.
Since it was kind of a strange night, I later asked my mom: ‘Do you really think dad was serious about the trip?’ I expected an ‘I’m not sure, we were having one of those funny conversations after all’-answer, but instead she said: ‘Yes, I do!’

Oh. My. God. I’m going to Tokyo! With my dad! Oh my God!
I can’t tell you how I’m looking foward to summer. I’ve read several reports of other people who visited Tokyo and I’m collecting all sorts of information, like how to use the subwaysystem, maps, hotels, nice things to do... I hope my dad is prepared for a lot of shopping, because I'm saving up my money for quite some expenses (Lolita~)!
I really, really can’t wait to go! I am so excited, you have no idea! Tokyo, here I come (in summer)!

Monday, February 07, 2011

A Few of My Favourite Things: Curls

I love curls (duh, I made it into a Favourite Thing, of course I love it). Curls just always make me happy. I love the way they bounce when you walk and how they jump back when you let it go after you’ve pulled them. Curls just look so

In the Sweet Lolita world, it is very common to have curly hair/a curly wig. It seems to me that straight hair is more of a ‘classic’ thing somehow. There are, of course, always exceptions, but it is a fact that a lot of Sweet Lolitas wear curls.

‘You always crave for the things you don’t have!’ they say. I usually don’t agree with this sentence, but in this case I do. Being a girl with natural straight hair almost automatically makes me crave for curls. I don’t have a curling iron, but I really want one. I also love wigs and I definitely want some curly ones. ^^

What about you? Do you have curls and do you like them, or do you want to switch to straight? Or do you have straight hair and do you want curls?

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Tumbling Down The Tumblr

I’m usually not really the kind of person who follows the latest trend. But lately the website Tumblr, a place to share and reblog pictures, has become really popular and I’ve actually fallen in love with it! I can now easily upload, share and reblog pictures that I like and that represent me. ^^
So if you want more Lolita Wonderland, just click on the cute picture on the right. It will lead you straight to my personal Tumblr! =D And don’t hesitate to send me a message! I’ll gladly follow you back. ^^