Monday, February 07, 2011

A Few of My Favourite Things: Curls

I love curls (duh, I made it into a Favourite Thing, of course I love it). Curls just always make me happy. I love the way they bounce when you walk and how they jump back when you let it go after you’ve pulled them. Curls just look so

In the Sweet Lolita world, it is very common to have curly hair/a curly wig. It seems to me that straight hair is more of a ‘classic’ thing somehow. There are, of course, always exceptions, but it is a fact that a lot of Sweet Lolitas wear curls.

‘You always crave for the things you don’t have!’ they say. I usually don’t agree with this sentence, but in this case I do. Being a girl with natural straight hair almost automatically makes me crave for curls. I don’t have a curling iron, but I really want one. I also love wigs and I definitely want some curly ones. ^^

What about you? Do you have curls and do you like them, or do you want to switch to straight? Or do you have straight hair and do you want curls?


  1. I'm more of a Classic Lolita and I love curls too <3...but my hair is straight and very long so it's diffucult to get it curled (>_<)
    So I just ordered a curly wig...a more natural looking one than most of the wigs for it will look great with Classic (^-^)

  2. I have naturally curly hair, and I'd like to have straight hair.
    My problem is: When I want to have nice curls for lolita, I have to straighten my hair first and then curl it again, because my natural curls are so frizzy and just a mess.
    That kills my hair of course - for me it would be easier to have curls with straight hair! How weird. XD

  3. I have natural small shirley temple-ish curls and I'm a sweet lolita so I guess i'm VERY lucky ;o;
    I used to wish I had straight hair though but not anymore

  4. I have stick straight hair that does not hold curls well, however I love it that way!

  5. I'm a gothic and I love curls, but I have straight hair. I like my natural hair, but it's so thick and long that figuring out how to curl it has been difficult.

  6. Rag curls work very well. I tried them the other day on my stubborn straight hair and ended up with strong all day curls (no products!).
    The best part- no heat or products to hurt my hair.
    It was so much fun. People said I looked cute! :3

    I am so excited that my hair held the rag curls! :D

  7. I have long, straight hair, that wants to stay straight too. Until recently it was very long, down to my hips, and wouldn't hold curls at all. But now that it's a little shorter, curling takes less time and the curls stay in longer~
    I love many hairstyles: straight hair, the waves you get from braids, and ringlets (you know, pijpenkrullen ;)). But I don't like the big, sheepish curls you sometimes see with sweet. I'm really a classic at heart~

  8. Thank you all so much for commenting! =D
    It's so nice to read all different kinds of opinions. ^^

  9. Curls really are adorable! I look forward so much to each time I go to get my fringe trimmed at the student hairdresser's on campus, so I can beg the person doing it to curl my hair as well. My hair's naturally wavy and bouncy, but not really in a neat-Lolita sort of way - and while I can coordinate as well as any lady, hand me a hairstyling tool and I regress to the level of Og the Caveman. :'D
    I've heard you can actually get ringlet perms, ones that give you perfect curls rather than 90s poodle-hair. I'm really tempted!