Wednesday, February 16, 2011

AP Girls: Creepy Clones or Cute Cupcakes?

It can be considered a fact that in the past months, maybe even the past year, OTT Sweet Lolita or just Sweet Lolita has become very popular. Although I personally think there are about an equal amount of Gothic, Sweet and Classic entries on Daily Lolita, many people say Sweet Lolita is taking over and they regret that. Secrets saying ‘I hate Sweet Lolita’ are frequently posted to loli_secrets, hoping to find some recognition with fellow Lolis.

Sweet Lolita’s most popular brand Angelic Pretty has a lot of different sweet prints. A lot of their printed dresses have gained popularity and are very, very wanted. Ask a few AP-loving Lolitas what Angelic Pretty dresses they’d like to own and they will name several prints. There will be similarities in their lists, probably including the incredibly popular Sugary Carnival. Because of this popularity, a lot of the same dresses are seen on pictures. Even though they differ in colour, they are the same prints. Some girls even like to wear the same outfits, aka twinning. Because of this phenomenon, the concept of ‘AP Clones’ was invented: multiple girls wearing the same outfits (or at least outfits that really look the same) and even the same wigs and make up.
The opinions about this are very divergent: some people think twinning is adorable. Some people think it will make you feel more comfortable, because you and your friend(s) look exactly the same. But there are also people who think AP clones are creepy, because the girls resemble a little army that can take over the world at any time, turning everyone in a pink cupcake covered in bows, spinkles and sugar that will make your teeth fall out!

Okay, maybe not. But the thing is that the term of AP clones is often referring to the kind of Lolitas that only wear brand clothes, dislike you when you don’t follow the rules and look down on you for not wearing a wig. They often look like living dolls, with huge eyes and a bit emotionless faces.
Lately I have the feeling that ‘AP clones’ can also stand for girls who generally wear Angelic Pretty. Because of the popularity of the prints, the same dresses are often seen on pictures (like I wrote earlier). Because of this fact, AP girls are being accused of being unoriginal, because they wear the same dresses with the corresponding socks, head bow and accessories.

I do not agree with this. I noticed that a lot of interesting coords are getting posted and there is definitely originality all around. I’ve seen amazing coords with several different Angelic Prints that looked so incredibly amazing!
I don’t mind if not everyone loves the Sweet style. Not everyone feels comfortable with bright pastel colours and wigs filled with bows, stars and ribbons. Every Lolita has the right to take whatever style she likes and feels comfortable with, wether that is the darkness of Gothic or the elegance of Classic. But I certainly don’t like it if we, the Sweet Lolitas, are being called ‘unoriginal’ or ‘clones’, just because we really like the same clothes.

And you know what? If I’m an AP clone, so be it. I love Angelic Pretty and I love a lot of the dresses. I don’t mind if I wear the same dress like someone else does, because I want to wear the dresses I like in the coords I like. And there always problems anyway: if you’re trying to be ‘too original’, you’re a ‘special, unique snowflake’.
Although I still think we all are.


  1. This is a wonderful post even though I am not a huge fan of Angelic Pretty; I do like sweet Lolita especially OTT Sweet Lolita. I agree completely with your view on 'AP clones' and personally I find the whole ‘Gothic vs Classic vs Sweet’ way of thinking very childish and close minded but then again everyone has a right to their opinion.

  2. I'm mostly Classic but I love some of the super-sugary AP prints. When I see girls wearing them I just get a sudden "wanna eat muffins NOW" and "wanna hug them all day" feeling.

    And I think there IS a conspiracy! Milky-chan and the creepy evil Usakumya plan to take over the world and paint everything pink and make Loli dictature everywhere.

  3. I think a whole group of sweet loli's is just adorable. They look like a collection of cute dolls, which is precisely what they aim for.

    I also think the whole 'clone' thing is ridiculous name-calling. Have you seen the 'normal' girls out there? Now those are clones! Everyone who doesn't wear skinny jeans or Uggs is considered different. Sweet lolita's are about as 'abnormal' as you can get!
    Calling AP clones unoriginal is very far from the truth. They have the courage to wear something OTT in a dull grey world, and that should be admired!

  4. I totally agree with Amoris.

    Mostly, normal people do not like lolita cloths just because it is not "normal", however they define it.

    Some prints of AP are verry cute and i would love to have them all but they are so expensive D;

    Secondly, I think twinnig is realy fun although i have not done it myself but the photos look adorable *__*

  5. I understand where you're coming from, I say wear what you want to without fear of what others might think. I think that twining and matching with others can be fun. A groups of sweet lolis doing this is definitely cute.

    That being said I have to say that when I do see girls wearing AP sets, I do feel they do look a little cookie cutter for lolita fashion of course. To me its like going to a mainstream store looking at a manaquin and buying the premade outfit, and then wearing just as you see it. Of course I would not look down on anyone who decided that it was their prefered method of dressing. Sometimes sets are so good that how can it be imrpoved upon. And sometimes you just like how its been coordinated.

    Again it goes back to my original point dress as you like don't worry about others

  6. I am a gothic/classical lolita, and my biggest complaint against the "AP clones" and surge of OOT Sweet is that, despite what's been posted, I AM seeing a lack in originality. Now, I'm not saying that anyone who wears AP or goes OTT Sweet are unoriginal. There are a lot of people who come up with brilliant ways of wearing it. But it's when Lolitas wear the same wigs, the same makeup, the same accessories (for example, the photo here).

    I think my favorite coordinate I've seen that was "sweet" was a mint-chocolate ice cream theme - mint and brown jumperskirt with a white blouse, mint-green headbow, etc. And being naturally brunette helped her with her colour scheme. That is the kind of Lolita I wish I could see now. Can we please just get the wigs and 100-yen-shop deco accessories out of the way, at least for a little bit?

    Sorry to ramble.

  7. Wow, I have a lot to aswer! XD I'll try my best.

    @ Owner of brittle bones (interesting name): Thank you! I don’t like the whole ‘battles’ either. Everyone has a style she likes. ^^

    @ Noriko-chan: I have the exact opposite. ^^ I am addicted to sweet, but I adore some of the classic outfits so much!
    (Will you hit me if I said Milky-chan is one of my Dream Dresses? (A) )

    @ Amoris: Indeed. ^^ You are so very right! If I like around me in different cities, everyone seems to look the same (with some exceptions of course)! I completely agree with you.

    @ LynLyn-chan: Don’t get me started on what’s ‘normal’. XD I think my opinion really differs from my classmates.
    I love a lot of AP prints and yes, they are so expensive. =C I guess saving up only will help. ^^ I love twinning! I like it even more when the ‘twins’ wear contrasting clothes!

    @ Yajaira: Thank you. ^^
    I do agree with you on this point: I personally prefer AP girls to experiment with their outfits rather than that they wear the premade outfits. But still, I’m happy they have the courage to wear Lolita and I do expect the mto wear what they love. ^^

    @ Lunette: I can imagine some people get bored over those same things you see everywhere, but I really see a lot of great outfits too! And there are always certain items or things that suddenly become popular, like the wigs from CosplayWigsUSA right now. The funny thing is that these become popular just because one person starts posting pictures and they quickly spread. I’ll admit it: I’d love to buy one of their wigs, because of all the good reviews I’ve seen and read. But I do however hope that, once I really start to dress Lolita, I can be a bit original within the Sweet Loli world.

  8. I agree with so many comments made thus far! :3♥

    I love Sweet Lolita, in fact it's because of Sweet Lolita that drew me into the fashion. Although I don't wear OTT sweet I would love to some day. I think it's absolutely adorable and fun!
    It's kind of sad that even within a small fashion community like Lolita, that some people are still being judgmental.

    All I can say is...WHO CARES? Why is what someone wears so important? Who cares if someone is flushed in AP, wants to cover there head in bows, or dare I say dress the same as there best friend.
    In a world where blue jeans, and low cut tops are the norm, I think most if not all of your "average" people would say it's pretty original.

    Also, why is it so important to BE original? Why do we have to chew peoples ears off about being original? I think for some people just WEARING lolita is original enough. Not all people have the eye for mixing, matching and making awesome outfits. I know I have a hard time sometimes. ^_^;
    So if someone has the money to buy a full AP outfit with all the matching accessories, socks, and what not, I say go nuts.

    Regardless, All Lolita styles are beautiful and elegant in there own way, and shouldn't be thrown into a stereotype.

    Yes, I suppose there are a few of those AP Ruffle Butts who seem to look down on anyone who doesn't buy brand or perhaps break one little rule, but that's simply something you take up with THAT specific person, not every single person who wears AP.

    /Rant. D: *Phew*~

  9. @ Tanaie: THANK YOU!
    When I wrote this piece, I felt there was something missing. I couldn't write down what I meant and after hesitating a while I decided to put this up anyway. But you just summed it right up! <3 Really, thank you again! (I hope you read this...)