Thursday, July 20, 2017

Lolita Meeting at Ladurée

Sooo we’re finally a bit back on track with this continuation post about my birthday weekend in Paris! On Sunday December 11th, Marina and I were going to meet up with some of our Parisian friends at Ladurée. I was so happy people wanted to come and was really looking forward to drinking tea, eating pastries and just chat.
I decided to wear a new dress to this meeting and so I went with my beautiful mint Shadow Dream Carnival one piece that I had bought about six months earlier in Paris. I went with a fairly simple outfit: a white lace bolero, white tights, gold shoes and gold accessories. I quite liked the outcome!
Marina and I got ready after a relaxed morning (especially compared to the previous day, haha) and left perfectly on time for Ladurée Bonaparte, where we would meet up with our friends.

Ladurée Bonaparte
Ladurée always has such a specific green colour, it’s very nice.

Soon everyone had already gathered and we took some pictures outside (thank you Tro-Tro for the amazing pictures). Here is my outfit, I hope you like it:

Outfit One
● Mint Dream ●
My outfit rundown:
Headbow: Angelic Pretty’s Shadow Dream Carnival
Bolero: offbrand
JSK: Angelic Pretty’s Shadow Dream Carnival
Tights: offbrand
Shoes: Bodyline
Hairbows: Claire’s
Necklaces: RoseMarie Seoir and Chocomint
Pin: Angelic Pretty
Bracelets: Primark and offbrand
Ring: 6% Dokidoki

Outfit Two

Outfit Three

And my friends all looked so pretty! ♥ I was so happy they all came together to meet for my birthday. ;___;

Friend One
Lovely Marina, who wore the blouse I gave her for her birthday! I was so happy! ♥
Picture by Tro-Tro.

Friend Two
Marie, stunning as ever! ♥
Picture by Tro-Tro.

Friend Three
Camélia, wearing what is probably my favourite outfit of hers ever! ♥
Picture by Tro-Tro.

Friend Four
Classy and lovely Chloé! ♥
Picture by Tro-Tro.

Friend Five
Sandra stunning in cream! ♥
Picture by Tro-Tro.

Friend Six
And our beautiful mermaid Tro-Tro herself! ♥
Picture from Tro-Tro.

After we took pictures we went inside. This particular Ladurée is well-known for its beautiful blue-coloured room upstairs, but when we asked about it, it was apparently closed for some reason? It was quite disappointing, but not as much as having to wait for the only three tables available to become free, since a bunch of ladies were having tea there. Oh well, I had my friends to chat with so the wait didn’t feel very long. ^^

Shop Window
The shop window looked very nice for Christmas!

Finally we could get seated inside. We all browsed the menu for a while and I quickly made up my mind about what I wanted: I went all out with tea and two pastries! It was my birthday after all. ^^

The menus had different colours!

Unfortunately, the specific pastry I wanted wasn’t on the menu, so I went with my all-time favourite, the Ispahan, and a Religieuse. I don’t remember which specific tea I chose, but I think it was the Marie-Antoinette tea.
Most of the girls chose hot chocolate as a drink and it looked and smelled delicious, but also very heavy, so I was glad I went with tea.

Ispahan, Tea and Religieuse
From left to right: the Ispahan, my adorable tea cup and the Religieuse.

Everyone’s pastries looked really tasty and as expected; my Ispahan was divine! The Religieuse however… not so much. It was very bland in my opinion, not really what I expected or was hoping for. My tea on the other hand was amazing luckily. ♥

Pastries and drinks everywhere~!
Picture by Marina.

Then it was time for presents! My friends all got me some amazing/wonderful/thoughtful gifts, I was so touched! If you want to see some of them, please check out the video I made below! Thank you so much everyone! ;___;
After some more chatting, the time to say goodbye approached. We paid and left Ladurée, after which we walked to the metro as a group and then said goodbye. In a couple of hours I had to catch my train home, so Marina and I headed back to her apartment. But we took a small detour to Angelic Pretty, to take some last pictures there and say hi to Mila, who was preparing for the party a little later that evening. The light was a bit difficult to work with, but our pictures turned out quite nicely I think!

Rosalynn AP
Marina needs to stop taking nice pictures of me because WHO EVEN IS THIS PERSON!?
(Translation: I really like these pictures, thank you so much dear! ♥)
Pictures by Marina.

Marina AP
Marina looking like the perfect, dreamy AP shopgirl. ♥
Pictures from Marina, made by me.

We also took some polaroid pictures. ^^
We said goodbye to the AP staff and headed to Marina’s apartment, where I got redressed and gathered my things. I said goodbye to Kuma the cat and we headed for restaurant Yummy, where I bought some take-away dinner. Then we went to Gare du Nord, where I went to stand in line for the safety checks. I chatted with Marina until we really had to say goodbye. I was quite sad. ;___;
I went through the checks safely and headed for my coupé. I ended up having a solo seat instead of sitting next to someone. At first I thought I’d made a mistake, that it maybe was first class? But it turned out to be correct!

Single Seat
My solo seat, lucky me!

The train started moving, I ate my dinner and after a long train ride I arrived in Rotterdam. My parents were kind enough to pick me up and together we went home.
I know it’s already been several months since my birthday weekend took place, but it was so magical. I will never forget it! Thank you, Marina, for making my birthday such a special one. I am still so glad I got to spend it with you! ♥

Our polaroid. ♥

Haaa even writing about this day so many months after gives me joy. It was such a good day! I also made a (short) video of it. Please check it out if you have time. ^^

Thank you for reading! ~☆~

Sunday, July 09, 2017

My Past Angelic Pretty Tea Party Outfits

Hi everyone!
Today I would like to talk about the outfits I wore to Angelic Pretty Tea Parties that took place in the past years. I’ve had the incredible luck to attend up to five, making this year’s parties in Paris and London my sixth and seventh. Angelic Pretty is my favourite brand and the Tea Parties are always great fun, so I would like to reflect on that. Also, has my style changed throughout the years? And would I still wear these outfits today?

The first ever Angelic Pretty Tea Party I attended was at the luxurious Ritz Hotel, not long before it closed for two years for renovations. I was, naturally, over the moon and wanted to wear Star Night Theater, my very first Dream Dress, which also happened to be my very first Angelic Pretty dress. I combined it with red and white accessories, striped socks, pink shoes and a tiara with roses adorning my head. I kept my hair very simple otherwise.
I remember how happy I was wearing this outfit and you can see it on the pictures of me taken throughout that day. Looking back on this outfit, I actually still really like it! It’s well-balanced with a fixed colour scheme and it overall looks really fun! Maybe it didn’t really fit the elegant aesthetics of the location, but the fact it was my favourite dress totally makes up for it. Good memories. ♥

This outfit is such a change compared to the previous year! I really wanted to wear Lady Rose, which is such a stunning dress. It fit the beautiful style of the Meurice Hotel perfectly. I stuck to a colour scheme of pink, white and mint and used lots of flowers.
I really like how I combined elegant elements with my personal sweet style. I wore pretty lacy wristcuffs and pearls, but combined them with cute bangles. I also like how I put in small details, like the added pink bows on my blouse’s sleeves. If I ever decide to redo this outfit, there are definitely some elements I would change though. Up until this day I don’t really like my hairdo. It looks nice in this picture, but it’s not really my style. I think I’d go with an elegant updo. I also remember I added one single lavender element to my hair decorations (which isn’t visible in this picture) which was really out of place. Other than that, this outfit has such a beautiful colour scheme! I’d love to make an outfit with this dress again sometime.

For my third Tea Party at the Bristol Hotel, I decided to go OTT Sweet. Whip Showcase is a very underrated dress in my opinion, it’s so lovely and light! I piled tons of accessories onto my head and wrists. As long as it fit the colours of the dress, anything was acceptable. I can’t believe I got dressed into this outfit in a public toilet. It was horrifying! XD
I can’t really decide whether this outfit is still my style or not. Sometimes I feel like doing an outfit like this again, once in a while. I love all the colours I used and it’s just such a happy outfit! I do remember I didn’t like my hair that day. I had worn braids all night and usually this gives quite a nice effect, but in this case I felt more like a poodle.

I am so happy I got to wear one of my Ultimate Dream Dresses, Milky Berry, to an Angelic Pretty Tea Party. It’s not really a dress you might consider Tea Party material, since it’s cute and country and not really princess-like (which is of course not a requirement, but I’m sure you get my drift). I tried to go the opposite way and create an elegant, flowery look by crafting a flower crown with strawberries in between, a flower sceptre and wear a long veil as a transparent cape. This outfit was so stressful to create. I had postponed my crafting and was gluing hours before I had to leave. My parents were quite mad at me. x) The result however gave me so much joy! I felt so happy wearing items I had made myself! I was afraid the flower crown would be too big, but in the end it looked quite nice.
It was so hot that day, you can see it on my face. I was nearly dying, I can’t stand heat! I still really love this outfit despite everything, but I wish I could have worn those exact shoes in red. Oh well. I did end up on the Angelic Pretty website and in the Gothic & Lolita Bible with this outfit, so good memories!

And here we have the outfit I wore to my fifth Tea Party at the Westin-Vendôme. Apparently I really blew people away with this outfit, but no one liked it more than me! I had bought and kept this cape especially for this Tea Party, for this outfit. Crystal Dream Carnival is one of my favourite dresses of my collection and I combined it with lots of gold accessories, including a Voodooodolly crown combined with a hand made crystal halo.
Honestly my favourite outfit I ever wore to a Tea Party. I wonder if I’ll ever be able to outdo this one. I loved wearing it, I felt like a queen! Someone suggested I wear a princess sleeve blouse with this outfit, but honestly: I wouldn’t change anything.

So these were the outfits I wore for the past years! For the upcoming Tea Party I really need to start getting an outfit together, but definitely don’t expect anything comparable to last year, haha!

Do you like the outfits I wore? Are there any Tea Party or event outfits you’re particularly proud of?

Thank you for reading! ~☆~

Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Lolita Wonderland’s Seven Year Anniversay!

I am slowly trying to get back into blogging and making videos. If you’ve kept an eye on my YouTube channel you might have noticed I already posted two new videos! I am working quite hard, haha!

Suddenly, while I was packing for my upcoming trip to Paris, it hit me: tomorrow it’s the 4th of July… That means the birthday date of my blog! On July 4th 2010 I wrote my very first blog post, so that means this year my blog turns seven years old! Seven!! SEVEN!!!

So today it is the 4th of July. Happy anniversary to Lolita Wonderland! I am feeling a bit nauseous today, but even to me this cake looks very appealing. ♥

It’s a bit of a bad year for Lolita Wonderland, isn’t it? There’s honestly not that much to celebrate; I’ve only written two posts this year and one of them was announcing a hiatus. x) However, I have a line of blogposts planned: my second day in Paris back in December, my trip to Barcelona for Omnia Vanitas and my upcoming trips to Paris and London. I will also try to write some posts in between. I will do my best!

A big thank you to my readers and viewers. Your sweet comments always make my day! ♥ Thank you for supporting Lolita Wonderland, my YouTube channel and me. You’re all awesome and I sincerely love you all~!

Thank you all sooo much for reading!

Here’s to another year of Lolita Wonderland! ♥