Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A Few of My Favourite Things: Stars

The stars. They have always fascinated me so much. They have something really mysterious and magical. I would love to just lie down in the grass and count stars with somebody I care for, but unfortunately the sky here never looks like the picture of course.

Stars have many things about them that I like.
I like the word star. It just seems so right. A short word for something so unique.
I like the fact that famous people are called stars, or the fact that you can scream out: ‘I’m going to be a star some day!’
I like the fact that children all over the world draw stars the same way: with five points and a yellow colour.
I like the fact that everyone in my country looks up to the same sky. Maybe even the whole world does, I don’t know. The sky is so big.

I remember a chemistry lesson, about three years ago, that I actually enjoyed. Our teacher put something between two sticks and lit it on fire. The little thingy started to shine like a star, it was so incredibly beautiful. I think it was probably magnesium or something, but it was so pretty..! It was as if one of the stars came down to earth to show itself before it died forever…

I love it when Lolita brands add stars to their prints. I love Starry Night Theatre. I mean, seriously, that name! And those shooting star bags that came out with Milky Planet are to die for! I hope I’ll be able to get my hands on one of those one day.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Celebrate the Summer Tips

Yesterday, summer officially started (it was also my parents’ wedding day, but I’m just going to skip on that)! The summer is such a great season with so many wonderful things, except for mosquitoes maybe. I’m in quite a happy mood, so I made up a list with things you could do for celebrating the summer!

Summer cleaning. Do you have that itchy feeling that you want to clean something up, but you just don’t know where to start, so you’ve been procrastinating all the time? Then this is the perfect moment! Who says organising a big cleaning is only for spring? You can start with just a part of your room or you can go big and change your entire surroundings, from the garden to the bathroom. Don’t forget: in order to clean something up, you have to make a big mess first. I’m cleaning up my big cabinet right now and my room is filled with piles of books, manga and paper. Don’t be afraid to throw things out or donate some of your stuff!

Organise your Lolita. Wether you have a small or a big closet filled with Lolita, it’s never a bad thing to make a list of what you have, what you want and what you really need. Having a closet filled with jumperskirts and skirts is great, but without blouses and accessories you’re a bit stuck. If you don’t own any Lolita yet, why not browsing around on Click Hello Lace? It’s like a library, categorised in brands and pieces, perfect for discovering dresses you didn’t know about or forgot about. Make a list of Dream Dresses!

Ice Cream hunt. Every town or city has an ice cream shop (or at least, I think so). Even better when there are multiple ones! Ice cream is the perfect snack for summer of course, so why not go on an ice cream hunt? This will keep you busy for a long(er) time.
If there is only one shop around: Buy or take a little notebook and write down the different flavours the shop offers and taste them all! You can grade them or write down why you like or dislike the flavour.
If there are multiple shops around: Buy or take a little notebook and write down the different shops. Then start trying out your favourite flavours and compare the quality! Which one has the best strawberry? Which shop holds the most delicious chocolate?

Discover your destination. Big chance you’re going on vacation somewhere. Why not doing some work before? Google Maps can find almost every place in the world. Why not walk virtually around for a bit? You can also just look up cool things to do in Google of course.

Blow bubbles. Simply because it’s fun and can result in awesome photographs!

Bring the books out. Reading is a great and relaxing activity. Go visit the library and bring home a pile of books. A few of my personal favourites are The Neverending Story, The Secret Garden and the Harry Potter series. Starting a series is great, because when you like the first book, you can continue with the second and so on!

Find the perfect summer colour for your eyes. In summer, the colours are finally coming out! Find a colour that suits your face, the brighter the better! Let the yellow, orange, pink and green come out and show the world your colour!

Monday, June 20, 2011

It's Time For Graduation~!

Taken from Pusheen, the adorable cat!

I did it! Yes, my dear readers, that’s right! I passed my exams and I graduated! I still can’t believe I’m completely done with everything! I wasn’t able to write about it on my blog before, since I had singing performances these past days too. ^^ But here’s the full story!

On June the 16th I woke up calmer than I had expected. I was afraid I would be nervous all day long, but that actually wasn’t the case. I didn’t really do anything special during the day, until the dreaded moment came: 3 pm. If they called you between 3 pm and 4 pm, you failed. After that, you passed but they would still call you. To keep me occupied, my mom and I played a game, which was very fun actually. 3 pm passed, 3.30 pm passed and eventually, 4 pm went by too. Theoretically I passed, but the nerves actually came up then. What if they forgot to call me? It was really nerve-racking, until the phone finally rang. All my teacher had to say was ‘Congratulations!’ and I started to scream and jump in happiness! Oh my God, I passed! I graduated!
When I hung up the phone, I hugged my parents and brother over and over. I even cried, I was so relieved and happy!
Here, it’s a custom to hang out the national flag, with your schoolbag attached to the pole, so I immediately got my bag and my father hung out the flag! I had been looking forward to that moment for so long! Then I texted and called everyone I promised to tell the results.
After that, my father told me to sit down. ‘We wanted to give you a present once you graduated, so here you go!’ He pulled out two neon-green wrapped presents. I had no idea what to expect and I wouldn’t have been able to guess what the presents contained, because when I ripped off the paper, I looked down upon a brand new pink mini laptop, bag and mouse! I never, never expected this and I didn’t know what to say.

That night, I had to pick up my gradelist and decide if I wanted to re-do a test. I was so happy with my grades I decided not to, so I could hand in my books and celebrate the fact that there was no reason for me to return to the schoolbuilding, except for picking up my diploma on June the 30th.

When I came home, there were more surprises! The house was decorated with flags and balloons in all different kinds of colours, saying ‘Graduated!’ My parents also said: ‘Since we don’t really like throwing parties and you don’t like it either, we decided to give you a different way to celebrate it!’ Then they gave me a piece of paper, saying I could take all my friends to my favourite Japanese restaurant! So I’m having a delicious night this Saturday! ^^

I want to congratulate everyone that either graduated or made it to the next year!
Go us~! We did it!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

They Say Change Is Good, and I Agree

You will never hear me say that change is bad. I am actually highly persuaded by the fact that change can be really good for you. The only problem is that I myself have trouble with changing, I like things the way they are. Before we moved to the house where I live now, my parents had to convince me that it wasn’t that far away from where we used to live. When I went to Junior High, the surroundings were so incredibly different that I thought I’d never be able to get used to it. Starting a diet was a really big thing for me, I had to change almost everything I was used to. But all these things taught me that change is good for me, because everything always turned out better!

I think I will remember this week forever. In this week, everything in my life will change. This Thursday I’ll hear wether I graduated high school or not. Both will result into new paths I can, have to or will follow.
I read about this tradition in Japan where you cut your hair after something big happened in your life, either positive or negative and I thought that was so beautiful! So I decided to change my haircut drastically. Okay, I'm a bit early, but I just couldn't wait anymore! Up above you see a picture of me before. Don’t be fooled by the wavy style and light colour! I sleep with braids and my haircolour differs in different kinds of light. Anyway, I had wavy sidebangs and long hair reaching my elbows.

Aaaaaaand here is the result after:
A straight fringe, smaller sidebangs and it’s way shorter!
I love it so, so, so much! It’s so different, but I love it! I have to get used to the fact that I feel hair on my forehead and that I see the tips of the fringe when I look forward. It’s also really strange to walk past a mirror: everytime I walk back to see if it’s really me. I look like a totally different person! I feel like a different person too! It’s unbelievable how much can change after changing your look. What’s even more interesting is that, after going to the hairdresser, I went to a clothing store to look around for a bit and walked out with two new jeans and a dress. I hate trying on new jeans, especially when they’re the tighter kind, but I just loved these! I’m proud of myself, to be honest.
I also decided that it's time for me to start wearing make up. I am 18 years old and I've always hated make up, but since I am obliged to wear make up when I'm on stage, I had to. I actually think make up looks way better with this haircut than with my previous one, say it's not bad at all! I do have to practice though. ^^

Well, let’s hope I’ll receive good news this Thursday!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

International Lolita Day: '11 Summer Edition

Hello everyone! Happy very belated International Lolita Day! I hope you all had a wonderful day and I would love to hear how you spend your time! ^^

My day wasn’t very Lolita-related. My friend Nicolette stayed over and we had a bit of a relaxing day. We talked a lot and I showed her my Gothic&Lolita Bible. We also made adorable cupcakes.
Unfortunetaly, at night I didn’t feel well. Nicolette was already asleep, but I really couldn’t. I felt terribly nauseous and you can guess what happened afterwards…
I’ve been sick for four days. Four days of barely eating, feeling so dizzy I couldn’t stand up properly, having constant pain in my back and ribs and not being able to do anything except for feeling horrible. The only bright side is that I was able to start re-reading the Harry Potter series. I’m at book three now.
I felt incredibly guilty towards Nico-chan, who had to leave earlier because of me, but of course I couldn’t help it. We’ll make up for the lost time, darling. <3

I hope you all had a wonderful Lolita Day! ♥