Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Celebrate the Summer Tips

Yesterday, summer officially started (it was also my parents’ wedding day, but I’m just going to skip on that)! The summer is such a great season with so many wonderful things, except for mosquitoes maybe. I’m in quite a happy mood, so I made up a list with things you could do for celebrating the summer!

Summer cleaning. Do you have that itchy feeling that you want to clean something up, but you just don’t know where to start, so you’ve been procrastinating all the time? Then this is the perfect moment! Who says organising a big cleaning is only for spring? You can start with just a part of your room or you can go big and change your entire surroundings, from the garden to the bathroom. Don’t forget: in order to clean something up, you have to make a big mess first. I’m cleaning up my big cabinet right now and my room is filled with piles of books, manga and paper. Don’t be afraid to throw things out or donate some of your stuff!

Organise your Lolita. Wether you have a small or a big closet filled with Lolita, it’s never a bad thing to make a list of what you have, what you want and what you really need. Having a closet filled with jumperskirts and skirts is great, but without blouses and accessories you’re a bit stuck. If you don’t own any Lolita yet, why not browsing around on Click Hello Lace? It’s like a library, categorised in brands and pieces, perfect for discovering dresses you didn’t know about or forgot about. Make a list of Dream Dresses!

Ice Cream hunt. Every town or city has an ice cream shop (or at least, I think so). Even better when there are multiple ones! Ice cream is the perfect snack for summer of course, so why not go on an ice cream hunt? This will keep you busy for a long(er) time.
If there is only one shop around: Buy or take a little notebook and write down the different flavours the shop offers and taste them all! You can grade them or write down why you like or dislike the flavour.
If there are multiple shops around: Buy or take a little notebook and write down the different shops. Then start trying out your favourite flavours and compare the quality! Which one has the best strawberry? Which shop holds the most delicious chocolate?

Discover your destination. Big chance you’re going on vacation somewhere. Why not doing some work before? Google Maps can find almost every place in the world. Why not walk virtually around for a bit? You can also just look up cool things to do in Google of course.

Blow bubbles. Simply because it’s fun and can result in awesome photographs!

Bring the books out. Reading is a great and relaxing activity. Go visit the library and bring home a pile of books. A few of my personal favourites are The Neverending Story, The Secret Garden and the Harry Potter series. Starting a series is great, because when you like the first book, you can continue with the second and so on!

Find the perfect summer colour for your eyes. In summer, the colours are finally coming out! Find a colour that suits your face, the brighter the better! Let the yellow, orange, pink and green come out and show the world your colour!


  1. These are very nice tips. I know some people don't know what to do with all their free time in the summer, so they just waste the time that they've got. So it's cool to have some things to do =)

  2. Thank you! ^^ I totally agree!

  3. This is a brilliant post! I hope you don't mind but ive used this as a kind of 'meme' for my blog, of things to do :) It's here if you want a read,
    If it's not ok, I will take it down :) x

  4. I only just saw your comment, sorry! ^^'

    Oh my, I'm honored! I'm glad you liked it so much! ^^ I don't mind at all!