Monday, June 20, 2011

It's Time For Graduation~!

Taken from Pusheen, the adorable cat!

I did it! Yes, my dear readers, that’s right! I passed my exams and I graduated! I still can’t believe I’m completely done with everything! I wasn’t able to write about it on my blog before, since I had singing performances these past days too. ^^ But here’s the full story!

On June the 16th I woke up calmer than I had expected. I was afraid I would be nervous all day long, but that actually wasn’t the case. I didn’t really do anything special during the day, until the dreaded moment came: 3 pm. If they called you between 3 pm and 4 pm, you failed. After that, you passed but they would still call you. To keep me occupied, my mom and I played a game, which was very fun actually. 3 pm passed, 3.30 pm passed and eventually, 4 pm went by too. Theoretically I passed, but the nerves actually came up then. What if they forgot to call me? It was really nerve-racking, until the phone finally rang. All my teacher had to say was ‘Congratulations!’ and I started to scream and jump in happiness! Oh my God, I passed! I graduated!
When I hung up the phone, I hugged my parents and brother over and over. I even cried, I was so relieved and happy!
Here, it’s a custom to hang out the national flag, with your schoolbag attached to the pole, so I immediately got my bag and my father hung out the flag! I had been looking forward to that moment for so long! Then I texted and called everyone I promised to tell the results.
After that, my father told me to sit down. ‘We wanted to give you a present once you graduated, so here you go!’ He pulled out two neon-green wrapped presents. I had no idea what to expect and I wouldn’t have been able to guess what the presents contained, because when I ripped off the paper, I looked down upon a brand new pink mini laptop, bag and mouse! I never, never expected this and I didn’t know what to say.

That night, I had to pick up my gradelist and decide if I wanted to re-do a test. I was so happy with my grades I decided not to, so I could hand in my books and celebrate the fact that there was no reason for me to return to the schoolbuilding, except for picking up my diploma on June the 30th.

When I came home, there were more surprises! The house was decorated with flags and balloons in all different kinds of colours, saying ‘Graduated!’ My parents also said: ‘Since we don’t really like throwing parties and you don’t like it either, we decided to give you a different way to celebrate it!’ Then they gave me a piece of paper, saying I could take all my friends to my favourite Japanese restaurant! So I’m having a delicious night this Saturday! ^^

I want to congratulate everyone that either graduated or made it to the next year!
Go us~! We did it!


  1. Yay for graduating!! I don't graduate yet for another 2 years, but I got many awards and tuition money this year so that makes up for my suffering all year! :D

  2. gefeliciteerd ! :D

  3. @ Lolitaluv2: Yaaay! Wow, good for you! =D

    @ Mielrococo: Dankjewel! ^^

    @ Alexandriaweb: Thank you! <3

  4. Congratulations! ^3^
    How super lucky you are! In Canada we don't take SAT tests (At least I think there called that. xD) so I can't even imagine how much pressure you must have gone through to pass! Good job for passing!
    Gosh...And to get a laptop as well! xD I'm jealous!

    You sound like you have a really awesome, supporting, and loving family. :3♥

  5. @ HannahxLove: Thank you~! <3
    Well, here they're not called SAT tests either. ^^ In my country, when we talk about exams, we always mean the final exams you take in your final year of high school. The grades you score are 50% of your final grade. The other 50% is the sum of all the grades you got from your 4th year until your 6th year. And it also differs per person how many exams you take. For example, I had 8 exams, while some of my friends had 7. But because they're national and very important, the pressure is huge.
    Thank you again! <3

    I do! ^^

  6. Gefeliciteerd ^.^ Je komt uit Nederland? Ik leer Nederlands aan de Universiteit sinds een half jaar, maar ik ben nog niet zeer goed ;)
    Anyway, congratulations again, or as I would say in my mother tongue: Herzlichen Glückwunsch :o)
    Hope the Japanese restaurant will be fun, we don't have one where I live and I would love to go to one someday...
    Have a nice weekend
    PS: OMG that cat is cute :D

  7. Dankjewel! <3 Yes, that's right! I think you're very good, Dutch is a hard language to learn!
    Thank you again! <3

    It's cute, isn't it? ^^ I love him. XD

  8. Congratulations! :) I passed too so my house too has the flag outside with my bag hanging from it ;) (which is inconvenient since I use that bag for everything xD)

  9. Yay, congratulations to you too~! =D
    Oh dear, can't you use another bag? XD