Saturday, September 25, 2010

Starry, Starry Night...


In my previous post, I mentioned I got my second package and I could barely keep myself from writing about it. Well, three days passed and I think it’s a good time now!

I know I write a lot about Paris and this time is no exception, so please bear with me. :) Maybe you remember that I wrote about visiting the Angelic Pretty story, where they had my absolute Dream Dress: the Starry Night Theatre One Piece in pink.
When I started Lolita, this particular dress caught my eye. In the meantime, I’ve seen a lot of dresses, but I could never forget the Starry Night Theatre. So when I had it in my hands in Paris, for a moment I thought my dream would come true.
Unfortunetaly, my dream fell into pieces when it turned out it didn’t fit me. I wisely decided not to buy the dress. Yet, I did buy the head bow, promising myself that very moment, that one day I’d buy my Dream Dress, but in JSK version.

Ok, enough with the flashbacks. Two months or so have passed. In the meantime, I got addicted to egl_comm_sales. I just love to check what people are selling!
One day, my eye caught a post that said Starry Night Theatre and I automatically clicked it. Then, pictures of a pink JSK, covered in cute little thingies appeared. The girl in question sold her SNT in pink for a (in my opninion) very reasonable price!
My eyes widened for a moment, but I immediately came back to my senses: I couldn’t afford it anyway. I walked downstairs and showed my mother the post, more or less to get it off me.
‘Why don’t you ask it for your birthday then?’ my mom asked. At first I thought she meant it as a joke, but then I realised she was serious! I immediately ran upstairs to email the girl and as kif it was still free.
After a while I go tan email back: there had been a person before me, who also wanted to buy the dress. The seller had put it on a hold for a week for the girl, but promised me to keep me updated on the situation.
Two days or so I had a nervous feeling in my stomach and I couldn’t really sleep, but then I realised I wouldn’t buy it. There would be another opportunity some other time. I hoped.
Then, that Friday, I got a new email: the buyer got a new chance. If she hadn’t paid before Tuesday, I would be the next person to buy it. Again, tow days of nervousness and sleepingproblems.
Mondayevening, I received this email:
You'll be happy to hear that the last buyer was unable to make it in time, so the JSK has been passed on to you! =)
If you would be so kind as to tell me your paypal address, I'll send an invoice over right away.

I died of happiness!
I ran downstairs and jumped, danced and ran around (my parents gave me quite a strange look at first XD). Then the next part came: convincing my father. I hadn’t spoken about the situation to him, because I didn’t expect I would be able to buy it. Eventually, my father said yes!
Two weeks later, I received a wellpacked package.

May I present to you my absolute Dream Dress, the Starry Night Theatre JSK!

Isn’t it gorgeous? I can’t tell you how happy I am to own it! I love everything about it, from the lace to the buttons and from the details of the print to the golden edges. It’s just magical! It even has a built-in petticoat, so awesome!
I have to be honest though: it doesn’t fit me right yet. But now I have even more motivation to be a good girl with my diet! I can’t wait for the day I will fit into it perfectly!

I could talk for hours about this dress, but I won’t. Instead, here are some more pictures! ^^

Built-in petticoat!

I adore the lace…

The front with the cute hat and card pins. Don’t you just love the buttons?

Details of the print. Isn’t the girl wearing Carnival Applique?

There are more pictures on my Flickr-account, in case you’re interested. ^^

Now, I’ll stop writing about this dress and start staring at it again…

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

For Rainy And Sunny

In my previous post, I kind off fell into ranting about the postal system here. I’ve calmed down in the meantime, of course. ^^ And luckily, my cold seems to have gone down again (after drinking tea and a lot of sniffing).

After I came home from musiclessons last Monday, I could finally open my package! It was a long, triangle-shaped package from… Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Paris!
After examining the package I somehow managed to find out how I could open it (it was really easy, just rip of the upper side). And what did I pull out? My brand new pink Rich Frilled Umbrella (for rainy and sunny)!

If you read my posts from July (‘juli’ in my list, -_-), you probably read about my Parisian adventures. If you just tuned in, I’ll summarizeFlashback
When I was at BtSSB Paris, my mom wanted to buy me a holidaypresent. I could choose between a head bow and a parasol/umbrella. In the end, I chose the head bow, but at home, I realised the umbrella had been so lovely too!
Back to reality
I decided, after I had earned some money with delivering mail, that I really wanted the umbrella after all. I checked that night if it was still available. Yet the next day, the site said ‘vendu’, sold. I was very disappointed, and mailed the shop if they could order one from Japan. I was happy to hear that they indeed could order from Baby Japan. After a month of waiting they received my umbrella and sent it to me. Now I have my own Baby's Umbrella from Japan, via Paris. Weird, isn’t it? ^^

Right From The Candyshop

The packing was absolutely lovely. It looked like a giant candy! Of course, there was a little Baby ribbon attached and they had put an AatP bag around it! When I pulled it off, I also found Baby’s Autumn Catalog and a postcard. I secretly hoped for the catalog to come with my package, but I never expected it to actually be there!

Pick An Outfit
The catalog has two sides: one Baby, the Stars Shine Bright and the other Alice and the Pirates

I am really happy with my umbrella! I love how it looks like a closed flower when I wrap it up. When it’s opened, it’s even more beautiful!


And today, I received a second package. I'll keep it a secret until tomorrow or the day after, but I am very excited about it! I can barely keep my fingers from writing it..!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Why I Hate The Postal Service

I want to start this entry with thanking the people that commented on my previous entry. Thank you so much! You have no idea how happy you made me! I really started crying from happiness that total strangers felt with me, thank you!

The past few days, or better: weeks, have been a rollercoaster of emotions for me. Mostly sad ones, unfortunetaly, but luckily there was a little bright side too. Three ones actually, for I have ordered three packages: two from France and one from Canada (!!!). I won’t say what they contain, I don’t want to spoil the surprise. But let’s just say I am really looking forward to them!
I have no idea when or in what order they will arrive, so I was really surprised when I found a letter in the mail yesterday, saying the postman had been there to deliver one, but we weren’t at home. Normally, he would deliver it to the neighbours so I could pick it up, but this time he didn’t. This made me quite angry, because we usually take a lot of packages from the neighbours when they’re not home, but that one time we are not at home, they don’t take it. The letter said they’d try again the next day (aka today), so I wanted to make sure I’d be home this time.

Yet unfortunetaly, I really had to go away for two hours, so I asked the neighbours that live across the street if they’d be home those hours. They said yes, so I hung a note on the door, asking the postman if he could deliver it to them. Feeling happy I left.
Of course the package would be delivered in those small two hours. I didn’t expect anything else. When I arrived home, I found a new letter, saying the postman had been there again and we weren’t at home. Yet, he didn’t deliver it to the neighbours across, because me or my parents have to sign for it!
If he just said that in the first note, I would have stayed at home! Now I have to pick it up the next working day (that’s Monday, aaargh!) after 1 pm. Yet, like any normal teenager, I’m a school then until 4:15 pm, so I have no change to go and pick it up. I was very glad that my mom offered to pick it up instead.

I can’t say it differently: I’m really pissed off! And to make things even better: this afternoon I got sick…
I should look up those tips on other blogs for sick lolitas…

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Some Times Tears Can Express Feelings Easier Than Words

There are moments in life I really can’t express myself with words anymore. Only tears can do the job for me then. I had one of those moments this week.

Thursday, when I got home from school, I received very sad news: my grandmother had passed away the night before. The funeral is on Wednesday, and I don’t think I will be posting for a couple of days.

I have not the slightest idea if anyone reads my blog, but I just needed to write this down quickly. I really don’t know how to describe my feelings, so I’ll finish with a quote:

"I wish it need not have happened in my time," said Frodo.
"So do I," said Gandalf, "and so do all who live to see such times. But that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us."

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Baby, The Stars Shine New

Baby's New Layout

Baby, The Stars Shine Bright has a new wesbite layout! Did you see it already? I have to admit that I had to get used to it and I was startled at first, but I really like it now!

The sweet colours are a lovely add to the previous pink layout. And now you can go to both Baby’s and Alice and the Pirates’s sites easily.

Navigating Through The Pinkness

Luckily, they didn’t change everything entirely: navigating through the site is still as easy as it always was, but now it has an extra colourful touch and a lovely wallpaper! Don’t you just love the kittens?

The new items can now directly be seen, instead of being clicked at first.
And did you notice that the icon for the bookmark you probably have in your linkinglist is now Baby’s logo? I just love looking at it!

I must say again: I really like it! I loved the previous layout, I love the new one too! ^^

So, what do you think of the new layout? Will you miss the pink one? Or do the new kittens appeal to you?

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Taking A Bow For The First Time

Ribbon's Roselyne

Last Saturday was my friend’s 18th birthday and that had to be celebrated with a big party! There was sushi, cocktails, dancing and… a dresscode! Which I fully ignored.

The theme of the party was ‘Purple Sensation’ and we were supposed to come dressed in either white, purple or both. Since I, surprisingly enough, have absolutely no purple in my closet, I decided to wear a white skirt, white shoes and a green shirt (no pictures of my outfit, since it was totally not Lolita-related).
I have been wanting to wear my Baby, the Stars Shine Bright headbow for quite some time. I discovered, by the way, that the name of my bow is ‘Ribbon Roselyne’. How much more coincidence do you need? This bow must have been meant for me! :)
Anyway, I decided that my friend’s party would be the perfect occasion to wear my bow. I fixed my hair, picked out a matching necklace and shoved the headbow over my hair – only to not take it off until much later that evening.

I arrived first, as usual (I guess I am an “on time” person?), so the guests arrived after me. First my friends, who were all surprised by the size of my bow, since I usually wear smaller sized bows. Yet they all said they thought I looked cute, which made me feel more secure.
After that, the other guests arrived. I noticed a few ‘Oh my God, what’s that!?’-looks, but to be honest, I could care less about their opinion! I was afraid I would really feel bad if people looked at me as if I was crazy, but I totally felt the opposite. I love my bow, so go eat sushi or something people! ^^
I have to admit that, after a while, the bow really started to hurt behind my ears. This is actually quite normal, but I didn;t want to take it off. I’m glad I didn’t , ‘cause after a while the pain was completely gone! I just have to get used to it, apparently.

Later on the evening, the birthday girl’s father introduced me to a cousin and he said he really liked my bow! Of course, that made me smile and I thanked him genuinely.

The party was really nice, even though it was mainly dancing. And I don’t dance. I just don’t: I feel awkward while dancing. I much prefer watching other people. I did try sushi for the first time though and it was really delicious!

Take A Bow

I apologize for the dark picture, but I made it after I came home, which was about 12:00 pm. I really like it though, I think I look quite ok on it (I’m usually bad at taking good pictures of myself).
I still doubt about how I should wear my bow: like on the picture or flat to my head. I prefer this, because then you can see the actual shape.
Maybe I should buy a headbow that’s on top of my head, instead of on the side.
So what do you think?

Oh, by the way, in a couple of days I'm going to order some stuff, so you can expect a few reviews in a few weeks!