Sunday, May 07, 2017


Hi everyone!

Do you remember me? Hahaha!
Whooaaa it's been such a long time since I last wrote a blogpost here or posted a video to my YouTube channel! Never before in my blogger life have I skipped such a long time between posts. I'm really very sorry! >___<
Anyway, I'm still alive! It's just that I am so busy! I am in my final exam year and I have so many projects and things to finish! Luckily, I'm heading in the fairly right direction despite everything, even scoring a 9.5/10 for my thesis and presentation combined (a real highlight of my year I can tell you)!
So yeah. I certainly haven't forgotten about either my blog or YouTube channel. Heck, almost every day I feel so guilty for not contributing anything new! But right now it's just very hard to combine with school and life sadly. I'll get back soon though, I promise! So the answer to the 'Hiatus?' question is: yes, but not for long!

See you soon!
Thank you for reading! ~☆~