Wednesday, September 22, 2010

For Rainy And Sunny

In my previous post, I kind off fell into ranting about the postal system here. I’ve calmed down in the meantime, of course. ^^ And luckily, my cold seems to have gone down again (after drinking tea and a lot of sniffing).

After I came home from musiclessons last Monday, I could finally open my package! It was a long, triangle-shaped package from… Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Paris!
After examining the package I somehow managed to find out how I could open it (it was really easy, just rip of the upper side). And what did I pull out? My brand new pink Rich Frilled Umbrella (for rainy and sunny)!

If you read my posts from July (‘juli’ in my list, -_-), you probably read about my Parisian adventures. If you just tuned in, I’ll summarizeFlashback
When I was at BtSSB Paris, my mom wanted to buy me a holidaypresent. I could choose between a head bow and a parasol/umbrella. In the end, I chose the head bow, but at home, I realised the umbrella had been so lovely too!
Back to reality
I decided, after I had earned some money with delivering mail, that I really wanted the umbrella after all. I checked that night if it was still available. Yet the next day, the site said ‘vendu’, sold. I was very disappointed, and mailed the shop if they could order one from Japan. I was happy to hear that they indeed could order from Baby Japan. After a month of waiting they received my umbrella and sent it to me. Now I have my own Baby's Umbrella from Japan, via Paris. Weird, isn’t it? ^^

Right From The Candyshop

The packing was absolutely lovely. It looked like a giant candy! Of course, there was a little Baby ribbon attached and they had put an AatP bag around it! When I pulled it off, I also found Baby’s Autumn Catalog and a postcard. I secretly hoped for the catalog to come with my package, but I never expected it to actually be there!

Pick An Outfit
The catalog has two sides: one Baby, the Stars Shine Bright and the other Alice and the Pirates

I am really happy with my umbrella! I love how it looks like a closed flower when I wrap it up. When it’s opened, it’s even more beautiful!


And today, I received a second package. I'll keep it a secret until tomorrow or the day after, but I am very excited about it! I can barely keep my fingers from writing it..!


  1. I have this parasol. It's freakin' awesome. Even better is that it's huge so there's no chance of the sun getting on you whatsoever. It's also saved me from birds. (...;_; washing it was gross tho.)

  2. I think this parasol is very popular, but I don't care! It's just too lovely! ^^
    Ah, good thing it saved you from the birds! But washing indeed... ew. Oo