Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Lolita Wonderland’s Seven Year Anniversay!

I am slowly trying to get back into blogging and making videos. If you’ve kept an eye on my YouTube channel you might have noticed I already posted two new videos! I am working quite hard, haha!

Suddenly, while I was packing for my upcoming trip to Paris, it hit me: tomorrow it’s the 4th of July… That means the birthday date of my blog! On July 4th 2010 I wrote my very first blog post, so that means this year my blog turns seven years old! Seven!! SEVEN!!!

So today it is the 4th of July. Happy anniversary to Lolita Wonderland! I am feeling a bit nauseous today, but even to me this cake looks very appealing. ♥

It’s a bit of a bad year for Lolita Wonderland, isn’t it? There’s honestly not that much to celebrate; I’ve only written two posts this year and one of them was announcing a hiatus. x) However, I have a line of blogposts planned: my second day in Paris back in December, my trip to Barcelona for Omnia Vanitas and my upcoming trips to Paris and London. I will also try to write some posts in between. I will do my best!

A big thank you to my readers and viewers. Your sweet comments always make my day! ♥ Thank you for supporting Lolita Wonderland, my YouTube channel and me. You’re all awesome and I sincerely love you all~!

Thank you all sooo much for reading!

Here’s to another year of Lolita Wonderland! ♥


  1. It's been nice seeing your videos popping up on youtube again, and I'm looking forward to reading all your upcoming posts. Well done on keeping this blog going for 7 years.

    1. I'm glad you noticed them!
      Thank you so much dear! ♥

  2. Happy Blog Anniversary! Have a great time in Paris!

  3. Happy anniversary!! And I am so excited for all the upcoming blogposts!! ♥️♥️♥️😘