Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Wondering In Wonderland

I wonder a lot. I wonder every day and every possible moment. I wonder about the strangest things, but also about normal things. I wouldn’t say it’s a bad thing, to be honest. Yes, sometimes I’m a bit too much of a dreamer, but I’m still down to earth. I think. I actually believe wondering makes me a better person. I even like the verb ‘to wonder’. In my language, we only ‘ask ourselves’, we don’t ‘wonder’.

Because I wonder so much, I wonder in chains of things. A ‘wonderchain’ could look like this:
I wonder what kind of weather it will be tomorrow -> I wonder what kind of weather it is in Paris -> I wonder what the Parisians are doing now -> I wonder if I’ll go back to Paris anytime soon -> I wonder if I’ll have money then -> I wonder if I’ll buy things at Angelic Pretty -> I wonder if I’ll buy things at Baby, the Stars Shine Bright too -> I wonder what the shopworkers are doing -> I wonder if I’ll ever work in a shop -> I wonder if I’ll ever make a lot of money -> I wonder if I’ll buy Lolita then… And it goes on and on and on.

Sometimes it tires me, especially when I lie in bed and I want to sleep. I have plenty of time to wonder then, since there is nothing else to occupy me. Thoughts race through my head, and I need to tell myself to slow down and try to sleep. The next morning I wake up and everything starts again.

My wonderchains aren’t always positive. They sometimes drag me into a current of negative thoughts, taking me further and further away from happiness. This is usually gone the next morning, since I always live ‘with the moment’.

Does anyone else have wonderchains like me? If you don’t, try it some day! Switch from one thought to the next that has something to do with the previous one. How far can you come? I once got from Picasso to sandals. ^^

The picture is unrelated. I just thought that girl looks so incredibly cute! I wonder who she is? I wonder where she got all those balloons? I wonder who blew the air into them? Who knows...?


  1. whenever I see a cute picture like that I wonder who is taking the photo and what relation they are to the person being photographed... or if it's just a self-timer and why the subject designed the photo in the first place :3

  2. I wonder which balloon color the girl likes more. :]

  3. I have a non-stop wonder chain too... I don't think it is something you can control. If you have to think hard about what something reminds you of, it is not really a natural daisy chain of thoughts, much like how you cannot turn it off to go to bed. Actually, I am awake at 3:30 AM commenting on your blog because I would not stop the thoughts and wanted to look for some Pokemon Gjinka art =__=