Friday, July 13, 2018

Flatlay ♥ Pastel Easter Bunny

♥ Pastel Easter Bunny ♥

Today’s flatlay coord was posted on March 31, 2017 with the following caption:

Oh my, tomorrow it's Easter! 💐
And what better to wear on Easter than a bunny-themed coord? 🐰
To bring out my inner bunny, I chose Fancy Paper Dolls as a base, this adorable bunny cardigan I bought during my last Japan trip and a bunny head band to top it off. I went with a lavender x pink colour scheme, but since I (still) don't own lavender shoes I chose these striped OTKs to bring out the lavender of the cardigan.
At the moment I am redecorating my room, so unfortunately I couldn't find the necklace I had wanted to use initially, but in the end I went with this super cute handmade cotton candy bunny necklace I received as a gift at @twinkledreamysky's and @mirageprincess's birthday party once. ❤️ I am honestly really pleased with this outfit, it's so cute and pastelly!
Have a nice Easter everyone! ✨

Aaah, I am really loving this outfit so much! It has that pastel fairy-kei vibe that I have loved ever since I started Lolita and even before that! Since it was Easter, I looked for the most Easter-like dress I owned. Sadly I don’t have Happy Garden hanging in my closet, so I went with the bunny print I do own: Fancy Paper Dolls. FPD is a super cute print and the dress has a very lovely cut as well. To bring out the colours of the print, I could basically go wild, because there are so many! Blue, pink, white, yellow, lavender… I decided to go with lavender, as I bought the most adorable bunny cardigan during my trip in Japan. It has bunny ears on the hood and a fluffy bunny tail on the back! However, to bring out the pink of the dress again, I clipped pink bows onto the heart-shaped pockets. The pink shoes were an obvious choice and these striped socks, which are some of my favourites, matched the ensemble surprisingly well.
Naturally, in a bunny-themed outfit, one must bring out the bunny even more! That’s why I chose the cotton candy bunny necklace mentioned in the caption, white pom pom earrings that look like bunny tails and a simple beaded bunny ears headband with a cute Angelic Pretty bow clip attached to them. Bunny enough for you? It sure is for me!

Thank you for reading! ~☆~

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