Sunday, July 08, 2018

My Past BtSSB Tea Party Outfits

Hi everyone!
Today, on July 8th, I’ll be attending the Angelic Pretty Tea Party in Paris! Last year I posted a blogpost about my past Angelic Pretty Tea Party outfit and I really liked doing it, but obviously there’s no use in doing it again. So how about I talk about the outfits I wore to Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Tea Parties? What were the parties like? Has my style changed throughout the years? And would I still wear these outfits today?

The first ever Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Tea Party I attended was at the beautiful Grand Hôtel, near de Opéra. I wore my first ever dress for the occasion: Millefeuille jsk. I had braided my hair the day before into several separate braids and kept them like that for a day and a night, resulting in this fun, wavy hairstyle. I basically wanted to wear as many BtSSB items as I owned, so I wore my blouse, headbow and socks from this brand. For a bit of quirkiness I added a star clip and pearl bracelets and wore the BtSSB necklace my mom had given me the
year before.
My first Tea Party was so amazing! The location was great, the food delicious and I got to meet Midori Fukasawa and have her sign a picture and book! I had a great time that day. Before the Tea Party we went to the Baby and Angelic Pretty stores and after I briefly got to meet the Kyary Pamyu Pamyu! What a day.
Although this outfit was really simple, up until this day I still really love it. Although the balance of this coord is way off with its pink x white on top and pink x pink at the bottom, I think it’s a really sweet outfit and quite cute! And just look at that smile; I was so happy! ♥

This outfit is very different from the previous year! The Tea Party took place at the lovely Hôtel Marriott Opéra and I really, really wanted to wear my beautiful Pas de Deux dress, so I built a coord around it. Since the dress has a ballet print, I tried to come up with a sort of ballet/black swan coord. Usually the ballerinas in Swan Lake have feathers in their hair to look like swans, so I made a braided updo with pearls, flowers and a black feather piece. To bring out the colours of the dress I wore pink rings, pink and white pearl bracelets and pink Wristcuffs. The white of the blouse and tights and the black of the shoes also compliment the dress.
I am still not overly pleased with this outfit. My ballerina inspiration didn’t shine through and all the white in the outfit somehow didn’t compliment the dress as much as I wanted. Still it’s a decent outfit and I had lots of fun that day, so it’s fine.

I went to a significant less amount of BtSSB Tea Parties, so we’re already at the last when I attended: the La Vie en Rose Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Tea Party at Fauchon. This one is definitely my favourite outfit of the three. I was inspired by Misako’s bridal outfit in the ‘Time Travel Station fashion show’ and wanted to wear an outfit that resembled hers, only with my own twist. I wore the same dress as the one for my first Tea Party, only now I went all the way with a princess sleeve blouse, veil, specially commissioned headdress and handmade necklace, bows and sceptre. I was so proud to wear items I had made myself, it’s really a very special feeling! I felt like a true princess all day and had tons of fun taking pictures with people, because I felt really pretty!

So these were the outfits I wore for the past years! Do you like them? Are there any Tea Party or event outfits you’re particularly proud of?

Thank you for reading! ~☆~

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