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Paris ’18, Day 4 – Angelic Pretty Tea Party 2018

A year and a month or two late, but here is my report on the Angelic Pretty Tea Party of 2018!
Sunday July 8th started with a quiet morning of breakfast and preparing my outfit. As I had feared, it was going to be hot. Great. If you remember from last year, it was also hot and despite my preparations for the way back to the hotel after the Tea Party, it wasn’t great. However, this time I was determined to make it work, so I prepared well again. Also, getting dressed while using the hairdryer which happened to have a cold setting as well which really helped!
Once it was time, we headed for the Place Vendôme, where we would meet Emilie. Once there, we took pictures of our outfits while we still looked fresh and with natural light, which was absolutely lovely.
For this year’s outfit, I really wanted to wear my beautiful wine red Cameo Window JSK, bought during my trip to Japan (no, I haven’t written about that yet), as it was new, beautiful, very Parisian and would suit the location well. I combined it with white and gold and several pearl accessories. My outfit wasn’t overly spectacular, but I ended up really liking it and it was fairly comfortable! ♥
Here are some pictures, I hope you like my outfit:

Outfit One
♥ La Dame de Paris ♥
My outfit rundown:
Tiara: Forever21
Blouse: Primark
JSK: Angelic Pretty’s Cameo Window
Socks: offbrand
Shoes: Bodyline
Feather hair clip: handmade
Earrings: offbrand
Necklace: Angelic Pretty
Bracelets: Primark and offbrand
Rings: Primark and offbrand
Bag: Primark

Outfit Two

Outfit Three

Outfit Four

Emilie wore a different outfit, which she described as ‘a very simple and cute maid outfit’ with her cute French Café jsk. She looked so perfectly French! I totally loved her outfit!

Emilie's Café
Please take a moment to appreciate Emilie’s beauty! *_*

As my mom was there too and she was happy to take some pictures for us, I could have a little photoshoot with my dear Emilie! ♥ I was very happy we were attending together like old times! ^^

With Emilie
I love these pictures of us together. ♥

We said goodbye to my mom and headed for the Hôtel Ritz. My first Angelic Pretty Tea Party also took place at the Ritz! I had a really good time there, so I was happy to go back there! Especially since there had been a big fire at the hotel a couple of years before and it had been closed for two years for renovation! I was eager to find out what it looked like now.

Hôtel Ritz Outside
The entrance to the Hôtel Ritz.

Several Lolitas were already waiting at the front door, but not long after we arrived, we were allowed inside. Even just the entrance was so different from the last time I was there! In 2012, we immediately had to go right and go into a beautiful side room, where the Tea Party took place. I didn’t see much of the rest of the hotel at all.

Hôtel Ritz Inside
Like walking into a fairytale castle…

We waited around for a bit at the end of the hallway when we were allowed to go on further. We walked down a never ending hallway, lined by expense shops (Shops! Inside a hotel!) and ended up at another waiting room (How big is this hotel exactly!?), called the Salon de Vendôme. There, Emilie and I ended up totally alone, as only we had received those directions! XD So we walked back and ended up having to go back again to the waiting room. It was quite funny.

Angelic Pretty and Rolex
Waiting for the Tea Party to start.

We waited for a while. But honestly, I was quite happy about that, as we could take pictures, chat and admire each other’s outfits. I started to feel very overwhelmed and could take my time calming down and breathing, which helped. And when we were allowed to proceed to the Tea Party room, Emilie and I were the first to arrive!

Having my name checked to receive a numbered card.
Picture by Emilie.

Our names were checked by cute Marine and Emilie and I received numbers 1 and 2 respectively. We then walked down some stairs and arrived at the Tea Party room. The room was simple yet very elegant: Round tables were lined along the cream white walls, with a low podium in the middle on the left wall. Chandeliers decorated the walls and there were several big mirrors. Big, pink Angelic Pretty bags were placed on every chair and every plate also had a voting sheet on it. And the past part? There was great air conditioning! I really was so happy about that. XD

Tea Party Room
Our first look into the beautiful Tea Party room!
Picture by Emilie.

As Emilie and I were the first to arrive, we had first pick for our table! We chose one at the right wall, across the stage. We were soon joined by more and more Lolitas in the room and ended up with lovely table mates.
Naturally I immediately wanted to see what was in my promising pink bag! We got really spoiled this time! A badge, a tote bag, a RinRin postcard and an amazing British Crown plate! I loved everything so much! ♥

Tea Party Tables
One of the amazing tables and a Lolita opening her gift.
Upper picture by Emilie.

We had quite a bit of free time before the Tea Party really started, which was nice as this was something that was a bit lacking at previous editions. I walked around and was able to chat with several people and admire the dozens of outfits I was surrounded by. It’s always so fun to see what kind of outfits people have come up wit hand this party as well brought fort hso many different styles! Everyone looked amazing!

Beautiful Ladies
A few pictures of the many beautiful girls walking around. ♥
Pictures by both Emilie and me.

I walked around some more and took videos (while Emilie took pictures) and took a look at the prizes for the raffle (which were amazing as always).

Raffle Prizes
Some of the wonderful raffle prizes!
Picture by Emilie.

Finally we were asked to take our seats and we were welcomed by the manager of the Angelic Pretty Paris shop. The program consisted of a fashion show, a special cake, a raffle and of course the election of the Best Dressers.
I think we had a bit of time before the fashion show, so we chatted and had delicious tea, juice, small pastries, cookies and sandwiches. When the fashion show started we could still continue to eat and drink, which was amazing. ;0;
The fashion show started and I can tell you: it was amazing! Unfortunately pictures weren’t allowed, but luckily they appeared on the official site (quite late, so good thing I waited forever with this blogpost, right? Ahem).

Fashion Show One
Special guests RinRin and Risa Nakamura modelled twice during the show.
Pictures from the Angelic Pretty website.

Fashion Show Two
Very different looks passe dus by!
Pictures from the Angelic Pretty website.

Fashion Show Three
Risa Nakamura’s dress, the last one of the show, was my absolute favourite!
Pictures from the Angelic Pretty website.

I loved seeing RinRin, Risa Nakamura and my friends (Marina! Camélia!) model, but none of the dresses really caught my eye. That is, until RinRin and Risa showed the last outfits of the show, which were both floor length and total princess gowns. Especially Risa’s was to die for, as it was long, pink and so incredibly sparkly! Pictures don’t do it justice, I want to get married in that dress!
If you want to see my genuine and on-the-spot reactions to the outfits shown in the fashion show, I suggest you take a look at the video my amazing, stunning and wonderful table mate Roxane made of us reacting to the fashion show! I’m in the video myself and even I think it’s super funny, so do take a look if you have the time!

Maki and Asuka, dressed in elegant pink and white outfits, and later RinRin and Risa, still wearing the beautiful gowns, greeted all the Tea Party guests and hoped we were enjoying ourselves.

Asuka and Maki
Maki and Asuka, cute as always! ♥
Picture by Emilie.

After that, the special Angelic Pretty cake was presented. It looked lovely and everyone wanted to pose for a picture with it, which is always fun! It’s not very common everyone jumps up to pose with a giant cake, right?

Cake Pose
Posing with the special cake.

The cake was taken away again and every chatted and took pictures some more. We were joined by the girls who had been modelling and I was happy to take pictures with some friends and beautiful people!

With Friends
I’m happy to have a picture with Marina, Mila, Liona and Dorith!

We all received a piece of cake and had a lot of laughs eating it. It was absolutely delicious, but a disaster to eat as it had to be completely dissected before you could balance it on your fork. Emilie ended up cry-laughing, it was so funny and cute! XD But again: it was totally delicious! Just hard to eat.

Cake Tragedy
The tragic Cake Disaster of 2018. May he rest in piece.

Then we had more time to walk around. Unfortunately, Maki and Asuka left right after the fashion show again. I had hoped they’d walk around and you could take pictures with them, but alas. I did chat a bit with my fellow Dutch Lolitas, who all looked so lovely! I also took pictures with Emilie on a lovely couch just outside the Tea Party room and our picture ended up on the Angelic Pretty website! That made me very happy. ♥

AP Site
I am so happy Emilie and I appeared together on thee website! Making a heart even! ;0;
Pictures from the Angelic Pretty website.

Then it was time for the raffle, which is always an exciting moment! Maki and Asuka returned and drew numbers fort he winners. There were many prizes and every time someone won everyone applauded, which is always so lovely I think. The Angelic Pretty Tea Party participants always seem genuinely happy for one another! ^^
Our table was quite lucky and I ended up winning some as well: a super cute Angelic Pretty Paris cutsew, which made me super happy! ;0; Girls who didn’t win anything received a lovely pink bag as a consolation prize.

Raffle Prize
Happy with my prize!
Pictures by Emilie.

After that, it was time for the Best Dresser prizes. Two girls won 2nd Best Dressed, among which Noke from Finland who had come up with the brilliant idea to create an ice cream-themed outfit but with a wintery print! It was so creative! The other girl looked like she had walked straight from the night sky, amazing!

Runner Ups
The two Second Best Dressed winners!
Picture by Emilie.

The Best Dresser prize went to Pink Cupido herself, who had fluttered around the room during the whole party with her cute wings and bow and arrow. She totally deserved it! ^^

The Best Dressed winner!

The Tea Party was running way longer than planned and Emilie was getting anxious, as she had a train to catch, but luckily it was time for the group picture. Emilie and I were super smart this time and sat down on the side of the stage, so no painful legs from squatting for way too long for us! After a lot of shuffling, we all managed to fit into the frame!

Tea Party Group 2018
The Angelic Pretty Tea Party in Paris 2018 group picture!
Picture from the Angelic Pretty website.

It was time to leave and we managed to take pics with Madame Pretty! She looked and was lovely as always.
Emilie and I then hastily grabbed our stuff. We were quite sad about not being able to see Maki and Asuka. I had even brought gifts for them! It was when we got back to the Salon de Vendôme that I noticed the door to the backstage room. I don’t remember how, but I managed to ask if Maki and Asuka could come out for a brief moment and Emilie and I ended up being able to give gifts and take pictures! We were so happy! ;_; ♥

Maki and Asuka
I am so happy we managed to see Maki and Asuka before we left!

Emilie and I then ran to the toilets and got changed. Emilie for her way back home, me for… my mental sanity. x) On our way to the hotel’s front door, we passed RinRin and could say goodbye to her too, which was lovely.
Outside we met with my mom, who was just chilling in the shade and I believe RinRin passed us again and we hugged again? Ah it was a lovely day…
I said goodbye to Emilie (Aaah, it had been so lovely being with her again! ;___; ) and went back to the hotel with my mom. At night we had dinner at the lovely restaurant next to our hotel, with the doors open and a soft breeze passing by.

Dinner at the Gare
Having dinner across from Gare du Nord.

As it was our last night and we really want to see the Eiffeltower sparkling, we were crazy enough to actually go to there! We ended up having to wait for a very long time (although entertained for a while by some amazing street performers), but got to see the sparkling Eiffeltower in the end, which made me very happy!

Sparkling Tower
The sparkling Eiffeltower at night.

It had been an absolutely lovely day! I am so happy I got to attend that Tea Party, as it was a bit like ‘the old days’, having fun and being together with Emilie. It was so nice! I am very grateful I got to go. ♥

Tea Party Haul
Gifts of the day

Thank you for reading! ~☆~