Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Paris ’17, Day 3 – Angelic Pretty Tea Party 2017

July 9th was the day of the Angelic Pretty Tea Party. It wouldn’t start until later in the afternoon, so my mom and I spent a calm morning having breakfast and preparing. I had come up with a new hairstyle I couldn’t do by myself, so my mom would help me. Unfortunately, we hadn’t had time to practise it, so it took a while before we made it work. But the result was so nice!

My Tea Party invitation waiting to be used.

For this year’s outfit I decided to go fairly casual. I ended up going for Promenade de Paris (you can’t get more Parisian than that), combined with pink, white and light blue. My outfit sure wasn’t spectacular, but I ended up liking it nonetheless. ♥
Here are some pictures, I hope you like my outfit:

Outfit One
♥ Mademoiselle de Paris ♥
My outfit rundown:
Head bow: Angelic Pretty’s Memorial Cake
Blouse: offbrand
JSK: Angelic Pretty’s Promenade de Paris
Socks: Summer Tales Boutique
Shoes: An*Tai*Na
Necklaces: Follow the White Rabbit and Claire’s
Button: Angelic Pretty
Bracelets: 6% Dokidoki, Paris Kid’s and offbrand
Ring: offbrand

Outfit Two

Outfit Three

Outfit Four

Outfit Five

What do you think of the hairstyle? I think my mom did an awesome job!
We took some pictures outside and then went on our way to the Meurice Hotel, across from Tuileries. Once we got there, I spotted Pippa outside. We hugged and then it was time to say goodbye to my mom, who would spend the afternoon by herself. She very kindly let me borrow her camera to make a video, which I was very happy about. I entered the hotel and walked to the back, passing several people who looked at me in a mixture of surprise and what I think was awe (haha).
The Angelic Pretty Tea Party of 2013 also took place at the Meurice Hotel, so I was not surprised to find a sign saying ‘Angelic Pretty Tea Party’ next to the room the Tea Party had taken place in back then again.

Tea Party Sign
I took a very similar picture back in 2013!

There was a table in front of the sign with neatly placed numbered cards, waiting for their Tea Party guests. However, there was no one around but me! I quickly figured out everyone had gone to a side room to wait, so I joined them. However not long after we all formed a line to pick up our number and enter the Tea Party room.

Meurice Room
The stunning Tea Party room. ♥

I joined some of my friends at the table close to the door. Every Tea Party guest received two lovely Tea Party gifts: a face towel with a pastry print on it and an adorable mirror with a little poodle on it! I have to admit I would have loved it if the mirror had been a badge actually, so I might turn it into one eventually. Then I went to check out the raffle prizes table, as one does. There were a lot of amazing-looking prizes! Naturally, I hoped I would end up winning something, although there was not something specific I was hoping for.

Raffle Prizes
All the amazing prizes displayed.

I sat down at my table and soon all the guests were inside. We were welcomed by the Angelic Pretty manager, who asked if there were any non-French speakers present. Almost my entire table raised their hands, which was fun! XD
The manager explained the schedule of the Tea Party. As always, everyone had received a number (mine was 29) and we could vote for our favourite outfit. There would be a fashion show, a Q&A with special guest model Tina Tamashiro and of course the raffle.

Numbers and Plate
The voting sheet on the left, which looked super cute,
and my number and plate on the right.

Then it was time for the fashion show! I am not 100% sure what the order of the models was, but I think I got pretty close. Some of my friends were modelling, which made watching the show even more fun! All the prints shown in the fashion show were yet unknown, so pictures and videos were (sadly) not allowed, but it was also quite thrilling to see all these upcoming releases for the first time!
Tina Tamashiro opened the show and she looked so cute! Everyone was loving her outfit and especially the cute ghost bag she was holding! The next model also wore Halloween Treats and judging by the general reaction, Halloween Treats was going to be a popular one. After that, Marina and another model came out together in Suya Suya Toys, a super cute sleeping-themed print that also came in grey!

Fashion Show One
Halloween Treats in lavender and black on the left,
Suya Suya Toys in pink and grey on the right.
Pictures from the Angelic Pretty website.

The next two models looked so beautiful! I especially liked the outfit the girl wearing Brilliant Doll was wearing! My friend Camélia looked super cute with her little hat and my friend Eveline fell head over heels in love with Bonbon Bunny. She could not shut up about it the weeks after the Tea Party until it was finally released and she ended up getting it. x)

Fashion Show Two
Brilliant Doll in white on the left, Floral Rose in pink next to it, Sweet Madeleine in wine in the middle, Bonbon Bunny in white and wine on the right.
Pictures from the Angelic Pretty website.

I was super happy for my friend Pom that she got to model and she did so well! Aren’t these here outfits just over the top gorgeous?

Fashion Show Three
Classic Rose Doll in mint in the middle,
the other two dresses I can’t remember the names of.
Pictures from the Angelic Pretty website.

Next up were Marina and the other girl who had worn Suya Suya Toys. They had quickly redressed into two absolutely beautiful dresses. Marina looked like a fairy! I nearly cried, she looked so pretty! Tina Tamashiro also came out again, in an incredibly over the top Queen Chocolate dress, which had apparently been part of the grand Angelic Pretty Tea Party Fashion Show in Japan!

Fashion Show Four
Scallop Angel in pink on the left, Queen Chocolate Special Dress on the right,
dress in the middle unknown to me.
Pictures from the Angelic Pretty website.

The models all came out together one last time and everyone applauded. It had been quite a thrilling show, with lots of beautiful new prints and dresses, but also bags and accessoires!

Fashion Show Group
The beautiful models together. ♥
Pictures from the Angelic Pretty website.

After the fashion show, Maki and Asuka came out to welcome us and thank us for coming. They hoped we liked the new clothing and talked a bit about it. They both looked lovely as always, but I have to say: Maki looked particularly ethereal this time!

Maki and Asuka
Maki and Asuka welcoming the Tea Party guests.
Picture from the Angelic Pretty website.

Then it was announced the hotel had made a special cake for our Tea Party, which they brought out for us to admire and take pictures with! It was quite an impressive cake! It didn’t look incredibly Lolita to me, but very tasty!

Cake Posing
Naturally, everyone wanted to have a picture with the cake. Even Asuka!

If there is one thing I cannot complain about with this Tea Party it was definitely the food. We got so much! We had sandwiches, scones with clotted cream and jam, several gorgeous pastries and also cake! I tried a sandwich with pink spread, but it turned out to be beetroot and it was so gross! Everyone at my table laughed upon seeing my face, haha! Luckily, all the other sandwiches were really delicious and so were the scones.

These pastries looked so beautiful!

Apparently the pastry chef who had made the pastries is famous for his realistic-looking fruit pastries? I mean, just look at that peach pastry! It looks really sweet and realistic, but when I broke it open it turned out to be sort of savoury! It had an indescribable taste, very unique! I’m glad I got to try it! ♥

Savoury Peach and Scones
My peach-looking pastry and delicious scone.

Marina came back and joined our table. I was very happy I got a bit of time to catch up with her and also take a picture with her! The Tea Party was again very short and I barely had time to chat and take pictures with people in between the programme. However, several people managed to come up to me and told me they enjoy my blog or my videos, which made me immensely happy! Thank you all so much! ♥

With Marina
So happy to have this picture with Marina, who looked so lovely!

Then it was announced it was time for the Q&A with Tina Tamashiro. The Angelic Pretty shop manager asked some questions and translated into both English and French. The Q&A didn’t take long, but was quite interesting! ^^ Also, Tina seems super nice.

Q&A with Tina Tamashiro
Q&A with Tina Tamashiro.
Picture from the Angelic Pretty website.

Somehow we managed to eat some cake and then it was already time for the raffle. The programme went really quickly, since the Tea Party was quite short. Everyone sat down again and clutched their numbers, hoping to win something. There were quite some prizes, so also quite some winners.

Lucky Winners
Some of the lucky winners!

Some of the bigger prizes were handed over by Tina Tamashiro. We couldn’t take pictures of her ourselves, but luckily there was a photographer. When prizes number 3 were being handed out, my number was called! I won something!

White and Chocolate Queen
The other girl who also won prize number 3.
Picture from the Angelic Pretty website.

I ended up winning a blouse and rose barette set! The blouse unfortunately has no shirring, so I’ll probably never for it, but the rose barette is absolutely stunning and I love it to death!

Prize View
Happy with my prize!

After the raffle it was time for the best dressers announcement! I was on time handing in my voting sheet this time, yay! The two girls who won both looked lovely, very well-deserved!

The first and second best dressed winners.
Pictures from the Angelic Pretty website.

After that, it was time for the group picture! As usual this was quite an adventure, but after some shifting around the room we all managed to gather for the picture. I decided to sit on the ground, which was a lot more comfortable than squatting! x)

Tea Party Group
The Angelic Pretty Tea Party in Paris 2017 group picture!
Pictures from the Angelic Pretty website.

Suddenly, the Tea Party was over! We had to get out of the room quite fast and table by table and then out of the hotel. The staff really wanted us to get out! Naturally, we ended up gathering in front of the entrance (which wasn’t their intention either), where I met up with my mom again. Because I felt like I had barely talked and posed for pictures with people, I decided to make up for this a bit and my kind mom worked as my personal photographer to make it happen. ♥

Duos and Trios
Quickly snapped pictures with lovely people. ♥

Unfortunately I had also not managed to take a picture with either Maki or Asuka, so when we heard they would be at the shop we all decided to head over there. Unfortunately, the weather was changing up and rain started to fall. Plus, when we arrived at the store, Asuka was just leaving and Maki had already left. I hadn’t even been able to give them the presents I had gotten for them, so I almost ran up to Asuka and managed to give her some sweets and take a picture with her.

With Asuka
I’m so happy I managed to get a picture with Asuka after all!

Since we had nothing really left to do at the store, I said goodbye to everyone. I quickly dropped some of my leftover sweets at the shop for the staff and thanked them, after which my mom and I returned to our hotel. Unfortunately, the journey back was terrible. I had actually taken precautions and had brought emergency shoes and even an emergency dress, so I could get redressed at the Tea Party venue, but since we had been kicked out so quickly I hadn’t had the opportunity. So now I had to return in my hot outfit to the hotel. I did change my shoes on the way, but had to keep my outfit on of course. It was so hot in the metro and I was feeling so miserable, I thought I was going to die. However, the people around me were so incredibly kind when they noticed I wasn’t doing well. Someone offered me their seat, a kind man offered me a tissue for my tears (since I was crying) and talked a bit to me to distract me and according to my mom the lady next to me was fanning me cool air with her fan. Faith in humanity restored. ♥
We got back at the hotel and while my mom was getting some macarons at the nearby bakery, I ran back to our room and flung my clothes onto the bed. I was so grateful
to be free again~!
We ate our macarons and later that evening went for dinner to the restaurant across the street, so we didn’t have to travel very far. We sat down at one of the tables outside the restaurant, when it started raining like crazy! A bad thunder storm was crossing Paris and the lightning was so close! I have to say: it was amazing!
It was right after we had ordered food that I realised: we had left our balcony doors open… I sprinted back through the rain to our hotel, ran up all the stairs and busted into our room, where I closed the doors, saved the book that was lying next to them and dried the floor had had indeed gotten quite wet. When I returned to the restaurant (soaking wet from the rain) our food had just arrived, which was very nice.

Dinner in the Rain
Our delicious dinner!

Our food was really delicious and we returned to the hotel quite happily. Then we went to sleep. It had been quite a day!
So to summarize: the Tea Party was again way too short and I barely got to meet people, but the venue, food and fashion show were amazing!

Gifts of the Day
Gifts of the day

I also made a video of the Tea Party! I am quite proud of the result myself, so if you have time please take a look!

And here is the video I made of this Tea Party. I worked really hard on it and honestly really quite likethe result, so please take a look if you have time! ♥

Thank you for reading! ~☆~


  1. Such a lovely post like always, full of nice memories ♥
    I'm so glad we got to seat next to each other and so happy you liked the fashion show! ♥ ♥

    1. I'm so glad you like it dear! ♥
      I was happy to catch up a bit again. ^^