Thursday, December 21, 2017

10 Day Lolita Challenge Day 9

♥ 9 favourite foods

I have to admit that for the number 9 I had a hard time coming up with a challenge, but then I remembered previous challenges had talked about favourite foods, so I thought: 'Why not?' So here are 9 of my favourite foods.

Food no. 1: Ispahan.
While coming up with nine different kinds of food, my thoughts went to macarons (the epitome of Lolita of course), but eventually I decided on an Ispahan. An Ispahan is a mixture of a macaron, a pastry and a piece of heaven. I think the first time I tried this pastry was when I was visiting my friend Emilie in Switzerland. This pastry is so delicious, it's hard to describe! The delicious macaron top and bottom combined with the beautiful raspberries and lychees. Just thinking about it makes me melt...
Food no. 2: Sushi.
As a Japan lover, this is probably very cliché, but I really do love sushi. Every time I eat it after I haven't had it in a while, I remember again just how much I love sushi. I can't imagine one day I will feel otherwise.
Food no. 3: Monchou cake.
You can wake me up in the middle of the night for monchou cake, I swear. Monchou cake is not only incredibly delicious, it's also really accessible and super easy to make. So you can have it as often as you like!
Food no. 4: Pasta.
I love a good pasta, especially carbonara. I eat pasta very often, but carbonara is rather rare for me, so when I eat it it's like a little celebration.
Food no. 5: Okonomiyaki.
The first time I had okonomiyaki was during my first trip to Japan, so there's a lot of memories attached to this food. Nevertheless I think this food is really delicious and since I rarely eat it, the taste really 'builds up' in my head, you know? The rare times I did eat it were always on really great days, so okonomiyaki means positivity in my head.
Food no. 6: Ice cream.
Hahaha, ice cream is a really broad thing to say, huh? Well, but I really love a lot of different kinds of ice cream! As a child I used to go for chocolate flavour whenever I could, now as an adult I much more prefer fruit flavours.
Food no. 7: Hong Kong Milk Bubble Tea.
The bubble tea place next to my (now ex-)school has very delicious Hong Kong Milk Tea Bubble Tea with tapioca pearls. I have no idea what makes a good or even real bubble tea, but I used to go to this place a lot with friends and this was and still is my favourite flavour. The Royal Milk Tea that can be found in vending machines in Japan tastes the same too!
Food no. 8: Kroket.
Kroketten are such a Dutch thing. I think if I ever moved abroad I would miss them a great deal, they're so delicious! I always eat them when I have fries too, so good~!
Food no. 9: Crêpes.
Crêpes are not only cute, but they're really good too! Although French crêpes are already really nice, the Japanese have lifted crêpes to an entire new level with their cakes and fruits and whipped cream added to it. I want a crêpe now...

As you can see, food can be your favourite not only because it tastes good, but also because there are memories attached to it! Do you have any favourite foods that are like that?

Thank you for reading! ~☆~


  1. I've never had Monchou cake, this is the first time I hear of it, could you recommend a good recipe? I'd love to give this a go. :)
    Okonomiyaki is also one of my favourites! And it's also so easy to make (especially if you don't mind it not being perfectly round and, well, perfect :P) and, in essence, very healthy. Need to make it again now... ^^

    1. Aaah and it's so good! I made one again this weekend for a friend who came to stay over and it was just glorious as usual.
      Ah the one I make is literally coming out of a package for 50%. It's from Dr. Oetker, do they have that in the UK?
      I've never made okonomiyaki here myself. I really should!

  2. Spaghetti Carbonara is also one of my favorite foods! I especially love the version of a japanese restaurant in Dusseldorf, with Cod roe and a very soft boiled egg :)

    (Sorry if you have 2 comments from me, my first one got an error)

    1. Omg that sounds ridiculously good! ♥
      Damn you Düsseldorf for your good restaurants. XD

  3. Ohh I never heard of Ispahan, and now I'm quite curious to taste it! Bubble tea is another thing that is not very popular around here, so I still haven't had the chance to try it out! ;;

    1. If you ever have the chance to get one at Ladurée, I totally recommend it! They're more expensive when you're having tea there, but you can also get them 'on the go'.