Monday, December 18, 2017

10 Day Lolita Challenge Day 6

♥ 6 Lolita outfits you wore you really liked

For today’s challenge I have picked 6 outfits that I wore in the past that I really liked. In general I like all my outfits, one more than the other, but some really stick out for me. Here are some of them. I usually name my outfits as well (is that weird?), so I have added the names I chose for them too.

♥ Jewelry Sugar Jelly ♥
I wore this outfit to the Harajuku Fashion Walk back in 2015. Jewelry Jelly is really one of my favourite dresses in my closet. It’s from the 2010 era of Angelic Pretty, which was a really good time in my opinion, with lots of amazing dress releases. This dress is not only cute, it’s also very versatile: you can combine it with nearly every colour. I combined the dress with pink and mint and wore as many accessories I could carry around, because I wanted to represent Sweet Lolita as well as I could. I also wore my hair in big, poofy twin tails, which was my favourite hair style when I started out in Lolita but couldn’t wear for many years. This outfit breathes 2010 Angelic Pretty to me and I love all the accessories I used, especially my pastel cross necklace! ♥

♥ Theater Fairy ♥
I wore this outfit to The Mad Carnival, a Tea Party organised by Summer Tales Boutique (back then called Fly Away Fashion). The theme was sort of creepy and Alice in Wonderland. Personally I don’t really like to dress up scarily, so I decided to go my usual, Sweet Lolita way. I got inspired by some of the cute magical wands in the kid’s section and I decided to dress up like some kind of fairy! Star Night Theatre still has a bit of a carnival theme, so I came up with a pink x red coord, a colour combination that is usually frowned upon but that I really like, and gold details. I had my hair up in two buns, which is a style I should really redo again, because I really like it. I still love this outfit because I love the colour combination I had chosen and the accessories to go with it. ♥

♥ Crystal Dream Queen ♥
I wore this outfit to the Angelic Pretty Tea Party in 2015. This really is one of the outfits I am most proud of. It contains one of my absolute favourite dresses, handmade accessories and an over the top cape that somehow matched nearly perfectly! I felt really regal in this outfit and I won 2nd Best Dressed at the Tea Party! ♥

♥ Princess Bride ♥
I wore this outfit to the Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Tea Party of La Vie en Rose in 2015. Aaah, I really love this outfit so much! I was inspired by Misako’s bridal outfit for the Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Fashion Show and my look came quite close to hers! I had bought a blouse and shoes especially for this outfit, had a head accessory made and crafted a necklace, bows and a wand myself. It took so much effort to create this outfit, which is why it is extra special to me. I felt so pretty that day! ♥

♥ Strawberries and Cherries ♥
I wore this outfit to the Kawaii Event Tea Party and Kawaii Event Evening. That day I wore my favourite dress from that time with a lot of my favourite accessories. I still really like the colour scheme of this outfit too. I wore this outfit again later with white tights, which was actually even better. The fact the Kawaii Event was one of my favourites I’ve ever been to probably adds to the memories I have of this outfit though. ♥

♥ Christmas Present ♥
I wore this outfit to the Very Merry Christmas Tea Party from Summer Tales Boutique. Wow, this cardigan is in three of my favourite outfits! For this event, I wanted to look like a Christmas present, so I wore a dress that reminded me of wrapping paper. I hung gold pearl garlands around my dress with bows on top of them and added more bows and decorations wherever I could. I even crafted a little present which I filled with glitter. When I look back on this outfit, I can only smile. And I ended up winning the outfit competition too, which was so wonderful! ♥

So those were six of my favourite outfits. Do you have any outfits that you wore that really stick out for you? Maybe even more than six?

Thank you for reading! ~☆~


  1. You look so happy in all of these photos! I always really enjoy seeing your outfits, you have such a lovely style.