Saturday, December 16, 2017

10 Day Lolita Challenge Day 4

♥ 4 first vs latest comparisons of Lolita outfits

For today’s challenge I chose four dresses from my wardrobe and looked up the first and latest outfits I wore with them. Do I still like my first outfits? Has my style changed?
Let’s find out!

Candy Treat from Angelic Pretty.
Of course, we start with my first ever Lolita outfit! I wore my first Lolita outfit on my birthday in 2011. I was so excited to wear this beautiful style! I had curled my hair and even wore eyeliner for the first time (even though it was a little hard to see, haha)! I remember even back then I wished I could have combined my lavender Candy Treat jsk with lavender shoes, but I did’t have any, so pink was a good second option. I never went through a very embarrassing phase if I may say so, I still quite like this outfit! I remember feeling so
happy in it!
The last time I wore Candy Treat was so long ago! I went to meet up with some lovely German girls for food and shopping and I went with a fairly casual outfit, but to be honest: I still really like it! Everything matches really well and I like the use of small accessories. ♥
I really should wear Candy Treat sometime again…

Millefeuille jsk from Baby, the Stars Shine Bright.
Secondly, my first ever Lolita dress: this beautiful, fairly basic Millefeuille jsk. This dress is so versatile and honestly even quite comfortable! The first time I wore it was for a simple photoshoot I did with my mom. My outfit was really simple. But I actually like it because of its simplicity. This outfit can easily be worn for many occasions. Also: no bangs! I had forgotten to comb my fringe to the front, but honestly I like it. It’s refreshing, since even up until now 95% of the time I wear my fringe forward in Lolita.
I have to admit I’m cheating a bit for my latest outfit. I actually wore this dress also at the main event of Under the Sea, but since that outfit really felt like ‘Must Be Comfortable Must Also Represent The Fashion’ I kind of feel like it doesn’t count. So here we have this outfit instead. I wore it to the Japan Tag in 2015 in Germany. My friend Iris lent me her beautiful hat and gloves and I really felt like such a classy lady! I freaking loved that hat. ♥

Jewelry Jelly from Angelic Pretty.
Third up is Jewelry Jelly. Aaah, I remember when I received this dress. I got hit by a huge custom bill and couldn’t open the package until later that day because I was so upset. The dress in the end was totally worth it though: it’s one of my favourites. I wore this dress for the first time doing another photoshoot with my mom. My hair was so thick back then, wow. I really lost a lot of hair.
My latest outfit with this dress was back in London. Somehow my Jewelry Jelly outfits always end up looking a bit… the same? Maybe because I combine this dress with these socks a lot, haha! Nevertheless, Jewelry Jelly always looks cute and gives me a
magical girl feeling! ♥

Fantasic Dolly from Angelic Pretty.
And finally, my beautiful Fantasic Dolly. I picked this dress because 1) I love the last outfit I wore with it and 2) I don’t really like the first outfit I wore with it so that’s something fun to talk about.
I wore this dress to my first Fly Away Fashion (before they renamed it to Summer Tales Boutique) Tea Party. I had never been to the shop or any of their events and I had signed up for the outfit contest. I ended up being picked, but my outfit didn’t match the theme at all and barely anyone knew me back then, so it was a little daunting. So it’s not that I really dislike the outfit that much, but more the circumstances in which I wore it. Ah, but now it sounds like I didn’t have fun at all! I actually had a lot of fun and kept coming back to following Tea Parties!
The latest outfit I wore on the other hand I love! It’s probably mainly because of the hat… Yeah that’s definitely it. XD I hadn’t planned on wearing this hat at all, because I didn’t own it yet (duh), but it matched so perfectly it totally finished this outfit and I felt so elegant! ♥

Are you still proud of some of the earlier outfits you wore? What do you like about them? What would you change about them?

Thank you for reading! ~☆~


  1. Love seeing the little changes you made in your coords over the years! You are still in the same sweet street but a bit more mature, you stay with your roots I really like that!

    1. I am so glad you think so dear! I feel like I have changed so much and simultaneously didn't change at all, haha!

  2. Ah you looked so different, and I guess the style changed a bit to a more elegant look, but it's still very 'Rosalynn' I think and these dresses look like they were just made for you!

    1. I am so happy you think it's still me!
      You are too kind dear! ;___;