Friday, December 08, 2017

10 Day Lolita Challenge Day 2

♥ 2 Tea Parties or events or meets that hold special memories to you

For today’s challenge I will talk about two events that I have fond memories of. For this challenge I didn’t have to think for long at all! I have been to many, many amazing events, meets and Tea Parties, but there are several that really stick out for me.

First of all, the Kawaii Event I attended in 2013. This event was one of the best events I ever attended for so many reasons! The event location was wonderful, the food was great, the two guests Misako Aoki and RinRin Doll were lovely, there was lots of time to meet them, the programme was entertaining, I wore an outfit I love up until this day, I met lots of lovely new people, the Tea Party was loads of fun, the evening part of the programme was even more fun and I got to experience it all with my best Lolita friend! I will always remember the Lolita Kawaii Event with a smile. ♥
If you want to read about it, here you can find the blogposts about the Tea Party and the Event Evening.

The second event I have fond memories of is Street Fashion Europe’s Under the Sea event. Even though I lived it through the eyes of an organiser (and ran around like crazy during the months before, the days of the event and the day after) I had so much fun! Not to mention the incredible feeling of pride I felt: I had helped organising this, this was partially thanks to my doing! I loved the location we had, the theme suited my country so much and everyone wore such stunning outfits to honour it and the line up of guests was not just incredible, but they were also incredibly kind. Just thinking back on sitting in my little corner with the technician taking care of the fashion shows makes me tear up in happiness.
It was amazing! ♥
Here is the link to the Main Event and to the Tea Party.

Are there any events that hold special memories to you? Maybe you met some of your best friends at a Tea Party? Or maybe you got to meet a special guest that meant a lot to you at an event? Or you just had tons of fun at your local meet?

Thank you for reading! ~☆~


  1. I also think the Kawaii Event was one of the best events ever, especially because of the evening event with performances of Misako and RinRin!

    1. Aaah that evening event was so much fun! I still remember going down on Gangnam Style, it was great! XD