Wednesday, December 06, 2017

10 Day Lolita Challenge Day 1

♥ 1 favourite Lolita brand and why

For the first day of this challenge I will talk about my favourite Lolita brand. I am sure it will come as no surprise that that is Angelic Pretty!
Angelic Pretty has been my favourite Lolita brand from the very beginning. I remember looking in awe at all the beautiful advertisements featuring the most beautiful dresses and prints. My first Dream Dress, before I started even thinking of a Lolita wishlist, was Star Night Theatre. I feel extremely lucky that my first Angelic Pretty dress was in fact Star Night Theatre.

Angelic Pretty has remained my favourite brand throughout my entire time of being a Lolita, even when my taste changed. It’s like Angelic Pretty evolved with me, or I evolved with Angelic Pretty. I fell in love with their over-the-top sweet themes and stayed for their more mature, elegant prints. Naturally I don’t like every single print or dress they ever released, but I sure like a whole lot of them!
So yeah, in short: Angelic Pretty is my favourite brand and I hope it will continue to be for a long time!

What is your favourite brand? Do you have a special reason for it to be your favourite? Has this brand always been your favourite or have you switched?

Thank you for reading! ~☆~


  1. My absolute favourite at the beginning was Victorian Maiden, but over time it switched to be MMM. Ahaha I guess I'm more fit with the simple designs from moitie nowadays... Ap is really beautiful. I don't wear sweet, but sometimes I catch myself admiring their designs.

    1. Ah yes, both brands are so beautiful! I can imagine you feel (or felt) drawn to them!