Tuesday, December 19, 2017

10 Day Lolita Challenge Day 7

♥ 7 items from your Lolita wishlist

For today’s challenge I will be giving you a small look into my Lolita wishlist! Over the years I have acquired a fair amount of my wishlist dresses, which I think is really lucky and makes me very happy! Nonetheless I still have a list of dresses and other items I would like to own one day, some more than others. This challenge actually made me rethink about my wishlist too! I haven’t looked at it in a while and there were some dresses on there I really don’t consider my style anymore. So here is a small list of 7 dresses I hope I can add to my wishlist right now, with my current style and preferences. All the dresses are Angelic Pretty by the way, no surprise there, haha!

Melty Chocolate high waist jsk in pink x brown.
This dress has been on my wishlist ever since I started one. This dress is just so freaking cute! I love chocolate themes, but I think this dress is not too over the top. The straps and hems of the bodice have a chocolate print and the border print depicts various chocolate sceneries. Angelic Pretty releases a chocolate print every year, but the past few years I feel like they kind of overdo it sometimes. This dress still feels like ‘the original chocolate print’
to me. ♥

Romantic Rose Letter jsk in lavender, mint or sax blue.
When the advertisements for this dress were released, I really let out a sigh. What a beautiful print! What a beautiful name! And such beautiful cuts too! This dress really breathes ‘romantic’ to me. I love it in three out of the four colours it was released in, but I have to say I am most drawn to the sax blue version, although I surely wouldn’t say no to the other two. ♥

Melty Ribbon Chocolate jsk in brown.
This dress seems really hard to get so I don’t think I will ever be able to add it to my wardrobe, but a girl can dream. Melty Ribbon Chocolate (that name though) looks like a preppy school girl uniform, but… chocolate! I love the cut, the beautiful buttons and the chocolatey brown colour. ♥

Marine Kingdom tiered jsk in pink or sax blue.
I am still not 100% sure whether I want this dress or not, because the low cut might look weird on me. I don’t really like the other jsk cut though. Nevertheless, I think this dress is just so beautiful! The gradient colour, the mermaid print, the use of pearls in the print and shell lace! It’s too beautiful not to put on my wishlist. ♥

Sugar Hearts jsk in white.
This dress has been on my wishlist since its release. And can you blame me? This dress is so cute, so colourful, so versatile! Look at the little bows and buttons! I actually wore it once because a friend lent it to me, but one day I hope to own it myself. ♥

Cinema Doll jsk in ivory, pink or lavender.
This dress is so different from my usual style that it makes me love it even more. It’s so elegant and gives off that old, kind of Hollywood vibe. I can already picture many coords with this sporting cute black heels and many pearl accessories. I love Cinema Doll in these three colours and probably would even go for the fourth, which is dark grey. I love it a lot! ♥

Princess of Roses jsk in pink.
To end this list, a princess-like, elegant pink dress with ribbons, flowers and pearls. I absolutely adore this dress, but it kind of represents any kind of princess-like, elegant pink dress. I would like to add a dress like this to my wardrobe like this. ♥

Do you have any dresses you would really like to own? Do you own any dresses you had once added to your wishlist?

Thank you for reading! ~☆~


  1. Oh, I would looove to own Romantic Rose Letter! But I don't love it enough to pay that price for it, so I may have to wait for another rose release - or hope for a re-release of this one.
    A friend of mine has that cut of Marine Kingdom, I believe, and it is indeed a little odd. The low neckline is not low enough to be an underbust cut (which tend to be flattering on busty people), but also not high enough to stop cutting off your chest a little. And you can't get away with blouses with gaping buttons because it won't hide it. And at the same time that cut doesn't look unflattering. It confuses me a lot, but it definitely is one that you'd want to try on first before committing to buy it.


      I think this particular Marina Kingdom cut really mostly suits very thin girls sadly. I will just admire it from afar.
      Because damn do I need to hide those buttons sometimes...

  2. Your wishlist is so pretty! I also would love to own Melty Chocolate, only in the brown x pink colourway instead.

    1. Haha you think so? It's changed a lot overtime haha.
      Ah the brown x pink colourway is also so nice! ♥