Wednesday, December 20, 2017

10 Day Lolita Challenge Day 8

♥ 8 facts about your Lolita wardrobe

For today’s challenge I had to come up with 8 facts about my Lolita wardrobe. This is of course a very broad subject, so that was quite nice! I hope these facts give you a bit of insight into my Sweet Lolita wardrobe.

Fact no. 1: I own mostly Angelic Pretty dresses, but I also have a few Baby, the Stars Shine Bright dresses and even some Metamorphose, Atelier Pierrot and a lovely Taobao dress!
Fact no. 2: As you would perhaps expect, most of my dresses are pink: 8½ in total, followed by blue: 7½ (one dress is both pink and blue and neither of the colours predominates so I count it as half) and black: 6.
Fact no. 3: My closet is from IKEA. That is a very literal wardrobe fact, I know, haha! But actually, many people in the past asked me where I got my closet. I got it at IKEA, not long after my first trip to Japan. It’s from the Birkeland series, but I believe the store doesn’t sell it anymore sadly. It was quite a nice series.
Fact no. 4: I hang my dresses in order of colour. I used to hang my dresses in order of brand and then colour for a long time, but it didn’t look very nice. Now my closet is like a rainbow! From dark colours on the left to light colours on the right.
Fact no. 5: I sort my accessories by colour too! I have a really neat system in one of the drawers of my closet, with small compartments where I keep most of my accessories in. It would work even better if I kept it a bit neater though…
Fact no. 6: I own two Lolita skirts, but I rarely wear them. Although I love skirts in daily life, Lolita skirts are just not for me.
Fact no. 7: I own an adorable Pony bag that I’m really happy with, but I’ve never used it in a coord before! I feel so bad for poor Pony-chan, but somehow I just never got to using it. She’s having a fun time with my other stuffed animals when I’m not looking though, I’m sure.
Fact no. 8: I have never sold anything! I get really attached to my Lolita items, which I why I still own every single piece I’ve ever bought. I always remember where I bought them, when I bought them and how I felt when I bought them, so letting them go is extremely hard for me. Maybe someday.

Do you have any interesting facts about your Lolita wardrobe?

Thank you for reading! ~☆~


  1. I feel you on not selling the items you bought! I have the same problem, it is so hard to let things go even when I don't wear it anymore.

    1. I get so emotionally attached, it's just impossible for me! Glad you understand haha. ♥

  2. Buying things to keep is the best way to build a Lolita wardrobe, in my opinion. It saves time and money, since you will wear what you have multiple times, so essentially will get your money's worth for each dress. While I have sold some bits, it wasn't a lot and I'm now at the point where if I had to sell something (e.g. for storage or financial reasons), I wouldn't be able to pick anything because I love every piece I own.

    1. I think so too! And the fact you got to that point is so great in my opinion. ♥

  3. Oh wow you never sold anything, did you never had any bad purchase, e.g. an item didn't fit you or didn't looked irl like it looked online? I sold quite a lot of such items but I think I also wasn't careful enough sometimes ^^'''

    1. Never, haha! Can you imagine?
      To be honest, most of the dresses in my closet I was able to try on before buying, so I'm very lucky with that. I did win two blouses in raffles over the years I didn't fit, but one I gave away, the other I'm not sure what to do with yet (maybe give away too).