Monday, July 04, 2011

Lolita Wonderland’s First Anniversary!

I can’t believe it! Today it’s Lolita Wonderland’s one year anniversary! And I’d like to celebrate that with this beautiful virtual cake, so please take a piece if you like. ^^

I remember creating this blog as if it was just yesterday (wow, that makes me sound like an old lady). I remember how I struggled for weeks to come up with a name that I liked and when I finally decided on one, it was already taken. I tried to put a ‘ – ’ in between, but that wasn’t possible either (although I just discovered a new blog that’s named Lolita-Wonderland, with a stripe in between! What the heck?). Then I had to discover how posting and all the settings worked. It took me a lot of time to understand everything, but I think I got pretty good at it!

I want to thank you, my followers, for the fact that you follow my blog, read my entries and express your opinions. Up until now I always got nice and positive responds and sometimes really deep and honest stories, which I appreciate a lot and I feel honored that people want to share these things with me.

I remember that, a few months ago, I started doubting. I asked myself if I shouldn’t quit writing Lolita Wonderland. I mean, I was just rambling about things and I haven’t worn a single full Lolita outfit yet, although I really, really want to! But then I thought: ‘No, I write LW for myself and if there are people out there that like to read my opinion on these subjects, that’s a plus.’
Today, I officially have 212 followers! Thank you all so very, very much!

If there’s anything you’d like to see or read on Lolita Wonderland, just say so. ^^ You can either comment on this entry or send me an (anonymous) message on my Formspring. I can’t guarantee you I’ll be able to fulfill your wish, but I can at least try.

Well, here’s to another year of Lolita Wonderland! ♥


  1. Congratulation ^^

  2. Awww, that is so sweet of you! Thank you! <3

  3. Happy 1-year anniversary!! ^.^ I think it's great what you managed to do here on your blog in this one year, I'd never be able to do this! ;) What I would really like to see on your blog, though, is a picture of you in your first Loli- coord! So keep working on that, okay? :-*

  4. happy anniversary :)

    I think your blog is really great and I enjoy reading it and love to follow your way to Lolita :)

    You asked what we would like to read on your blog..
    so what's about the "30 Day Lolita Challenge?"
    ( )

    I think it's funny, so maybe you want to try it, too? :)

    p.s. I agree with Anna, a picture of you in a Lolita- coordinate would be so nice :) you are going to achieve your goal, I am shure <3

  5. @ Anna: Thank you! <3 I'll definitely work on that! ^^

    @ LynLyn-chan: Thank you! =D Oh that is a great idea! I'll keep it in mind!

  6. Congratulations on 1yr! I wish I could take a piece of that cake! Looks yummy!

  7. Thank yoouuu! ^^ Me too, it looks so great!