Sunday, July 31, 2011

Paris, Day 6 – The Latin Quarter and Italian Food

We were still very tired from walking all day in Disneyland, so we decided to have a bit of a quiet day. We still didn’t want to waist our time of course, so we went to Quartier Latin, a quarter with a lot of small streets and little restaurants. So in the afternoon, we went on our way.

Thumper joines the trip
Thumper joined us on our trip.

We mom brought her own Paris guide that included lots of interesting stories and details. While holding the book in our hands, we followed the suggested route through Quartier Latin (after I visited a Claire’s and bought some adorable jewelry).

Angel and the Dragon Fountain
A beautiful fountain we had seen from the bus a few days ago turned out to be in Quartier Latin!

We really enjoyed walking through the small streets. There were restaurants everywhere and it smelled delicious!

There were men in front of the restaurants that invited you to come inside. They were pretty funny!

The route told us some really interesting things and details about buildings. It also led us to Paris’ smallest house!

Paris' smallest house
It really was small! ^^

After that, we arrived at the L’Eglise Saint-Severin, a church that wasn’t really special from the outside, but beautiful on the inside! You could also light candles if you put money into some kind of mailbox.

Three lit candles
We lit three candels for our familymembers that passed away last year. It was really emotional…

We decided we wanted to go back to one of the Italian restaurants, but first we walked a bit further to see a certain shop, since our book said it was so awesome. We passed several souvenirshops and I bought a bunch of coloured Eiffeltowers for my friends.

Colourful Towers
I love cheesy souvenirs!

We quickly found the shop due to the route in our book: Shakespeare and Company.

Shakespeare and company
It was a tiny shop, stuffed with new and secondhand books.

The shop was filled with people and literally crammed with books. Every possible free spot was filled with books in every possible size. I managed to climb the stairs to the first floor, filled with even more books and a tiny space with an oldfashioned typewriter. The shop had such a romantic feeling to it!

A crammed shop
On this picture it seems spacious, but it really wasnt. So cute!

Somehow we managed to get outside again and we went back to the Italian restaurant we had picked out to go eat. It was a small restaurant where you could see the cook prepare the pizzas.

The forest
Inside, it was as if there was an entire forest above our heads!

I ordered a pizza, my mom a tagliatelle and we both had a salad. The food was incredibly tasy. ^^

My mom’s delicious tagliatelle! You can see the cook too.

After finishing our dinner, we went back to the hotel. We were very tired and spent a quiet evening before going to bed.

Next time: The lady of steel and a sunny cruise!

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