Sunday, July 31, 2011

Paris, Day 8 – Baby, the Stars Shine Bright, Angelic Pretty and Goodbye

When we woke up, we just got dressed and went downstairs for breakfast like any other day, but now there was a new feeling: everything would be for the last time.

Bye breakfast!
Bye breakfast. I’m going to miss you!

After breakfast, we went upstairs again to pack our suitcases, since we had to check out before 11 am. Our train would leave at 3:25 pm though, but we were allowed to leave our suitcases at the hotel. After packing and checking everything, we looked around the room for one last time and headed downstairs. The lovely lady of the hotel (she was so sweet all week long) took our suitcases to the basement, so we could enjoy the time we had left.
My mom had suggested the day before to visit Baby, the Stars Shine Bright and Angelic Pretty again, since I had that nagging feeling of regret for not buying the pink Tokimeki necklace (my mom is too sweet)! Since Angelic Pretty opened at 12:30 pm, we went to Baby first, just to look around for a bit.
When we got to metrostation Place d’Italie, I suggested to take pictures in the photobooth. I had wanted to do this all week long, but we constantly forgot. But this time we didn’t!

Photobooth pictures
Our awesome pictures: sweet smiles, chuu~, kiss and weird.

We then continued our way to the Bastilledistrict and arrived at Baby, the Stars Shine Bright.

Baby, the stars will always shine bright
Here we are again!

We looked around for some more, browsing through the clothes again. I also took many more pictures. We looked at the necklaces we had seen on Wednesday again too. My mom really liked two necklaces with roses on it in particular. I loved them too, but since I wanted to buy accessories at Angelic Pretty, I didn’t buy the one I liked.

Hearted China
I especially liked the heartshaped necklace with roses and pearls on it!

Suddenly my mom said: ‘I want to buy it for you!’ My eyes widened in surprise. ‘I want to buy something really beautiful for you and this necklace has roses on it too, so it’s perfect!’ So my mom just bought it for me like that!
Now my dear readers, I will tell you: I have the sweetest mom in the world, I know it! Not only because she buys me things (although it’s super kind and sweet and darling of her), but also because she’s always there for me and we understand each other so well! I wouldn’t know what to do without her. I love my mom so much! <3
My mom buying my present! I was so happy and touched!

I was jumping through the shop while the shopgirl wrapped the necklace in pink paper and put it into a pink bag.

Hearted China
My Hearted China Necklace!

The shopowner, Sawada-san, suddenly came in and I asked for a picture (I seriously want everything on a picture)! He was so sweet! ^^ I also asked for a picture with the shopgirl.

Baby's Shopgirl
The shopgirl was so nice! And I think she spoke Japanese.

I also decided to buy a pair of Macaron socks, a pair of socks that Baby, the Stars Shine Bright only sells in Paris.

The macaron has a glittery stone on it!

I finally had to say goodbye to Baby, the Stars Shine Bright, but of course not without a purchase picture!

I got an Alice and the Pirates bag and a blue wrapper for my socks! ‘Since you already have both pink for your necklace!’ said the shopgirl.

We headed for McDonald’s to have some pancakes. Unfortunately, breakfast time was over, so we couldn’t buy them anymore. We had some hot chocolate instead. We waited for a while until we knew Angelic Pretty had opened up and we went on our way!
When we got inside, I saw there was a different shopgirl: Madame Cocotte (I’ve read about her on other blogs). I met her last year already, but I didn’t know her name back then. We went upstairs and I browsed the shop again. The Tokimeki necklace was still there, but my attention got drawn by a black bow with a pearlchain attached to it. It was the Aqua Princess headbow. I loved it a lot, put it on and before I could even think about it, my mom said I should buy it. ‘You will regret it otherwise.’ she said. She knows me too well! ^^ She put the bow on her lap and asked Mme Cocotte if we could take pictures inside (please?). And she said yes! So I finally have pictures of Angelic Pretty Paris’ shop inside!

Ap Paris: pink, pink, pink!
Everything is pink! Even I’m pink! There’s a whole pink atmosphere there! ^^

I have more pictures, but I’ll upload them later! I picked up the Tokimeki necklace and the headbow and gave them to Mme Cocotte. We then went downstairs again and she wrapped them up for me in red paper with white polkadots.

Mme Cocotte!
A picture with Madame Cocotte! She has such a sweet face!

I looked around for a bit, paid and we then said goodbye to Angelic Pretty too.

Purchases #2
Purchase picture number two!

We headed for the metrostation, hoping to find a bakery with pastries on our way. When we arrived at metrostation Bastille, we found the perfect little shop with delicious pastries, including macarons. Okay, they weren’t Ladurée, but they were really good!

Aqua Princess and Tokimeki
Aqua Princess headbow and Tokimeki necklace.

We went back to our hotel and picked up our suitcases. We said goodbye to the lovely hotel lady and went on a horrible way to Gare du Nord (dragging suitcases, ugh).

Whel will it arrive?
At Gare du Nord, checking details about our train.

At the station, I asked a couple of guides if the Thalys would arrive at station 7 or 8, but they said it could arrive at any station (oh great). Then I asked a man from a Thalys train itself if the Thalys would arrive there and he said yes. I said to him: ‘I don’t think it’s possible that this is our train already, right?’ I looked at the train next to me. He looked at the number on my ticket and said it was! I was so happy! He just saved us running to our train and stuffing our suitcases somewhere in between other suitcases, while other stressed people tried to get in too (yes, I’m talking about last year). We took things easy and sat down, although we didn’t have much room due to our umbrellas and both old and new bags.

Macaron and 7up
My new bag, 7up, our tickets and a macaron. Bye Paris…

Finally, the train started driving and we said goodbye to Paris. We tried to ignore the annoying couple next to us and looked at the Sacré Coeur one last time.
Goodbye Paris, hopefully until next year!


  1. Looks like you had a really awesome time :)
    Great purchases!

  2. It was a pleasure reading you posts about Paris.
    I've been in Paris twice's not my favourite city. I didn't find nice people, the metropolitan is horrible....I went back the second time only because I staid 5 days at Disneyland (and when I went to see the eiffel tower the last day, I saw a men peeing nearby...).

    Well, your posts changed my mind. You were positive and enjoyed the city. Maybe I will give to Paris a second chance (in the future).
    I didn't go to se BTSSB and Angelic Pretty only because I was afraid to go around to much :(

    And I'd like to say that you have a lovely and sweet mother :)

  3. Ik ga morgen alles lezen, dit ziet er al super uit! Leuk dat je van je mams hebt gekregen! leukleukleuk( Sorry dat ik nederlands spreek, ik ben echt gesloopt xD Eventjes geen engels xD )
    Maar het klinkt wel allemaal super!
    I wanna know all about it! can't wait to see pictures an hear stories ( Ga ik toch in het engels xD Snuggere harry )
    You're adorable and i love you!<3

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. @ Spiffykidd: I did! =D Thank you! ^^

    @ Stefania: Thank you so much! To me, this is a really great compliment!
    I must say I'm not always such a positive person, but I do believe I'm a very nice travelling partner. I enjoy (almost) everything and I'm jumping around like an idiot. XD My mother is like me (except for the jumping around part) and that's what makes it so nice to travel together. I really hope that, if you ever visit Paris again, you'll enjoy it as much as I do. And don't be afraid to travel around the city: it's really easy! =D The metrosystem is really clear (I've seen the metromap of London and it looks way more difficult).
    And yes, my mother is incredibly sweet. ^^

    @ Nicoletteh: <3 <3 <3
    You're so cute. XD