Sunday, July 31, 2011

Paris, Day 7 – Underneath The Eiffeltower and A 50% Sunfilled Cruise

According to the weatherforecast, it wouldn’t be a very nice day, but we still wanted to do something fun. We decided to go to the Eiffeltower again for some more pictures.

Umbrella no. 2
Umbrella numer 2!

The sky was very grey and sometimes we felt some raindrops falling on our heads, but luckily it didn’t start to shower. Since we made such great pictures in front of the Eiffeltower last year, we wanted to try to take some interesting shots again. The grey weather ruined this a bit, since sunny weather always brightens up everything. Therefore, we tried something new.

Happy girl
My mom seriously lay down on the ground while I bended over her so she could take these pictures!

It must have been an interesting sight to see us taking pictures like this. ^^ We took at least twenty pictures in this way. After standing up, we proceeded to Champs de Mars to try and take some pictures there too, but they were mostly dark. But we did take some jumping pictures.

I’ve noticed that in some of our pictures, a flying bird can be seen. I suspect him of following us around throughout our trip…

Between taking pictures, many sellers tried to promote the stuff they sold, but like any other time, we weren’t interested.

Underneath the trees
Checking pictures on a bench. You can see the machines that broke the concertstage down.

Then we went down the stairs to the river Seine, to eat crêpes at the same place again (we were hungry). While we were eating our chocolate and banana/chocolate crêpes, we suddenly saw a whole group of salesmen running underneath the bridge. It was a very weird sight, but we suspected them to be fleeing from the police (maybe they were illegally here?). After finishing our crêpes, we took some more pictures. My mom asked me to go stand on the bridge while she staid downstairs, so I, being the perfect model (XD), did.

From the bridge
I took some pictures back too. You can see the stand where we ate and the rivercruise boats.

We remembered that there was a nice shop where the rivercruise boats departed, so we went there. My mom bought a book for my father and a pink sweater for me and I bought an awesome pink and black bag (for the record, I almost never buy bags). Suddenly, the sun started to shine, out of the blue!
I looked at the sky and it seemed like the clouds were gone for a while, so my mom proposed to do a rivercruise (a croisière) again. She loved it so much, but this time we wanted to do a busride. But now, we were next to the boats, so we quickly bought tickets.

Vedettes Tickets
Our awesome tickets!

After a while, the boat started to move and we quickly drew out our cameras and sat down to enjoy the cruise.

J'adore Paris
Me in my awesome sweater! It says: J’adore Paris.

We crossed many bridges and buildings, including the Musée d’Orsay, Jardin des Tuileries and the Louvre and the Norte Dame of course.

Notre Dame from the Seine
When you stand in front of the church, you have know idea how deep it actually is!

The weather was lovely, until we turned around, about halfway. The dark clouds had followed us and it became extremely cold! The other part of the cruise was nice, but it was way better when the sun shone!

Well hello there!
Back at where the cruise started! Say cheese~!

After the cruise, we walked to Trocadéro. We loved the sight at the Eiffeltower from there so much! The sky was grey again, unfortunetaly, and it was pretty cold, so we didn’t stay for long, but we decided to see it that night for one last time.

ANother Eiffeltower picture!
It’s almost impossible to take pictures without any other people, but this picture is still so sweet!

Last year, my mom complained I hadn’t taken enough pictures of her too, So I made sure I did this year! ^^

Hi mom!
This one’s for you mom! ^^

I still wanted to see something we hadn’t seen before, so we decided to go to Centre Pompidou, a building my artbook talked about as if it was the most divine and ingenious place in France (I did hate artclasses, by the way).

Hôtel de Ville
When we got out of the metro, we saw this building. It turned out to be Hôtel de Ville.

We walked through a street and we already saw big, colourful tubes. I had read that centre Pompidou was so special, since the architect had put all the important tubes for water, electricity and the elevators on the outside and gave them their own colours. According to my artbook, it was marvellous. Unfortunetaly, once again I did not agree with my artbook.

Centre Pompidou
I couldn’t see the beauty of the building, sorry. The only cool thing were the escalators in glass tubes, so you could see the people inside moving upwards.

There was a funny pantomimist on the square in front of the building though, but his show got ruined by the rain. It didn’t rain for long though. Eventually, we were pretty tired and decided to go back to the hotel, so we could relax the rest of the afternoon before having dinner.

The hall
From our window, you could see the window at the stairs.

We watched some television and we felt a lot better after a while. We packed some of our things for the next morning and went to an Italian restaurant close to the hotel, where we both had different tagliatelle. Then we went back to the Eiffeltower.

Trocadéro view
I think I’ve made at least a hundred pictures of the Eiffeltower. ^^

We went downstairs to have a closer look, but my mom didn’t pay attention while walking. She tripped and fell down on the road! Luckily, she wasn’t hurt seriously, just a graze on her knee (it was her painful knee though). I was so glad she was okay!
We walked up to the Eiffeltower and tried to take the same kind of pictures as we had done that afternoon.

It's like... this big! XD
J’adore Paris!

We were very surprised by the amount of people that night. We expected many more people than during the day, but it was way quieter! Suddenly my mom said: ‘Why don’t we buy tickets and go upstairs?’ I so, so wanted to say yes, but we both realised that our Navigotickets would expire at midnight and it was almost 11 pm already. Secondly, it was really cold and we knew that upstairs it would be even colder. Although we really wanted to go, we decided not to. Another one for the next year-list!
Instead, we sat down on the ground in Champs de Mars and waited for the sparkles to begin. My mom sat behind me and closed her arms around me and the Eiffeltower started to sparkle. I remember feeling so emotional… I think this was my favourite moment of the whole trip: I just felt so incedibly happy and peaceful for a short while, looking at the magical sparkles. For a moment, I wished it would never end…

The sparkles are just too beautiful, I swear!

Eventually, the sparkles did stop and we had to go back unfortunately, but first we took some more pictures underneath the Eiffeltower (really difficult to do this with an almost empty battery). Then we had to hurry back to the metrostation at Trocadéro, since we had to cross the gates before our passes expired. Luckily, we were on time and we returned to our hotel, tired but happy.

Last night
The last night in our great hotel…

Next time: Last minute Lolita shopping and saying goodbye!



  2. But I didn't xD :P But it's awesome anyway ^^

  3. I enjoyed reading all your posts about Paris. Makes me wish I had taken more than a day trip when I was in London.

    Did you or your mom know French?

    I hope one day you will decide to come to New York City and write all about it!

  4. I'm so glad you liked my posts! I mainly write them for myself, but I'm very happy other people like them too! ^^ I hope you'll get the chance to visit the the city for a longer time one day!

    Yes, I do know quite a bit of French and I'm sure I'll be able to get by, but to be honest: we barely spoke any French (although I wish we had, it's such a beautiful language)! XD

    Awww, you are so cute! -^^-
    I do want to go to New York some day, so who knows? (A)