Thursday, July 28, 2011

Paris, Day 4 – Rainbowcoloured Candy and a Lovely Painting

We had kept track of the weatherforecast in the past days, since we really wanted to go to Disneyland again, but only on a beautiful day of course. The forecast for both Thursday and Friday were great, so we decided to go on Friday, since Thursday was the national holiday.
So on July 14th, we decided to visit the hill Montmartre and the church Sacré-Coeur again, like we did last year on the same date, only this time with nice weather.

A lovely outfit
My outfit, which I loved so much! The blue blouse-thingy is so soft and has a beautiful colour!

I picked out a metrostation at the foot of the hill, since I knew it would give a nice view and there were lots of great souvenirshops (I wanted to buy some coloured berets). We got there around 10:30 am and we leisurely browsed the stores while we walked up higher to the hill itself. About halfway, we discovered the most amazing candystore I have ever seen! It was filled with candy in every colour imagineable!

It smelled so delicious inside! A mix of sugar and coconutcookies...

We bought two lollipops, lemon and cherry.
To prevent my mom from collapsing halfway due to lack of oxygen, we took the Funiculaire, a tiny cable cart that takes you up the hill if you buy a ticket, or use your Navigo like we did.

The white sugarcake
The Sacré-Coeur, or as some people call it: the white sugarcake.

While my mom took pictures, I filmed with the videocamera. We didn’t go inside the church, since we did that last year already (and we’re not really frequent church-visitors). Instead, we walked a bit more uphill, to go to Place du Tertre again, the famous square with all the painters. Last year, the weather was terrible and we got soaking wet, but this time the sun shone, so we went there again! There were painters that made landscapes or still lifes and others were doing portraits of people.

Place du Tertre
My mom looking at some paintings. Some of them were so beautiful and realistic!

After walking around and looking at all the different portrayingstyles, I decided that I loved one woman’s style in particular. Suddenly, my mom said: ‘Shall we let her make a painting of you?’ I was very surprised and I doubted a little, but my mom wanted it so badly, so I said yes. And I have to admit that I liked the idea too. The woman was very friendly and had a very sweet face. She told me how to pose and that it would take about twenty minutes.

The Painting Lady
It may not seem like it, but sitting like this and smiling a bit takes a lot of effort for twenty minutes! And it's very strange to have somone looking at you over and over again. The result was absolutely worth it though. ^^

The painting turned out beautifully! While the woman was painting me, another family noticed her style and decided they wanted a portratit from her too, because of the wonderful way she painted me!
After the painting, we walked around for a bit and decided to go search for Les Deux Moulins, the café where Amélie Poulain worked in the wonderful movie ‘Le fabuleux destin d’Amélie Poulain. (Haven’t seen it yet? Watch it, I highly recommend it!) This turned out to be quite an adventure, since Montmartre is a hill and the streets are like a little maze.

Where are we..?
’Where the heck are we and where are we supposed to go?’

Eventually we found the café, but it was closed! We should’ve known though: it was the national holiday after all.

The Two Windmills
I still wanted to be in a picture with the name, even though we couldn’t go inside.

We took a different route back to the Sacré Coeur, where we took some more pictures and sat down for a while.

Mother and Daughter
Asking someone to take a picture for you isn’t weird at all! ^^

We browsed some more souvenirshops. I bought a light pink, light blue and navy coloured beret and a t-shirt covered in Parisian touristattractions.
We were quite hungry and we really wanted some Italian food, so we decided to visit the restaurant across the street from our previous hotel. The chances were high it was closed, but we tried anyway. It wasn’t closed! But restaurants in Paris often close down in the afternoon and open up again in the evening, so we still couldn’t get in. Eventually, we went to the McDonald’s near our hotel again and had some lovely McFlurry’s for dessert. We went back to the hotel and spent the evening watching tv: the concert at the foot of the Eiffeltower and a little bit of the fireworks we’re on. Then we went to sleep.

Next time: The magical kingdom and a lot of princesses!


  1. lovely day :)
    wow, disneyland again :D <3

    I am planning to go there,too. Is it true that they check your backs when entering the park and you are not allowed to tacke food or drinks inside? O.o

  2. It was. ^^
    Uhm... yes, they do check your bag, but to be honest, it wasn't all that special. They just shone a light in our bags and we could walk on. I'm not sure about the food though: we didn't bring any. But I saw a lot of people that ate pre-brought food, so I don't think it's a problem. ^^

  3. The Sacre-Coeur is absolutely stunning! And I am so jealous of that candy shop, how cute! Can't wait to hear about Disneyland. <3 In the photo where the woman is beginning to paint you, it looks like she's starting the Mona Lisa or something, haha.

  4. It really is! =D
    I'll hopefully post about Disneyland tonight! =D
    Hahaha, that's so sweet of you! ^^