Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Few of My Favourite Things: Carrousels

In addition to recent events (the re-release of AP’s Sugary Carnival with I’m still super excited about!!!) I decided to make the Carrousel into this month’s Favourite Thing. Because what is a better Lolita-example for carrousels than AP's newest re-release?

Carrousels are such magnificent things! They come in different sizes, all look different and some even have two stories. I read the European carrousels turn clockwise, while American ones turn anti-clockwise.
You know what? Carrousels are actually really simple things! They're just... big round objects that turn and almost always include horses. But that's what makes them so amazing! Even though they only turn, you can still pretend you're riding a horse (or a pig) or sitting in a carriage. You can make up your own story in those few minutes you're taking the ride. From the moment you mount your horse, you're a princess taking a ride on a bright and sunny afternoon with your Prince Charming! Or you're the best horserider in the country and you have to defend that one so important object from thieves that have come to use it for no good!

Carrousels are like portals to your imagination, wether you are a child or not. That's why I find them so incredibly special. And that's why I'm extra thrilled about AP's re-release (I can't say that often enough)!
I read there are quite a few people that collect carrousels (the smaller versions, I hope). Such a wonderful thing to collect...


  1. my dream is to ride a carrousel dressing a loli outfit. i really love its design. i have a bl skirt with carrousel print, a jsk with rocking horse print and even a hello kitty baby toy which is a pretty carrousel! carrousels are really lovely and childish!

  2. Oh that would be so lovely! If you do, please take pictures! =D

  3. I'm going to Disneyland this summer and I simply have to go in loita!! Want to take a lot wunderfull pictures :)
    is there a carrousel too? then I will realise aiko chans' dream myself ;)
    by the way, it's my dream to ;)

  4. Oh, you're going to Disneyland! In Paris? I might be going too! =D Oh, if you're going in Loli, you have to watch out. I've read stories about Lolitas that weren't allowed to go into the park, because of their appearance. Type 'Disneyland Lolita' in google and you get some great advice!
    And yes, there's a carrousel too (in my Disneylandpost from last summer you can see it on one of the pictures)!

  5. Carousels were such a favorite thing in my childhood, i would ride them "side saddle" because that's how ladies used to ride *giggles*
    Also i used to love my carousel pony toys here's a really old picture i dug up
    did anyone else have these?!

  6. I did/do that too! I felt so ladylike doing that. ^^ And that picture is awesome!