Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Gothic&Lolita Bible vol. 36

It’s been about ten days since I wrote my last entry. The events happening in Japan proceed and I still try to follow them as much as I can.
Meanwhile, life here goes on. In the past ten days I (kind off) survived a horrible week with incredibly long and hard tests (three hours of mathematics! Crazy people…) and I’ve encountered quite some personal problems I won’t bother you with. After working my ass off I really needed some relaxation.
My friend Tiana (yes, like the Disney princess, but my friend was first!) somehow persuaded me to join her on her shoppingtrip for summerclothes. I usually really dislike going shopping, but joining her on her mission actually sounded like fun! After an afternoon of strolling through the well-known (and quite boring) streets of the city, we decided to finish with a trip to the comicstore. I don’t know what general comicstores look like, but ours includes comics from several countries, figurines, Hello Kitty-items, backpacks, postcards and of course manga. When we walked towards the mangasection I noticed a big, white, shiny magazine with two colourful girls on the cover surrounded by sparkles. Before my friend realised what I was looking at, I let out an awkward shriek and ran towards the first Gothic&Lolita Bible I had ever seen with my own eyes…
(It turns out Tiana knew about the magazine before, but forgot to tell me. TThank you darling. XD)

I am now the proud owner of a Gothic&Lolita Bible volume 36. It cost me quite a lot of money, but the fact I found at our comicstore was pure fate (I think). Tiana insisted I bought it, otherwise I’d end up regretting it (she knows me so well).
I can honestly say holding it makes me so happy! The smooth material of the cover feels so nice and the clothes… The clothes! The magazine includes multiple advertisements (Angelic Pretty’s Milky Berry twice!), Angelic Pretty stickers, street snaps, a huge shoplist, patterns, smaller patterns for accessories and pictures of Maki, Midori, Misako, Mana (what’s with the Ms by the way?) and Akira. Just flipping through the pages is so magical!

I know that owning GLB(s) isn’t very special for a Lolita, but the fact the comicstore in my simple city sells them is just so amazing!


  1. I'm happy for you! They're really wonderful things to have. <3

  2. I own 1 GLB and 2 Kera's, thanks to internet ^^
    It's amazing to see the dresses and ads on paper, not just on the computer screen, isn't it?
    I didn't know the GLB was sold in our country! Which shop? Where? I have to get one, too~