Monday, March 28, 2011

The Re-release of a Dream Print

It’s simply unbelievable! I decided to take a break from everything this past Saturday, like no school, no computer, etc. And what happens?
Angelic Pretty re-releases Sugary Carnival! Un-be-lie-va-ble!
I’m sure many girls are as excited as I am about this fact! Because this means the high prices you normally pay for Sugary Carnival-items will drop, because there are more dresses and headbows (that’s how it works right? I only had one year of economics).
Unfortunetaly, even if I had been on my computer during this day, I wouldn’t have been able to buy a set, although that thought makes me cringe. I don’t (really) have the money and I’m still saving for summervacation, so I can only hope I will be able to buy a lavender JSK and a lavender head bow one day on the egl_comm_sales, or even better: in Japan itself.

A re-release of Sugary Carnival, I still can’t believe it!


  1. I'm not totally sure how it works (because I also only took one year of econ) but I agree that the price for it will drop and people wont be able to sell it for waaay more than it's worth. A lot of the girls who love this print happened to get it when it was re-realeased but since it sold out quickly, there will still be a market for it in the lolita community.

    I for one LOVE this print and I almost had a heart attack when I saw it on the online stores lol. I hope you get to buy it or another lovely dress in Japan! Is that what you are saving up for this summer? :)

  2. o.o I am so not Sweet, but I collect carousels. Needless to say, I want that. Badly.

  3. :) its so prettyyy
    and yes its so awesome they are re-releasing, its just that they have sold out so fast! i am like T.T- but i cant afford it anyway.. haha

  4. @ Tally: I'm glad I'm not the only one who only had one year. XD
    God, I love this print so much. I really hope so! ^^ Yes, I am saving up to go to Japan! =D This might sound foolish, taking the recent terrible events in account, but I'm always a very optimistic person and I keep on believing everything will be alright, until the facts really disagree with me.

    @ Ashlee: Wow, what a nice thing to collect! And this dress would be perfect for it! ^^

    @ Heidi Isobel: I knooooow!
    Maybe some day you will! =D

  5. At the same time the new release came out, I discovered the knock off. Are you one of the anti knock off, like lots are? XD