Friday, March 04, 2011


The anatomy of a Lolita is really important: the blouse, the dress, the socks, the headbow or bonnet… But let’s not forget another important thing too: the hair! I always love to see what people did with their hair and I often see wonderful creations that inspire me. Especially advertisements show Lolitas with some amazing hairdos! So I thought I should write a little blogentry about haircuts that inspire me. I chose five pictures from my Lolita folder with hairdos I really like (+ a little title I made up) and wrote down why I like them so much! ^^

1. Jewelry Jelly Curly Curls. The hair of the model is pulled up into big, curly tails, partially covered by an even bigger bow. A part of her hair falls down in perfect longer curls. I love this haircut so much, since it combines the ‘standard’ fringe, bangs and big curly tails with loose, curled hair until about half of the upper body part. I would love to try this haircut myself, although it won’t be this voluminous.

2. Memorial’s Butterfly Curls. The atmosphere of this picture is quite dreamy. The beautiful blue Memorial Cake dress emphasizes this even more. The interesting colour of the model’s hair (a bit honey-/orangecoloured) really draws a lot of attention. The hair is long and subtlely curled, including the long, broad bangs. The pink butterflies in her hair are also present on the bonnet, making it a perfect combination. This hairstyle is probably easier to do.

3. Puff Puffs. Beside the fact I adore this picture and the dress the model is wearing (wishlistdress, yay!), I also really love her hair. Two tails got teased and curled to the max, although it seems they only exist of curls. The big bow in the middle finishes everything perfectly.

4. Misako’s Sweet ’n Short. You gotta love Misako! She always looks adorable and so well-coordinated. In this picture she has short hair for a change. She curled her hair, creating a playful but sweet look that suits the bonnet really well.

5. Dark Coffee Hair. The last picture shows another one of my Dream Dresses: Milky Berry. The model wearing the dress has quite the ‘standard’ hairdo, but hey: I like the standard hairdo! Long curls and a straight fringe... The thing I love the most is the fact that both the dress and the background are quite a light colour, but the haircolour is a deep coffeebrown. This contrast makes it perfect to me!

Do you like my choices for pictures? Or maybe not? Do you have any inspiring hairpictures? I would love to know!
Oh, I just realised I both used the words ‘fringe’ and ‘bangs’. I’m always a bit uncertain about these words. I thought ‘fringe’ meant the straight cut hair on your forehead and ‘bangs’ the longer hair beside your face. Is that right?


  1. Very nice choices. I personally think you'd look absolutely lovely in the second one.

    I love the teased pigtails. Although not as close to each other like in the picture. I like the look of two pompoms in your head.

  2. @ Inktwister: Thank you! =D That's so sweet!

  3. i don't know :s i am brazilian- and my dictionary says fringe is for clothes o.o. but some lolis call it bangles. fringe is a word near what i know- here we call franja. but it is ok. i just loved your post! Teach us how to do one of those! It will be so good! Kissu

  4. I love the hairstyles.
    My hair refuses to do these styles without a fight. I am working hard to figure out loli hair.
    Thank you for the post!

  5. I always thought bangs was the American word, and fringe the British. I mostly use fringe.
    But I still like our Dutch word 'pony' the best. Because it really looks like a pony's haircut! XD

  6. @ Aiko Chan: Fringe for clothes! I had the exact same thing! I'm glad you liked my post! =D I would love to make a tutorial, but I have to try them myself first!

    @ Sydneysunray: I'm glad you like them! <3

    @ Amoris: I think you're right! That could be it! =O
    I completely agree! XD