Friday, December 31, 2010

A Year In Review and Resolutions

While listening to all the banging of fireworks outside (no, it’s not time yet) I remembered the fact that I wanted to review the year 2010 and make resolutions.
This year has been a very busy one: so many things happened! Good things, but bad things too. I’ll stick to the happy and Lolita-related things here, if you don’t mind. ^^

Starting my blog! On the 4th of July I wrote my very first entry. How difficult it was to come up with a name for my blog! It took me ages to find something that satisfied me. And all those options for the lay-out! I got so confused I hesitated for a moment wether this had been a good idea or not, but I’m glad it didn’t stop me. I hope 2011 brings great articles on both my and other people’s blogs! I recently discovered I made a few mistakes with the options, so expect some heavy maintenance in the upcoming weeks. Maybe even a new lay-out..?

Going to Paris and officially becoming a Lolita! Going to Paris changed my life. I now know it is possible to fall in love with a place and I definitely want to go there more often. I will always remember it as the place where I became a Lolita. Not only did I visit Baby and AP, I also bought two head bows, a JSK and a skirt that I absolutely adore. I also made myself a promise which I fulfilled quite quickly afterwards. Paris made me feel like I was in a magical place that made dreams come true.

Eating macarons! Macarons = Lolita. That’s how I truly feel. And I love them. Writing about them makes me want them even more! I think they’re the most delicious treats I’ve tasted until now.

Ordering my first Lolita brand item! Although I was stupid enough to not buy that beautiful parasol at Baby Paris, I was lucky enough to be able to order it. Receiving a triangle-shaped package with a brand sticker on it felt so awesome! Unwrapping everything and finding the postcards and bag were major surprises that made me truly happy! Later, I ordered a pair of socks from someone on egl_comm_sales in Sendai, who got them from me from the actual AP shop. That package was great too receive too!

Getting my Dream Dress! Who wouldn’t be happy after buying your Dream Dress? I can now proudly say that I own the Starry Night Theatre pink JSK. It’s mine, and I’m so glad! I was able to fulfill my promise so quickly! Even looking at it fills me with joy! And it was my first purchase off egl_comm_sales.

Getting a (Lolita) pen pal! I have a pen pal! How awesome is that? I never thought I’d be able to write full letters to someone, but I love it! Receiving a letter that belongs only to you is great and I hope we’ll stay pen pals for a long time, even though we’ve just started! ^^

Becoming eighteen! Okay, I know it’s not really Lolita-related, but this year I officially became an adult, according to the laws here. It doesn’t make 2010 memorable, but at least a bit special.

This year, I decided to make resolutions too! I usually don’t go with that kind of stuff, but this year’s going to be different!

1.Lose more weight! I don’t have much to say to this. I just need to keep up the good work and keep my goals in sight, then I’m sure I’ll get to where I want this year! ^^ I also promised to write an article about my… interesting diet, so I cannot forget about that!

2. Graduate from high school! Although I’m terrified of exams, of course I want to do the the best I can, so I’ll be free from this terrible place called school. I’ve completely had it with everything and everyone and I won’t feel sorry once I’m gone. But to be able to go, I need to graduate of course. So I have to study hard!

3. Learn to spell the word adorable properly! It seriously takes me at least five times to spell it right. I like this word so much, I use it very often, but the spelling is just horrible! XD

4. Dress in full Lolita! Oh, how I long to fulfill this goal! Shoes and petticoat are on the way (I hope), but there’s no blouse in sight yet. But everything will come once and then you’ll be the first to know! How I can’t wait…

5. Join the National Lolita Forum! I haven’t joined the National Forum yet. I’d feel so stupid to join without even dress full Lolita at least once! But this year, I’ll definitely join!

6. Go to a place I’ve never been before!
Through the last two years I’ve developed a love for travelling, despite my homesickness. Now I want to visit places all over the world and this year I’ll definitely go somewhere far away!

I hope you all have or had a wonderful New Year celebration, with lots of gorgeous fireworks. Happy New Year to you all and see you in 2011! ♥


  1. You should definitely join the national community, I was super nervous for my first meetup but it was soo much fun ^_^

    Only problem is most meetups are in Utrecht or Amsterdam, so depending on where you live you may have to travel quite a bit for them >_<

  2. Now I definitely know we're from the same country! XD I will join one day, promised! ^^

    I live quite in the middle of the country, so Utrecht and Amsterdam are not really a problem.

    You know what? I've never even been to mfashion. -_- I really suck... XD

    Strange to write in English by the way... (A)

  3. Rosalynn!!! <3 I'm so happy you're happpy we're pen pals ;;o;; Did you ever get my package? I hope so!