Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Few of My Favourite Things: Snowdrops

My last ‘Favourite Things’ of the year! I’ve only just started this little once-in-a-month-article, but I am not planning to stop yet! ^^ Now, since it’s the last one of the year, I could of course, totally cliché, talk about how much I love fireworks and their bright colours, but I won’t. Don’t think I dislike fireworks, I greatly like them, but I don’t want to be too predictable all the time (I probably am already, sigh).

To be honest: I’m quite sick of the winter already. I know it only just started, but it really annoys me. I used to like the winter, hoping for snow, looking at the decorations in the streets and drinking hot chocolate. I used to have no problems with the cold weather at all, but lately all I do is running around looking for something that will warm me. The heater in my room only seems to know two ways: extremely hot or no warmth at all. The snow that started a few weeks ago still hasn’t melted away, so every little part of the street is slippery and scares me. I love snow, but my love knows limits. The houses are barely decorated and the worst of all: I’ve barely drunk any hot chocolate and I don’t even know why.

I want spring! Cycling to school in the sun without a coat, not too hot and not too cold. Wearing cute and colourful clothes, instead of ‘wintercolours’ as everyone calls them, but to me, they’re just plain and boring. Spring always brings the pink, yellow and green out! The smell of freshly mowed grass, the wind that gently blows, the birds that start to make their nests.
Yes, I miss spring dearly. And that’s why I chose for snowdrops for this month’s ‘Favourite Things’! Snowdrops announce the coming of spring. They find their way through the hard snow or soil to take a first look at the wintery world, after which they hang their heads down to tell the people the snow will melt and the green colour will return. Snowdrops are called ‘little snowclocks’ in my language.

The most beautiful part of this flower? When they’re fulled opened, they remind me of Lolita skirts. Snowdrop Lolita, anyone?


  1. I really know what you mean. The snow has stopped looking so pretty when I know how cold it is outside T_T I'd much rather see some of these little bits of 'snow' on the ground to greet me in the morning then what there is now.

  2. I think we live in the same country so I know what you mean about the snow xD I like snow as long as I don't have anywhere to go, I'm always super paranoid about slipping so I walk like a penguin ^^; Can't remember the last time that snow lasted this long though, ussually it lasts a week at best :/