Saturday, December 11, 2010

A Princess' Birthday

Yesterday was my 18th birthday! According to the law here, I am officially an adult now! I can officially learn to drive a car, vote and drink heavy alcholic drinks.
Because I had to go to school, I woke up early, dressed in a pretty, warm outfit and went downstairs for presents! ^^ Of course my parents already gave me a present (my beautiful Starry Night Theatre JSK ), so I only expected a present from my brother, who gave me a cute ring with a glittery bow on it and a pocket version of ‘Memoirs of a Geisha’. My parents still wanted to give me something, so they gave me the gorgeous Merry-Go-Round charm from Swarovski, on behalf of my just-passed-away grandmother. My mom also gave me a glass heart with a sweet tekst on it, so I was pretty spoiled after all. ^^

After that I went to school, where I discovered one of my friends decorated my locker with colourful wrapping paper. Some of my friend already gave me small presents, because I’m throwing a party after Christmas, way after my birthday. I got two blue photoframes, a ring, a cellphone strap and a necklace. The rest of the day was waiting until school was over, because that night would be the Christmas Gala!

My school organized a gala for christmas, right on my birthday! Now, how many girls can say they got to wear a beautiful dress on their birthday at a huge party and everybody else dresses up too? A few weeks ago I went shopping for a gala/singing dress and I found a gorgeous, long nightblue one.
Right when I got home from school, my mom attacked my hair with a curling iron (XD). It took her about two and a half hours to get it up, curled and sprayed. You wouldn’t believe how much hairspray she used. When I pulled out the pins at the end of the night, my hair just stayed in place. And I have a lot of hair! But I loved the way it looked! It really gave me a Pride and Prejudice feeling. ^^ (I have more pictures on my blog, mainly of my hair, because I loved it so much).
After that, we did my make-up and I put on my dress, ready for my birthday party…er… Christmas Gala.

Beautiful Dress

The Gala was amazing! We arrived in cars, got out and inside a picture of us was taken. After that, we went to the great hall where an amazing live band was performing, so we never really left the hall. Many people told me I looked beautiful and I was even suggested for the ‘Most Beautiful Girl of the Night’ prize! I felt so amazing and pretty and my friends and I even got to dance on the stage (for the record: I don’t dance, so this was very special)! I rarely feel beautiful, so this was a very special night for me. I felt like a real princess!

Today we ate cake and my parents took me to a Japanese restaurant, where we ate delicious sushi and grilled food. When we got dessert, a couple of waiters started to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ for me and put a glass with a fireworkstick in it in front of me. It was so cool!

I’ve had a very wonderful birthday, I think one of the most amazing ones I’ve ever had. I’ll definitely remember the day I became an adult (although it still doesn’t feel like it)!


  1. >When we got dessert, a couple of waiters started to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ for me and put a glass with a fireworkstick in it in front of me. It was so cool!

    Weren't you embarrassed? I'm always really embarrassed when stuff like that happens to me, but I guess I'm just shy.

    Great that you had fun, and happy birthday!

  2. At first I was, but I had already seen it happen with other people (I actually hoped they didn't know about my birthday). But since my parents took the effort to visit the restaurant that afternoon to tell them without me knowing, I thought it was cool after all! XD