Wednesday, December 22, 2010

It's The Season For Love and Understanding

I want to apologize for my lack of updates these past days. The last time I wrote something was on the 11th! But to be honest: I haven’t really thought about blogging. I haven’t really thought about anything. While people enjoy their Christmaspreparations like shopping and decorating their trees, I’ve done nothing like that. I’ve had a pretty rough week, to be honest.

Last week, on Wednesday, my grandma passed away. Maybe you remember my entry in September, saying the exact same thing. In this case, it’s my other grandma, from mother’s side. Of course, we are all very, very sad. The funeral was on Saturday and the graveyard was covered in snow, which created a beautiful scene to look at. In the meantime, I got sick. Me. Sick! I haven’t been sick in ages! And when I say sick, I mean really sick: I had a high fever, a sore throat, I felt hot and then cold and I coughed my lungs out! Except for a bit ice cream, I ate nothing. I lost 1 kilogram in three days! Speaking of unhealthy weightloss...
I somehow dragged myself to the funeral, but my coughing and sore throat kept my away from my Christmas singingperformance that night, which I regretted enormously.
Right now, my family and I are in a Holidaypark to relax a bit, but we are all coughing and my mom seems to be sick too.
Well, in conclusion: I’ve had a pretty hard week. The relaxation I really need seems to come up slowly, that’s why I decided to keep you all updated.

Although Christmas is an American holiday, Europe seems to take it over more and more. Shops are decorated, tvcommercials tell us to buy that certain perfume, SeriousRequest (a Dutch initiative to collect money for charity) is on tv again, Christmassongs are heard everywhere and the whole country sends out Christmascards in large numbers.
I love Christmas. I think it’s the most wonderful time of the year (cliché ^^). Especially this year, with the early-fallen snow on the trees. Unfortunetaly, we don’t have a Christmastree here, but that doesn’t make everything less fun!
These past few days I’ve spent a lot of time with the family I usually don’t see often. We supported each other in this difficult time. I especially want to be there for my grandfather, who is the saddest of us all…
Today he visited us and stays over. It’s still this time of the year. The season of love and understanding.

I hope you all have lovely ‘days-before-Christmas’ and of course a delightful Christmas! Are you asking for anything Loliable? Are you expecting a pink-wrapped present underneath the tree? Or will your loved ones surprise you? Well, anyway: have a merry, Loli Christmas!

Bisous! xxx


  1. christmas is not an American holiday. it's a catholic holiday!Most European countries celebrate it, but just on different days. (in my country we celebrate th 24th)

  2. I hope you get well soon. I've been sick three times this winter already, three times! Normally I'm not getting sick at all...

    I will get some sewing stuff for christmas, so it's slightly loliable^^

    btw: I don't think of Christmas holidays beeing especially american. There have always been Christmas markets and stuff here in Europe. I only think the whole hype around Christmas is getting more and more (I mean I could buy christmas choclate and stuff at october!!)

    Greetings, a fellow european Lolita

  3. Ah, you're COMPLETELY right! I meant the Christmasholiday we know from movies and stuff (oh, I just knew there was something wrong with the way I wrote it down, but my tired head just didn't notice! XD)!

  4. @ AyraLeone
    Three times? Oo Wow, that's awful!
    But at least the sewing stuff sounds nice! ^^