Thursday, December 02, 2010

Metamorphose, Changing Into a Little Girl

Even though I’m incredibly busy at the moment, I try to find some time for myself every day. Beside all the regular internet browsing I occupy myself with, I decided to try something new and refreshing.
‘But what could I do that I haven’t tried before?’ I thought, while scrolling through my Lolita folder, scanning over all the Angelic Pretty and Baby, the Stars Shine Bright pictures. That’s when I knew it!

As a Sweet-Lolita (-to-be, ahem) I only check out my favourite brand sites: AP and BtSSB. Some time ago I already decided those two to be my favourites, but what about the other brands? As a Lolita I think it is my duty to at least know how the other brand sites look, you may or may not disagree with me. ;) So in the upcoming weeks, or months, I’m going to check out the other brand sites, starting today with Metamorphose de temps de fille.

The first thing I noticed when I clicked the link on Google, is that I immediately get the English site. There is a a link, saying 'Planning to travel to Japan?' When I clicked it, I got information about their branch shop and their sale clerks. They don't speak very good English, but you can always ask them to call the woman that does. I must say that I really appreciated this: it shows they really care for their customers, on both the internet and in the physical shop.
I decided to check out their products and navigated to their Online Shop. A couple of big dots appeared, with clickable options. I chose ‘dresses’ and after that, ‘skirts’. The dresses are put into two long lists with clickable links, but I noticed that if you click one, all of them appear. At first this was a little confusing, but I got used to it pretty easily. The products are all single: you can get them in the colour you see. At Baby’s and AP’s site, when you click a product, the different versions of that product appear. With Meta, this is not the case: what you see is what you get. ^^ Some dresses were absolutely lovely! My personal favourites were the Blooming Garden High Waist Pinafore in yellow, the Perfume Bottle Skirt in white and the Honey Picnic Short Sleeve Dress in pale green.

The site also has a section called ‘Go! Go! Lolita-chan’. It’s a special section where you can click your country and see other Meta fans. I clicked my country and saw some lovely Lolitas!

My general opinion of Meta’s website is very positive! It’s easy to navigate, it’s fully in English and the clothes are very adorable! I’m very glad to see that they care about the communication with their costumers and the FAQ-section is very extensive. But I personally think they should take better pictures, to be honest. The simple white background and strange lighting can make the clothes look… I don’t know… a bit off somehow. But this is really my personal opinion.

Hearts: ♥♥♥♥/5


  1. Meta is one of my favorite lolita brands, and with good reason. They were the first major brand to ship overseas, and out of the brands that still do, they seem to have the best service and communication, in my opinion. Baby's staff can be arbitrarily snippy, and AP's ordering system is ridiculously convoluted. I haven't had enough experience with the others to know how they pan out, but IW seems to be using a similar method to Meta's.

    They also actually listen to their overseas patrons (as shown recently with the "Dark Secret" line and the folks it offended), which is incredible in and of itself.

  2. I was honestly pleasantly surprised by Meta's great site! I have been on it once before, but I confused myself with the lists of products, so I left again. XD I think I'll keep sticking with Baby and AP (once you get hooked...), but Meta's site definitely gave them some good points!

  3. meta are probably my favourite brand, they are kind of wonderful <3

  4. That's great! ^^
    And I must agree.