Monday, January 10, 2011

A Few of My Favourite Things: Rainbowfood

Since I’m not very happy today, I decided to write a new ‘Favourite Things’ to cheer myself up. I thought of a thing that really brightens up a day and I immediately thought of a rainbow (I think it literally brightens up a day ^^)! I think rainbows are the most beautiful natural phenomenons of all: nature in all its pretty colours, sliding through the air after the rain when the sun starts to shine again.
I absolutely love colours (although I wear black so often, sigh…)! My room is a mixture of bright pink, lime green and turquoise blue, combined with objects in any colour imaginable.

When I started looking for good pictures of rainbows, I came across this gorgeous-looking rainbowcake, which made me realise what would cheer me up even more: a delicious cake and a rainbow, combined! I’d definitely eat something as colourful like this, being it cake or not!

Unfortunately, I don’t have any cake right now, so I’ll just have to dream of the one on the picture. I think it would be too difficult to make/bake anyway. ^^

‘The colours of the rainbow, so pretty in the sky
are also on the faces of the people passing by’


  1. I am now inspired to go cook up some rainbow munchies. <3

  2. x3 That cake made my day! It looks so pretty and it really made me smile. Thanks for posting it. =)

    PS: Now I'm craving a Rainbow Cake. <3

  3. I'm glad! ^^ It really made my day too when I saw it! =D

    Me tooooo! XD

  4. If you want to eat something that's rainbow- coloured, I have the perfect idea: cupcakes! Just make regular cupcake batter, divide it up into different bowls and add food dye to it. Put a about a spoonful of each colour into your cupcake baking tray/ cupcake wrappers, take a fork and slightly swirl the batter (to make it look more interesting from the inside).
    I've made them myself and it doesn't take much longer than regular cupcakes!
    Guaranteed to brighten your day! (I swear, the colour even makes them taste better!) ;)
    Hope this helps with your cravings ^_^

  5. That sounds so great! I'm not a very good baker (I won't tell you the stories), but this sounds do-able! Thank you! ^^