Tuesday, January 25, 2011

QutieLand Review: Shoes, Shoes, and a Petticoat

Last Friday I finally received my package from QutieLand! About three months ago I ordered my first two pairs of Lolita shoes and my first petticoat! I was really looking forward to receiving them and Friday was finally the day. The only unpleasant surprise was the extra fee I had to pay, but the contents of the package totally made up for it. ^^
I always love to to read reviews and now I’ll finally be able to write my own, so prepare!
Since I ordered three items, I’ll tell you about the ordering-shipping-deliveringproces first.

Ordering:The ordering was very easy. All I had to do was choose a size and color and add the items to my cart. I also had to give them my sizes, but not all of them were relevant in this case (like bustsize). I checked my cart about a hundred times (I wanted to be ab-so-lu-te-ly sure everything was right), but it was really easy. The site is in English, so no trouble with translating.

Shipping: As soon as I placed my order I got an email with estimated time before delivering and a couple of days later one with my tracking number. I could follow my order from being made to being shipped to the seller. After a couple of weeks, my shoes were still in the ‘being made’ stage, so I emailed QutieLand about it. I quickly got an email back, telling me the items were already shipped out and they apolgized. A day later I got my second tracking number. From there, my package arrived within no time!

Communication: I got quick and polite responses to my emails. I always got satisfying answers (I’ve emailed them before my order too).

Well, onto the items! ^^ First my pair of black An*tai*na AP Style Traditional Tea Party Low Heel Shoes.

Quality: They are sturdy I think and very pretty. ^^

Product as described: They are a tiny bit higher than I expected, but that was my own mistake: I measured 4,5 cm wrong (stupid me). Although they look shiny on my picture, they aren’t in real life, it’s just the flash. They are mat, like described.

Opinion: I looooove them! I’ll admit I was terrified they wouldn’t fit me somehow, but they do and they feel so comfortable! I love the detachable straps and the heart buckles so much! I am very happy with them!

Secondly, my pair of pink An*tai*na AP Style Traditional Tea Party Shoes.

Quality: Sturdy and very pretty. ^^

Product as described: They are exactly like on the picture and even better! The color is gorgeous and a very Angelic Pretty-like pink.

Opinion:These shoes are love! They fit me superwell and are so comfortable! The color is gorgeous and exactly like I hoped. I am superhappy I bought them! ^^

And finally, my white Classical Puppets petticoat.

Quality: Soft, fluffy, and poofy! ^^

Product as described: The petticoat is as I expected. It has three lines of soft fabric and an elastic waistband that fits comfortably. There’s a cotton ‘underskirt’ underneath the fabric.

Opinion: O my God, my very first petticoat! When I put it on, my first reaction was: ‘It’s so poofy! Is that normal..?’ (A poofy petticoat being poofy, ahem).
It’s very soft and feels very comfortable. After a bit of doubting, I decided to try it underneath my Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Sugar Rose Cake skirt and this is the result:

Poof! I love it! I walked around for about half an hour in joy until I realised I should probably take it off again. XD I apologize for the… lacking of a coordinate. I still don’t have everything to create a full outfit. But that day will come!

Overall experience: I’ll definitely buy from QutieLand again! They are always friendly and quick with responses and their products definitely were what I expected, and even more! ^^


  1. i love the tea party shoes! they rarely ever go up to my size so im still after a pair ^.^ the joys of being a tall lolita!
    the petticoat looks perfect, i look forward to seeing your finished coords!

  2. Oh the high-heel tea party shoes look so cute!!! They are sweet and elegant, but still more cute than elegant *u* I may have to get a pair myself!

    The petticoat looks like it may be more A-line shaped than cupcake shaped, so it may fit better under a different skirt or dress :) Good to hear that you had a nice experience! One of my friends ordered a Classical Puppets petti and it came much shorter than it should have D:

  3. @ The Glass Princess: I noticed that the shoe sizes on QutieLand's site go up quite high!Maybe they do have your size? =D
    Thank you very much (I do so too XD)!

    @ Yuki-chan: Thank you! ^^

    @ Sparklewolfie: Hihi, thank you! ^^ You should definitely do so!
    I absolutely agree on the petticoat. Before I ordered it, I really doubted about the shape I should take, because I have a skirt that requires a bell-shape (and probably my AP JSK too). But my other JSK requires an A-shape one, so I asked a fellow blogging Lolita some advice. After doubting, I eventually ordered the A-shape one, because it looked really fluffy and I had read good recommendations about it. When it arrived here, I wanted to try it on while wearing a Lolitadress/-skirt. To my surprise, it actually works quite well with the skirt too! =D But I definitely need/want a bell-shaped petticoat too. ^^

  4. The petticoat looks adorable! ♥

    Think I'll get it myself, too. c: Lord knows I need a decent petticoat (instead of this Bodyline one...).

  5. @ Devil: It is! =D
    Haha, good idea! ^^

  6. Your petticoat reminds me of a fabulous tutu! I love it! ^^ ♥

  7. Now that you mention it, it does! =D Thank you! ^^

  8. yes they do on qutieland thankfully because i want some tea parties !

  9. I am considering a pair of boots from qutieland (I just realized that this whole time I've been referring to it in my head as quietland... I should look closer at names when I read things :P )
    Anyway, I noticed that qutieland has shoe measurements in cm, something I'm not used to. How do you make sure to get the right size? do you have to add extra cm to make space for socks?

    1. I actually traced my foot on a piece of paper and measured it with a centimeter ruler! I then ordered a pair of shoes from Bodyline and they were an exact fit so measuring is pretty accurate! (If it helps I am a size 7 and in centimeters my shoe size is 23.5)

  10. Haha, Quietland, I love it! ^^
    Measuring your size is really easy actually. Lay down a piece of paper on the floor and step on it with one food while wearing a sock. Draw a line exactly around it and then measure from your big toe to the end of your foot. ^^
    You can also look for an international shoe size chart on Google (Japanese sizes are in centimetres).

  11. Hii nice review :) I wondered how comfortable the shoes are because i can't choose between the two kinds that you listed :P Can you walk on them all day or? And which one is more comfortable? I like the once with the bigger heel better but i'm afraid that i will have to take them off after half a day because they hurt or something :( *had to do so with some bodyline shoes*

    Thank you <3