Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Summer Darkness Fashion Show

Two weeks after the Kawaii Event, there was another Lolita-related event: Summer Darkness. Summer Darkness is an annual Gothic festival with all kinds of different acts. Leyla of the Lolita shop MFashion organizes a fashion show together with Linda Friesen from 4 O’Clock there every year and I was lucky enough to be chosen as a model! I had visited last year’s Summer Darkness as well, which was a lot of fun (you can read about it here ), so I was beyond happy to be showing off my frills on the catwalk this time.
I had decided to wear my Jewelry Jelly outfit from the photoshoot I did together with my friend Cat in March. It’s cute and colourful and it would show my style perfectly. I took some pictures of the outfit in advance, to send in for application, which is very convenient, because this way I have nice outfit pictures. ^^

Outfit 1
♥Jewelry Jellies♥
My outfit rundown:
Head bow: Angelic Pretty’s Jewelry Jelly
Blouse: Angelic Pretty
Jsk: Angelic Pretty’s Jewelry Jelly
Socks: Angelic Pretty
Shoes: An*Tai*Na
Heart clip: Swimmer
Bow clip: Chocomint
Necklace: Angelic Pretty
Bracelets: Chocomint, Swimmer , Angelic Pretty and offbrand
Wristcuffs: Angelic Pretty
Rings: Angelic Pretty

Outfit 2

Outfit 3

Outfit 4

Outfit 5

Outfit 6
And a bonus picture in my garden, next to the beautiful pale pink flowers.

So on July 28th, I dressed up in my frills and left for Utrecht together with my mom (aka my official photographer). We had a little trouble with her camera, but eventually everything got sorted out. All the models assembled at the Dom Square, where Leyla explained to us how and when to walk. After that, we went to the backstage area where everyone got ready. It was a lot of fun to just chat about all kind of things and finally, it was time for the fashion show to start. I was really nervous, but as soon as I walked up the stage I felt empowered. It was so much fun to show my outfit to the audience (and the flock of photographers)! Here are some pictures of the amazing models that day (there were more, but I forced myself to choose for once)!

Renske, who looked like a total fairy, opened the fashion show.

Rebecca in her adorable fruity outfit.

And me. Look at all those cameras!

Jannike looking like a flower princess in Eternal Rose Bouquet.

Pichi looking adorable.

Kari looking like a swan. *_*

Josine looking gorgeous as always.

Anne who had the highest hair of all (in the best way possible).

Last Round
Everyone made one last round and then we ended in one big group.

After the show, my mom and I walked around for a bit to take pictures and to be photographed. One photographer had a really weird request, so I politely declined (Some people… -_-). The other photographers were luckily very kind and enthusiastic. ^^

Photographer Photographed
Posing in the beautiful Dom Garden. This photographer was very nice. ^^

Then we all gathered for a group picture. I had to sit down for quite a long time, there were so many photographers!

Side Shot
Somehow I like this side picture more than the pictures from the front!

I talked to some people, posed with Cat’s adorable cousin (she was so cuuute >o<) and took pictures with everyone I could.

Posing with the awesome Renske and Anne! Don’t they look beautiful?

After that, my mom and I had some lunch and then left. Back at the car, I changed into ‘normal’ clothes, after which we drove on to a birthday, haha! XD It had been a lovely afternoon~! ^^

Bow Train
Bonus picture by Anne: the Lolita-making-bows-train!


  1. Aww you looked soooo cute! Sweet lolita really suits you and your poof is huge, i love it!
    That last photo is fantastic and its a great method actually heh

    I am so jealous of anne's hair. I wish i could find a wig like that, was she wearing a wig? If so do you know where from and how to get that look?

    1. Hi! I can help you with Anne's hair, since I helped styling it together with the Linda from 4 O'Clock. The secret is that she is wearing two wigs! You put one wig on, then fold the bangs from the other wig away and put it on top of the wig you're wearing. Then bobby-pin like crazy and hide the bobby pins with flowers and feathers ;D The wigs are from Ebay!

    2. Thank you so much Joana! <3 Your words make me really happy!

      It's as Josine above me says: two wigs and looots of pins!

  2. Wish there would be such an event also nearby my hometown! <3

  3. It was a lot of fun thats for sure ! :D

  4. Your outfit is perfect!<3 Especially the accessoires, they match your outfit really well!

    1. Thank you so muuuch! ;_; You are too kind. <3

  5. Very nice compliments on your blog ☺