Thursday, October 17, 2013

Kawaii Weekend, Day 3 – Cycling and Sushi

On Sunday we woke up really late. Our Kawaii Event adventures had taken a lot of energy, so we took things easy. We had breakfast, got dressed into matching outfits with our new shirts and spent the rest of the morning watching funny videos, laughing and talking. My mom also brought us cherries (which were really good, I love cherries). It was such a nice way to spend the morning!

Cherries are some of my favourite fruits!

My mom asked us if we had any plans for the day. Since Emilie really wanted to cycle, I decided to do a little tour of my town. After some more time doing nothing, we went downstairs and my mom took some pictures of us in the garden.

Sugar Hearts
A nice picture, with our matching shirts! ♥

Then we prepared for our cycling adventure. I gave my bike to Emilie, while I took my mom’s. After some pictures taken by my mom we went on our way.

Yay, bicycles~!

At first I was a bit nervous for Emilie. She hadn’t cycled in years! But luckily she hadn’t forgotten anything, because after a couple of meters she cycled like a pro. :3 We cycled for quite a while and went quite far! We even got to streets I have never been before. Emilie loved cycling so much and I loved that she loved it! Cycling is so normal for me, it’s hard to imagine other people rarely do it.
We arrived at the center of town, where the shops are (even though most of them were closed). We had some lovely ice cream at Hema. :3

Sprinkled Ice Cream
Hema ice cream is really cheap, but also really nice! :3

After that, we went home. Emilie asked me about some of the street names, so I told her we just passed the ‘Squirrelstreet’. Emilie wondered if there was a ‘Hamsterstreet’ as well and right at that moment we passed it! Emilie was so happy!

The Hamsterstreet!

We arrived home and spent the rest of the afternoon talking and doing nothing.
In the evening we went to one of my favourite restaurants. My mom dropped us off in town and we went to Kimono, an all-you-can-eat restaurant that serves a lot of delicious things. We sat down at our table and I explained the system for choosing your dishes to Emilie. The restaurant has a lot of different kind of sushi, but even though Emilie is not really a sushi-fan, there was still a lot to choose from. There were also a lot of fried things, little salads, meat and other nice things. Everything was so good!

Some of the delicious food we had!

While eating we talked a lot about the event and we made jokes about everything and nothing, like the sad sushi that ended up alone on the plate (now we turned it into an expression, ‘sad sushi’. XD). Emilie even ended up trying sushi after all! She went with special ‘fruit sushi’, but she didn’t really like it. XD
After our delicious dinner, we decided to have dessert somewhere else. I paid and we left the restaurant. After some walking, we arrived at an ice cream shop I really like. Sometimes they have really interesting flavours, like pancake ice cream! Emilie chose pear ice cream with a topping of dark chocolate and I chose white chocolate ice cream with milk chocolate topping. ^^ It was sooo good!

Chocolate Dipped
The chocolate topping immediately hardened, which made it challenging to eat. It was really nice though!

I called home for someone to pick us up and walked down to the lake and took some pictures in front of the fountain. Emilie thought the fountain was a bad copy of the Geneva jet d’Eau, haha!
My parents picked us up again and when we got home, Emilie packed her things because she would leave again the next day. Even though we didn’t do that much that day, we still had a lot of fun! It was nice to just spend the day together doing small things. We looked at some pictures on Facebook of the Kawaii Event at the castle location and then went to sleep.